Chocolate Santas and Snowmen

by jptanabe

Christmas is the season for Santa and snowmen - in chocolate! For those of us who love chocolate, Christmas as an especially wonderful time of year.

Christmas is the time when we give gifts, receive gifts, put up Christmas trees, spend time together as a family, make snowmen, wait for Santa to bring the best presents, and eat chocolate!

Yes, one of the most important activities on Christmas morning in our house involves opening the gifts from Santa that have appeared in the Christmas stockings and, since many of them are chocolate, eating them! It's quite fortunate that we don't have a fireplace, because although it might be traditional to hang the stockings there the chocolate wouldn't do too well!

It's Christmas Time!

Yes, the snow is falling, it's December, it's that time of year again! These snowmen have the plan - send a letter to Santa to let him know what you really want for Christmas this year. What do you think they're asking for? Chocolate, of course! I don't know if the snowmen eat chocolate Santas, or if Santa eats chocolate snowmen, but I'm going for both this year! And I found a great selection to choose from.

Letter to Santa by Michael Humphries
Letter to Santa by Michael Humphries

Santa is always jolly!

Whatever he's doing, Santa is always fun to watch. He always seems to bring joy and happiness! He just can't help it, he's so rotund and red, and of course we know he's bringing goodies for everyone! And when he's made of chocolate he's just so good you have to eat him.

If he's small enough he makes a great stocking stuffer; if he's too big he'll just have to stand under the Christmas tree waiting to be eaten (that won't be long!).

Lindt is the "standard" in Christmas chocolate, so here's the Lindt Santa.

Lindt Santa Milk Chocolate, Christmas Milk Chocolate Candy, 4.4 oz.
Chocolate Mini Santas

Or, if you don't want the big Santa, you can get a set of mini chocolate Santas!

Almost too cute to eat.

What's Santa without Reindeer!

Santa and his Reindeer

Here comes Santa flying along with his reindeer. That's a wonderful sight. Just look at those antlers!

And we know he needs those reindeer to pull his sleigh loaded with goodies for everyone. So, let's not forget the chocolate reindeer - what would chocolate Santa be without chocolate reindeer!

Lindt Santa and Reindeer

This Lindt Christmas Santa and Reindeer Milk Chocolate Gift Pack has 4 reindeer plus Santa.

They are made of finest Swiss milk chocolate, molded 3 dimensional, semi-solid, and foil wrapped.

Or you can get one big chocolate reindeer to enjoy! 

Snowmen are Happy!

You've just got to smile when you see a happy snowman.

And when he's made of chocolate, that's real cause for celebration!

This Lindt Snowman really looks cute and happy doesn't he? Almost too good to break apart and eat, but he's made of Lindt chocolate so you know he's delicious!


Lindt Mini Snowmen

Or you could get the collection of mini Lindt chocolate Snowmen. They are really cute!

Get a mixed pack from Lindt!

Santa and Reindeer, and Snowmen, with Elves, and Teddy Bears as well!
Lindt Holiday Milk Chocolate Figures Novelty Pack, Great for Holida...
Updated: 12/12/2023, jptanabe
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jptanabe on 08/29/2015

How lovely!

CruiseReady on 08/29/2015

My favorite aunt (also my only aunt) used to send me a chocolate bunny at easter and a chocolate santa at Christmas when I was a child. I always looked forward to their arrival.

Mira on 08/27/2015

Some of this chocolate is good, and I also like that some Christmas chocolate comes with plush toys :). Makes for great gifts when visiting families with little children.

jptanabe on 08/27/2015

How true!

blackspanielgallery on 08/26/2015

Chocolate is good even if it is not so fancily wrapped, this wrapping is just a plus.

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