Children's Bedroom Deco Outer Space Peel & Stick Wall Decals

by katiem2

Fun wall decals for the outer space lover in anyone. Enjoy decorating your room with outer space peel & stick wall decals.

Today we'll explore the limitless options of outer space wall decals for children's bedroom, baths and playrooms. These fun and adventurous wall decals are exactly what you need to create the space dream living space of any young child.

The best part about these outer space wall decals is you and or your young person can easily move them around and change the illusion and demo of your private little corner of outer space.

Outer Space Peel & Stick Wall Decals

Creating both a peaceful and stimulating environment for children

Every budding little astronaut would be thrilled and inspired to have their bedroom, bathroom or playroom decorated with cool outer space decals.  What is a decal you ask, they are safe, easy to peel and stick wall decor with unlimited potential that are not permanent nor do they harm your walls or paint nor leave a sticky residue, oh I can't stand sticky, did I just say that?

These amazing space decals also serve as a peaceful focal point attracting your child's attention at bed time having them nodding of peacefully with thoughts of space and the limitless and amazing things to be explored as they develop and grow the love of space and one day their future career.  These fun decals will be a fond memory you and your child will treasure.  The application is simple, your child can participate adding even more to the pleasurable childhood memory.

How to Use Space Wall Decals

How to Apply Wall Decals

Space wall decals come is great selection with most packs including up to as much as 35 decals. The decals are easy to apply, you simply peel and stick.  The decals apply to any smooth surface so the possibilities are endless with the creative mind of your child both of you will be thrilled with the possibilities.  

How to Remove Wall Decals

It's a breeze to remove these fun space decals as well.  You can simply peel them away from the surface you've applied them to and reposition them in a new area and all without any sticky residue. An added bonus is these fun and educational space wall decals are made in the U.S.A.

Enjoy Creating Fond Childhood Memories!   


Decals Instead of Painting

Decals are far easier than painting a room, less mess, less cost and commitment free.

Spring will be rolling around before you know it.  You may feel like you have no other option than to paint.  As you pull everything out and away from the walls simply dust your walls from top to bottom removing the dust.  Be careful to dust the ceilings while your at it.  

Next clean the walls with a wet damp cleaning cloth, be careful and think about going over it twice the second time with clean water.  Stand back and take a good look, do your walls really need to be painted?  You can add decorative wall decals to brighten up any room and have it looking as if it just got a major face lift.

Before you go to all the trouble and expense of painting, follow this simple plan.  I've found I can go much much longer without painting using wall decals.  Don't pass on the cleaning step it really brightens things up and clean is good!

Enjoy Your New and Improved Home, Katie

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Updated: 08/21/2012, katiem2
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