Decorating a Unicorn-Themed Bedroom

by TerryMcNamee

Wondering how to make a unicorn-lover's bedroom perfect without overdoing it? Here are some great ideas you can mix and match for older children, teens and adults.

By Terry McNamee © 2013

While many people think only little girls love unicorns, that idea has been fueled by “girl” toys like My Little Pony. In the past, boys liked unicorns, too. After all, in the old tales, unicorns belonged to the king, and they were fierce, dangerous animals to capture, just like tigers or lions. I have hunted for unicorn-themed items that could be used for a boy or girl, and also found some that teenagers and adults will appreciate. It is so easy to take a plain room with a plain bedspread and bring it to life by adding a few of these items. Match styles and colours to create the perfect room. A plain bedspread and plain walls in fairly neutral or light colours help focus the eye on the theme.

Unicorn-Themed Blankets and Throws

The choice is endless when searching for unicorn bedding. There is everything from elegant to funny, designed with different ages in mind. Most are in pinks and purples, but since I don't particularly like pink myself (even as a child, I didn't like it!), I hunted around and found some in other colours. There are plenty more available to suit all ages and tastes. I just picked the three that I liked best. For a boy's room, I would likely use the medieval designs and mix in a few knights and kings in a similar style.

Sophisticated Cushions

If you are going with a medieval theme, these wonderful tapestry cushion covers are perfect. The colours are deep and rich, and would really look nice to add flair to a simple satin bedspread or plain chairs. You can also mix and match with other medieval designs of kings and knights to create a little more of a medieval theme and less of a purely unicorn theme.

With the old tapestry designs, you can use rich colours such as blues, muted greens and even browns, chosen to match and bring out the colours used in the tapestries. Lighter shades like pale green, light blue, yellow, cream or eggshell will brighten a small, dark room, while the more vivid and darker shades will make a big room look smaller, so choose accordingly. Sometimes it is effective to do one wall in a dominant colour such as brown, royal blue or even red, with the rest of the walls painted in a lighter, softer shade.

Here's one in purple. I have a couple of friends who absolutely love anything purple, especially if horses are included, and I know that they will really like this design! Purple  with a black Friesian horse unicorn, what could be better? Made in synthetic leather with a black back, it would be great in a teenager's or adult's room. However, the design is very strong, so other items have to be chosen carefully so as to complement it.

Bedside or Table Lamps

This three-way touch lamp is ideal to use beside the bed. It has a traditional unicorn design, and is very elegant in white on black. The touch feature is especially nice in a bedside light. You don't have to stretch up to try and reach the switch without knocking the lamp over when you are falling asleep or waking up. This design comes in two different lamp styles and two different heights, so you can put one next to the bed (or use a pair, one on each side) and another on a table next to a chair, or on the dresser. I personally think these are better suited to a teenager's or adult's room because of the use of stark black, white and pewter.

Unicorn Clocks

Every room needs a clock, and here are three very different unicorn-themed clocks to suit a variety of tastes and ages. I admit to liking the whimsical, old-fashioned alarm clock with the sleepy unicorn best! I personally find clocks with a very detailed design hard to read, since the hands don't show up well, but they are so pretty that perhaps that can be overlooked if the design matches the rest of the room.

Decorative Items With a Unicorn Theme

Need something to hang on the wall or sit on a dresser to add to the unicorn flavour? I have picked out a few that I particularly liked. I love the battery-operated light that changes colours. Can't you see that in a child's room? There are also light switch covers, mats, fan or light pulls, music boxes and more. I think the wall art that creates a window into a forest populated by unicorns is very creative. Posters and prints can add to the theme and come in many colours to match the overall room.

Just remember not to go overboard and cover the room in unicorns! Often less is more when using a theme. Of course, there are some unicorn lovers who insist you can never have too many unicorns, so if that is the case, go wild!

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TerryMcNamee on 03/06/2014

I was surprised to see that some of the gorgeous tapestry items I had featured (as well as one of the clocks) have been replaced by other stuff! Sorry, I did not know this had been done. I will have to go back and fix that.

Rose on 03/06/2014

I like the look of the Unicorn cushions and blankets. Magical.

belinda342 on 05/09/2013

I love the Unicorn blankets and throws! With one of those on the bed, it would be a simple matter to complete the room around the theme and colors of the blanket.

Ann on 05/09/2013

Very unique ideas. Interesting

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