Fall Wedding Invitations

by Digby_Adams

Crisp and sunny Autumn days are the perfect time for a wedding. These fall wedding invites are the perfect way to ask friends and family to attend.

Crisp autumn days herald a change in the world's color palette. Fall wedding invitations often reflect these colors. Wedding invitation designers often include fall leaves in rich red, golden yellow and deep orange colors. They can be shown on their own or gracing stately trees. Tree trunks often hold hearts with the initials of the bride and groom. Fall-themed weddings are often rustic weddings held in barns. Bridesmaids are more often in deep colors. Perhaps even black.

Fall Wedding Colors

White Bridal Gown on Fall Leaves
White Bridal Gown on Fall Leaves

Autumn leaves take center stage in the beautiful fall wedding invitation to the right. The first thing that you'll notice with this invitation is the beautiful all-over glow. It radiates a warmth. A rich and deep wine red band goes across wedding invitation. It has a beautiful cluster of autumn leaves. Of course this is just a photograph of a band and leaves. It isn't embellished. There is a small cluster of fall leaves in the top left corner. Next to that are the words Wedding Invitation

The name of the bride and groom are entered below the ribbon. There is then the words of the invite and the wedding particulars. At the bottom there are soft and glowing fall leaves. 

Faux Burlap and Fall Leaf Wedding Invitation

Rustic barns make a beautiful setting for a wedding when the countryside around them turns golden. 

There are two sides to this 5" x 7" wedding invitation. The first side begins with the phrase To Have and Hold. A purple ribbon then goes across the invitation and is embellished by a leaf. The bottom portion of the invitation is burlap. Please not that these are pictures only. There is no actually embellishment on wedding invitation. 

The second side begins with the phrase From this Day Forward. The names of the bride and groom are written using an ornate font and the color red. The wedding particulars are in a simpler black font. 

This fall wedding template is easily customized. The Zazzle platform is quite straightforward to use. 

Autumn Colors Create Beautiful Wedding Venues

Rustic Barns are Perfect for Fall Weddings
Rustic Barns are Perfect for Fall Weddings

Fall wedding invitations don't have to be traditional or rustic. I think the fall wedding invitation shown to the right does a beautiful job of combining autumn colors and modern design. The contemporary design showcase beautiful and lacelike fall leaves reflecting in a pond. Two gold wedding bands are featured in the upper-left corner. 

These design elements are contained into two sleek silver and gold frames. The colors are warm and autumn, but the design is very clean. It proves that autumn weddings don't have to be rustic. Like all wedding invitations found on Zazzle, you can easily customize it. 

Colorful Lanterns Fall Wedding Invitations

Light the way to your wedding with this beautiful fall wedding invitation.

This is a two-sided wedding invitation. Brilliant swirls of golden yellow and vibrant orange surround two Victorian lanterns, on the front. Don't miss the black birds sitting on top of the lantern. Tiny fall leaves are floating down the lamp post on the left. The name of the bride and groom are in the bottom left corner. 

The back side contains the wedding details. It has the same fall lanterns, but the are condensed to the left. The right is vibrant orange with the wedding details written in creamy white. It is very easy to read. 

The image to the left doesn't do this unique wedding invitation justice. I think it is a lovely start to a fall wedding. It can be fully customized. 

Oak Tree Wedding Tree with Heart and Initials

Carving initials in a tree trunk is an old-fashioned sign of true love. 

This fall wedding invitation template features a stylized oak tree with a thick trunk and lots of red and yellow leaves. A carved heart with initials is on the tree trunk. This simple but very romantic wedding invitation is perfect for a rustic or country wedding. 

The name of the couple is written in a larger font and joined with a large ampersand. Wedding details follow below. Reception to follow ends the wedding invitation. It is written in a red font as well. 

You can easily insert your own initials in the tree and customize all of the other elements on this fall wedding invitation. 

Colorful Fall Leaf Wedding Invitations

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Digby_Adams on 05/25/2015

Thank you sheilamarie. The fall is a lovely time to get married in New England.

sheilamarie on 05/25/2015

Thanks, Digby. These invitations are nice. My favorites are the first one you've shown and the purple love one at the end.

MBC on 05/24/2015

Some lovely selections here.

Digby_Adams on 05/24/2015

There really isn't. I love to look at products on Zazzle. They have more than I thought they would.

CruiseReady on 05/24/2015

You have certainly shown some lovely choices here for invitations for fall weddings. There seems to be no end to the creativity of the folks that create designs at Zaxzle!

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