Choosing the Best Wedding Invitations

by lakeerieartists

When choosing wedding invitations for your wedding, there are many options to consider.

It used to be that choosing wedding invitations was a fairly easy task. After all, weddings were white, the invitations were white or cream, and the ink used for the invitation was black.

That has all changed with modern technology giving us the ability to print in every color of the rainbow, choose an unlimited amount of type fonts, and add photographs to our wedding invitations.

While that makes wedding invitations much more diverse, it also means that choosing the best wedding invitations for your wedding event is much more difficult.

The Best Wedding Invitations Reflect Your Personal Style

Signature White Wedding Invitations Regal Refinement : Rust

Wedding Invitation Options

So what exactly are the various options that you need to wade through when choosing the best wedding invitation?  Here are some of the most common things that you will have to choose:

  • Paper color
  • Font color
  • Paper shape
  • Font style
  • Flat card or folded
  • Mail or email
  • Photographs or not
  • How many inserts
  • Theme
  • Paper type
  • Traditional, modern. or avant garde
  • How much do you want to spend?

As you can see the choices can become endless when you apply all of the colors, styles, and types available.

Formal or Casual

In the old days, all wedding invitations were formal.  Weddings were formal events, where people dressed in suits, usually tuxedos, and long formal gowns.  Those days are long gone, and people have weddings in almost any location you can imagine, beaches, restaurants, the middle of a field, in settings both formal or casual (although the definition of formal has changed somewhat).

Wedding invitations should match the mood of the wedding, because they set the tone for the guests, giving the guests time to make their own preparations dependent on what the bride and groom have chosen for the occasion.

Adding Photographs to Your Wedding Invitation

Personalized photo wedding invitationMany people are adding a photograph to their wedding invitation nowadays.  Or if they don't add one to the invitation itself, they may add a photo to the save the date card, or the wedding announcement.

Photos give the guests a chance to see the bride and groom together, personalize the invitation even more, and for those who cannot make it to the event, a feeling of being part of the wedding.

However, adding a photo to a wedding invitations makes the look much more casual and modern.  No traditional wedding invitation would have a photograph.

A lot depends on your personal style, and how much you want a traditional wedding, or if you care that you might offend someone who is traditional in your family.  I will say that personalized photo wedding invitations can be very beautiful.

Wedding Invitation Color

Color is another big choice for wedding invitations.  White and cream are still quite popular for wedding invitations, however the choices have become almost completely unlimited when it comes to color.  Due to the advancements in digital printing, ink color can be mixed just like paint color to create colors all along the spectrum of the color wheel.

This is true for paper color and for type color.

This has opened up the wedding invitation business up to a wide array of color choice and personalization for wedding couples.

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sheilamarie on 11/09/2011

Weddings are such joyous affairs! Good ideas here for making them special with just the right wedding invitation.

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