Choosing a Christmas Tree

by blackspanielgallery

Choosing a Christmas tree can be a fun family experience, or a daunting task. It has a better chance of being positive if properly preparations are made.

This is one of those rare years when we had to find a new Christmas tree. I have been using one since my last one was lost in Hurricane Katrina, which was in 2005. After twelve years it has lost enough material that it became time to look for a new Christmas tree. This is not a simple thing. There were many decisions to be made. Even picking a size is not enough. One must consider quite a few things.

This is no simple task, so proper preparation before embarking on a Christmas tree finding ventre is recommended.

Christmas Tree Decision One: Freshly Cut, Or Artificial

Which Favors the Environment?

For those who respect the ecology there is a temptation to rule out a freshly cut Christmas tree, but oversimplifying is not always the right answer.  A Christmas tree grown on a tree farm may not do much damage to the ecology, since having enough Christmas trees for future years is fundamental to the business.  So, a responsible tree farmer will replant, and maintain the trees in a healthy manner.  We must weigh this, and the resources used in making that artificial Christmas tree.  Certainly there is metal, and a green covering designed to look like conifer branches.  These consume energy is producing, packaging, and transporting.  And packaging in large boxes does damage to the environment, for the box consumed material from trees.


Another consideration is what will happen to the Christmas tree after the Christmas season is over.  In parts of Louisiana old trees are collected on a given day and sent to the Gulf of Mexico.  There, just offshore, cribs are made and filled with trees.  These submerged trees catch sediment to build sandbars, thus reducing the erosion of the coast, a different ecological problem, yet quite a significant one.  Of course this applies to just a few locations, but there is the option of composting available those living in others.


One reason I bought freshly cut Christmas trees years ago was for the scent, but that can be taken care of with a scented candle.


Another consideration is weight.  Artificial Christmas trees can be separated into pieces that are easily handled.  Fresh Christmas trees can be quite heavy, and cumbersome.  They are especially difficult to remove, for the branches spread under the weight of the ornaments making it difficult to pull a tree through a door when the Christmas season is past.


Real trees can dry out, and thus become a fire hazard.  Even cool LED lights can short out, and the spark can ignite a dried tree.  Once ignited they burn fast.


Finally, is an ornament is overlooked on an artificial Christmas tree it will still be there next year.  

Christmas Tree Decision Two: Size

Height and Width

A Christmas tree must fit into the space available.  It cannot be too tall.  But, often width is another consideration.  The Christmas tree cannot block a passageway.   And the number of branched varies, one must consider the number of tips.


Some thin Christmas trees are designed just for corners.  I saw a few of these labeled pencil tree.  They can be quite tall, but only a foot and a half wide.  

Christmas Tree Decision Three: Lighted, Or Not

And What Kind of Lights

Christmas trees now come with lights already installed.  This can add significantly to the price, but the wires are well hidden, and the lights should be well spaced.  It is a helpful addition, and certainly saves time.


If the Christmas tree is to have lights permanently installed, LEDs are the best option.  Then, one must ask if the lights will have multiple colors, are clear, or have features such as blinking.  Some have multiple modes, and are controlled by remote control.


Christmas Tree Decision Four: Special Features

Will the Christmas Tree Rotate, Or Play a Tune?

A rotating Christmas tree might pose another issue for consideration, will the motor have sufficient cooling?  I can imagine using a tree skirt and having a motor overheat because the vents are covered.  These have wiring within the tree so the light strings do not tangle.


Musical notes are not really necessary, especially if one has other music.  I cannot see how having the Christmas tree play a tune is the most important decision to be made.


Of course the added features all add to the price. 


Christmas Tree Multiple Branches

Something New

Some Christmas trees now have two types of branches, and they do not always blend.  I found one where the color or style was off enough to make it too obvious.  Perhaps the display model was faded, or perhaps it was the store lighting, but I would be concerned of how my Christmas tree might look in two years.  It is a preference issue, and others might like it.


A First Christmas Tree

Children Like to Have Their Own Christmas Tree

When I was about six years of age I was given a branch cut from the bottom of the family Christmas tree. The branch was one of several that had to be removed to allow the Christmas tree to be placed in a stand.  I stood this branch in my small rocking chair and placed three unbreakable Christmas ornaments on it. 


The above is fine if the Christmas tree is not an artificial Christmas tree.  But, fortunately small Christmas trees are sold, some as short as a foot.  Often these have a sack as a base.  They can hold small Christmas ornaments and a short string of lights.  And a child might really appreciate having one.

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Updated: 10/19/2019, blackspanielgallery
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