Lego Ninjago Posters

by TerriRexson

A collection of Lego Ninjago posters. Great for kids bedrooms and as Ninjago Party decorations.

Decorate a Bedroom or Playroom with Ninjago Posters

There are some really awesome Ninjago posters available! The printed fabric Ninjago scroll posters are brilliant. There are some brilliant designs available - you can choose your favorite Ninja, Kai, Jay, Cole and Zane are all there. And lots more Ninjago pictures to choose from too.

Check the sizes on each Ninjago poster as they do vary. 

Ninjago Tall Scroll Poster

This Ninjago Tall Scroll Poster is great fun. It measures 16 inches across by 35 inches tall - that's nearly three feet!

This poster focuses on the battle between two brothers. Sensei Wu vs his brother the evil Lord Garmadon. 

Behind Sensei Wu you can see Kai and Cole. And Lord Garmadon is supported by two of his skeleton army. 

These posters are printed onto fabric which is much more durable that paper. (How many posters do we have that are torn and tattered ...)

You get two hanging hooks included too.

A very cool Ninjago poster!

Lego Ninjago Poster: 4 Ninjas and Sensei Wu

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Lego Ninjago TV Show Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (21"x16") Inches
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Lego Ninjago Training Dojo Poster

In the poster above we see the four ninja hard at work in their training dojo under the instruction of their Spinjitzu master, Sensei Wu. The ninjas are each holding one of the four golden weapons of Ninjago. 

And above we have a Ninjago Kai and Ninjago Jay poster. Kai is the red Ninja of Fire. Kai is the main hero character. His father was a good friend of Sensei Wu. Kai is talented by a little hot-tempered and hard to control!

Note that Kai's poster is large, whereas Jay's is medium-sized. 

Jay is the blue Ninja of lightning. Jay likes to fool around. But he's also an inventor of amazing contraptions. Oh and he rather likes Kai's sister Nya. 

Sensei Wu is my favorite Ninjago character. He's trying to save the world of Ninjago from dark forces. He's training up the four (or is that five?) ninjas to help him. 

Sensei Wu is shown with his teapot - he does like tea! I just love his beard and awesome hat. 

This poster is a great one to put on display at a Ninjago birthday party

And of course we mustn't forget Cole, the black ninja of earth. He's the team leader and tries to keep the others in some sort of order!

And Zane, the white ninja of ice. He's well, different. He's a deep thinker and doesn't always get the joke.

And finally, a group shot of the four ninjas. This is a promotional image for the first Ninjago graphic novel, The Challenge of Sumukai. 

Challenge of Samukia Ninjago Graphic Novel #1

Ninjago Graphic Novels #1: The Challe...
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More Ninjago Ideas

In 2012, there are new Ninjago spinners for the Snake enemy and the new ZX, Kendo and NRG costumes for the heroes. New Ninjago spinners comes out throughout the year.
Do you know kids who like Ninjago? They'll love a Lego Ninjago alarm clock. Choose from Kai and Cole.
Looking for Ninjago Party Supplies for a Lego Ninjago Fan? We've got some great ideas for a Ninja-themed birthday party.
There's a range of Lego Ninjago watches that come with ninja or skeleton minifgures. A Ninjago watch makes a great gift for a Ninjago fan.
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