Choosing A Baby Swing

by audreylai

If you are shopping for a baby swing, check out these tips on what to consider when making your buying decision.

There are many baby swings out there in the market today. The popular ones like the Fisher Price cradle swings also do not come cheap. Therefore, when you are shopping for a swing, it can get overwhelming.

You just do not know which one to choose and how much you should spend. Sometimes, they share more or less the same features too that you might have a hard time deciding between the one model and another.

So, what should you look out for when buying an infant swing? What are the factors to take into consideration? Find out a few useful tips below if you are searching for a baby swing right now.

Tip #1 - Baby Swing Features

Consider What Features You Need

When buying an infant swing, consider the features that you absolutely need. Identify what are your priorities and decide on which features you can live without. For example, the Mamaroo infant seat has 5 different motions for your to choose from. Do you need them all? Can you make do with fewer, or even one single motion only?

Similarly, do you need a motorized mobile or are you happy with just a hanging toy bar? These and more are the questions you should ask yourself before making a purchase. Consider the pros and cons of each different swing and match them against your needs and preferences.

A lot of people make the mistake of buying first before taking the time to learn what the swing can and cannot do. Learn everything you need to know first and by doing that, you will be less likely to be disappointed with your purchase.


A Best Selling Baby Swing

The Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing
Fisher-Price Cradle 'N Swing, My Little Snugabunny
Only $169.99

Tip #2 - Size Of The Infant Swing

Do You Have The Space For It?

Next, make sure you check the dimensions of the infant swing that you are going to buy. Some swings can be very bulky in size and if you have a small living room, you might find it hard to fit one in.

A cradle swing has a wide frame and base to maintain stability. As such, for those living in a smallish home, such a swing may not be an ideal choice. Keep in mind that you will also have other baby items that you need to get and altogether, they can cram up your living space.

Rather than investing in a full-sized cradle swing, a better option for you in this case would be a portable or multi-use model. There are many baby items now which have multiple uses in one unit. For instance, you can get a high chair and swing as a single product. This not only saves you money, but also economizes on space.

Compact And Portable Baby Swing

Foldable, Portable And Cheap!
Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Swing and Seat, Luv U Zoo

This model comes in a few designs although Luv U Zoo, by itself, is also a very popular choice among parents. Comes with 6 speed settings, songs and sounds to keep your baby entertained.

$79.99  $54.99

View on Amazon

Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Portable Swing, Florabella

This swing uses TrueSpeed technology, which means it will maintain its swing speed even as your baby grows bigger and heavier. It comes with a 6-speed setting.

Only $59.99

View on Amazon

InGenuity Smart and Quiet Swing, Briarcliff

This swing is also by Bright Starts and it has 5 swing speeds. But it has a long battery life with its Hybridrive technology which makes your batteries last 3 times longer.

Only $79.99

View on Amazon

Poll: Full-Size Or Compact Swing?

Which would you rather buy for your baby: a full-size or compact swing?

Tip #3 - Portability Of The Swing

Do You Need To Move It Around?

Lastly, consider whether you would need to move the infant swing from room to room often. Generally, cradle swings are a hassle to move around while portable ones can be easily folded up to be carried.

Furthermore, you can take a portable swing with you for visits to grandma's house and other outings. This is the benefit of a compact swing which you would not get with a full-sized one.

Therefore, think whether portability is a must given your lifestyle and daily routine. Remember, what is a great baby gear to one parent may not necessarily be the same for you. The same goes when choosing an infant swing. What is important is that it can meet your needs and fit conveniently into your lifestyle.

Updated: 06/17/2013, audreylai
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Rose on 12/27/2013

Baby swings are such a great idea if you have the space. If you haven't get an old fashioned rocking cradle

WriterArtist on 06/18/2013

Babies love to swing, they fall asleep sooner in the rocking chairs also.

fanfreluche on 06/18/2013

Never had a baby swing, but my kids were both rather easy: they sleep well and anywhere. I used to rock them in my arms on a rocking chair. Otherwise they had a comfortable seat in which I left them whenever I need some free time to cook

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