Choosing a Christmas Table Centerpiece

by blackspanielgallery

Choose a Christmas table centerpiece carefully, and add to the beauty of your decorative scheme while avoiding problems.

Choosing a Christmas table centerpiece seems easy enough, at least on the surface. The tendency is to pick the one that best catches the eye. How could that not be the best choice?

Well, there are other things to consider. First, consideration must be given as to whether the table being decorated is to be used to serve food on, or if the table is a side or decorative table. Another consideration is what else is to be included upon the table. It is quite possible that size of the centerpiece will be important.

Centerpiece for a Table Used for Serving Food

If a meal is to be eaten at the table, size of an added decorative piece may be significant.  While smaller tables may be decorated with large pieces, large table centerpieces on a dinner table might interfere with conversation.  Speaking across a table through a large centerpiece could be likened to speaking through a fence.  Conversation works much better when facial expressions can also be observed. 


Shorter table centerpieces might work better on the dinner table.  But that is not the only problem that can occur.


Short, but sprawling, centerpieces can interfere with placing serving platters and bowls on a table.


Another difficulty could come from use of lighted candles.  Remember food must be passed.  Even passing butter or salt over a flame can result in unnecessary injury.

Small Tables

Small tables might not have the same potential for problems as larger tables, but deserts and candies often are placed upon them.  Perhaps a centerpiece that will hold the desert items or pieces of candy will be functional.  Just remember to have enough space available for any items that will be placed on the table.  And be aware that people reaching for goodies can easily bump into large items.  A top-heavy centerpiece is in peril of being toppled when it is placed near activity.

Grouped Pieces

Matched Set

Several small pieces can function together as a centerpiece.  While larger centerpieces might have to be removed for the duration of the meal, setting items around smaller decorations might allow the decorations to be enjoyed even during the meal.  Give consideration to multiple, albeit smaller, table decorations.

Glass Serving Piece

Use for Cookies or Candies

Christmas Serving Bowl

Make the Bowl Part of the Decorations
Fitz and Floyd Holiday Tidings Santa Serve Bowl, 12 1/4-Inch, Multi...

Children Tables

Decorating a table designed for serving children is possible.  Choose a child friendly theme.  While Christmas is itself a child friendly theme, some centerpieces such as trains can be a great hit. 

Plugging In Centerpieces

A problem of years ago, running electricity to a table, is easier solved today since many battery-operated lights exist.  This is made possible with LED lighting, since they can operate on battery power for long periods of time without running the battery down.  


Electric cords can be tripping hazards, and should only be used with a table display when the table is at a wall near an outlet. 

Many Table Centerpieces Exist

Indeed, table centerpieces for Christmas abound, and it is quite easy to select one that fits any constraints while also being beautiful.  So, add to your decorations by choosing to decorate places you might otherwise ignore. 


Many tabletop decorations also work well on mantles.

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Updated: 11/14/2022, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 12/04/2022

Thanks. For every one I featured I rejected about 10 others. There are quality things out there if you look, and then, well there are all the rest. Choosing what to feature is part of the whole of the article. Happy you approved.

Tolovaj on 12/04/2022

Some of these centerpieces look so good I would be happy to have them on my table through all year!

blackspanielgallery on 11/17/2022

I would imaging fake, since they are available on Amazon and real fruit would perish.

DerdriuMarriner on 11/17/2022

The grouped smaller pieces look quite appealing in their colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

Would that be fake or real fruits that they have?

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