Ninja Hoodies for Kids

by TerriRexson

A selection of very cool Ninja hoodies for kids from toddlers and preschoolers to tweens and teens.

Kids Ninja Hoodie

A ninja hoodie for kids is great fun. My two boys love Ninjas. They got this from Lego Ninjago and now they love to pretend to be Ninjas and sneak up on people or spin around. 

I've found some cool Ninja sweatshirts with hoods. I've included hoodies that look like Ninja costumes and other hoodie designs that feature Ninjas. 

Ninjas are popular with older kids, tweens and teens who are interested in martial arts or Japanese graphic novels and culture. And younger kids are being introduced to ninjas through Lego Ninjago. A ninja hoodie works well as a gift for little kids through to college students. You could create a whole family of ninja!

The ninja were mercenaries in ancient Japan. A ninja was skilled in combat and covert operations. 

White Ninja Hoodie for Kids

Volcom Boys 2-7
Volcom Boys 8-20

White Ninja Hoodie Back with Crossed Swords

Printed Ninja Hoodie with Weapons

This Volcom Boys Highwear Ninja Slimfit Sweatshirt is a very cool and fashionable design. The white sweatshirt is printed front and back with a design that looks like a ninja martial arts costume.

Weapons are also printed onto the sweatshirt - a pair of daggers on the front and a pair of crossed swords on the back. 

The hood of the sweatshirt becomes the head-piece of a Ninja costume. The hood contains a mesh mask which comes down from the top of the hood. 

Dark Kids Ninja Hoodie

This black Volcom Ninja hoodie has the same design as the white one - with daggers on the front, crossed swords on the back and a pull-down face mask. 

There's also a black Kazi hoodie which has a bold design on the front and back and a full face zip which creates a hooded mask effect. 

The Kazi hoodie is also available in blue. 

Ninja Hoodies on Zazzle

Print on demand with personalization

Cute Ninja Hoodie

Cartoon Ninja Hoodie

This cute cartoon Ninja hoodie comes from Zazzle, the print on demand store. You can choose the size and color of the hoodie and also add personalization touches like a name. 

You could add a phrase like Ninja Joe, Ninja by night or future Ninja. 

Evolution of Ninja Hoodie

Ninja Evolution Hoodie

Designs based on the evolution of man graphic are very popular. This one evolves from caveman to Ninja! Fun, and just a little bit educational. 

Zazzle hoodies come in a range of youth sizes. Designs are also available on t-shirts and other products so you can often find matching gifts. 

Cute Ninja Hoodie with Weapons

This Ninja hooded sweatshirt features five cute Ninjas and their not so cute weapons - a staff, nunchucks, throwing star and dagger. 

This is a fun sweatshirt for kids who are fascianted by Ninjas. 

Kids Ninja Hoodies on eBay

I hope you found the right Ninja hoodie your child or as a gift. Costume clothes are great fun for kids. They're part fashion, part everyday dressing up - lots of fun for kids of all ages. Watch out, Ninja are stealthy and prone to creeping up on you!

More Ninja Stuff

Have you seen the new Lego Ninago 2012 theme? It's the year of the snake. There are new snake enemies and who is the green Ninja?
The Matryoshka Madness range of nesting russian dolls are very cool. You can get ninjas, robots, monsters and more. A great gift for kids through to tweens, teens and adults.
Updated: 05/30/2012, TerriRexson
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kaylah on 03/27/2016

I'm looking for the black kazi kids ninja hoodie. Every time I find it, it's sold out :(

Dean on 05/30/2012

I am looking for the Black Volcom 2-7 Highwear Ninja Youth Hoodie.

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