Wedding Gifts for Christian Couples

by JoHarrington

Christian wedding presents are those which highlight the love of Jesus Christ in any marriage. There are plenty of Christ-centered wedding gifts from which to choose.

Is it appropriate to buy a wedding gift for a Christian couple? In truth, this depends upon the bride and groom involved.

Most Christians will welcome a Christ-centered wedding present, while a small cohort disdain them. Receiving any gift smacks too much of greed and/or placing the couple ahead of Christ during their own nuptials.

The best approach is to quietly inquire as to the etiquette for your particular marriage ceremony, then buy a gift accordingly, or not! If yes, then check out these wedding gift ideas for a Christian couple.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Christ-Centered Couples

In seeking out a gift for Christians at their wedding, I've collected only those which position Jesus Christ at the center of all things. You may prefer to buy Christian wedding presents where this is explicit, or where it's implicitly referenced.  Both kinds are on offer here.

If you are a non-believer, looking for a gift for Christian friends getting married, then it may be helpful to read the below article first.  Happy shopping!

Most Western marriages begin at a church altar. So why do some couples differentiate between those rites and a Christian wedding? I found out.

Faith, Hope and Love Marriage Wall Cross for Christian Couples

This stone look wall decoration definitely puts any marriage within the context of Jesus Christ. All that it references of love and union is displayed upon a cross - the iconic emblem of Christianity, and a reminder of Christ's great love.

While any married Christian couple would find truth in these messages, the Faith, Hope and Love Wall Cross is a particularly great wedding gift for Christian newly-weds. The entwined rings give a hint to the ceremony just performed.

It would be a wonderful decoration to hang within their new home. The pair would be reiterating from the outset what their vows had just declared - this is a rock solid marriage built upon the testimony and heart of Jesus Christ.

The Faith, Hope and Love Marriage Wall Cross is 10.5" x 7.25", and one inch thick. The Biblical quotation engraved upon it is from 1 Corinthians 13.13: '... And the greatest of these is love.'

More Crosses as Christian Wedding Present Ideas

Love Never Fails Wall Cross

Decorative silver-toned, resin-stone wall cross celebrates the joy of marriage with two metal rings displayed through the center opening. Cross is inscribed with Scriptural quot...

View on Amazon

Wedding Wall Cross

This solid pewter wall cross features Eph. 5:31, which reads: 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh,...

View on Amazon

"And the Two Shall Become One" Standing Cross

Unique heart shaped plaque with marriage blessing God bless this marriage with Hope that is sure, with Faith that is steady, and Love that endures. Will hang on wall or stand wi...

View on Amazon

Cana Wedding Metal Wall or Wedding Cake Cross

This simple, classic gold metal 8 inch cross has intertwined rings at center. Includes a taper allowing the cross to be inserted in the top of a wedding cake. Hanging ring at to...

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Mr and Mrs Christian Coffee Mug Set

Practical and beautiful, this Mr and Mrs Mug set for Christians will make a handy addition to their new home. Every couple needs cups!

What I like best about gifts like these is that they aren't destined to be cooed over, then put away to gather dust in a cupboard. They are useful, therefore will become part of everyday married life.

The legend upon both mugs reads: A marriage that follows God's plan takes more than a woman and a man. It needs a oneness that can be only from God - marriage takes three. Which sounds pretty Christ-centered to me!

The Mr and Mrs Coffee Mugs for Christians are bone china, and hold 10oz of liquid. They are produced by a Christian company - Dicksons Gift Shop.

Christian Wedding Keepsake

Photo and Keepsake Box for Christian Newly-Wed Couples

The profound words of 1 Corinthians 13:4 and 13:8 are etched into this hand-cast resin keepsake box.

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud... Love never fails.

In addition, the newly weds will be able to add a photograph from their marriage ceremony - or one from their marriage in general, as the love was not confined to the altar!

At 3 7/8" by 4 3/8", this little box could be used to hold tiny mementos from the big day - confetti, pressed flowers or other tokens.

Christian Photo Frame - Scripture Wedding Gift Idea

Lighthouse Christian Products, who also created the keepsake box above, have designed this photo frame for Christian couples. It would make a great gift for Christ-centered newly weds.

Once again, the quoted scriptural verses are lifted from Corinthians 13:4 and 13:8, above a large legend simply reading 'Love'.

The free-standing, brushed metal photo frame holds a 4"x6" picture, which ideally would be from their Christian wedding day.

Christian Wedding Photo Frame with Scripture

NIV Family Bible - With Family History Pages

Let me state outright that, as a genealogist, I am jumping up and down, pointing to this Christian wedding gift idea as my absolute choice. In fact, if I could throw myself at your feet and beg you to consider it, I would. Please imagine me doing just that.

Why the passion and pleading?  It is because I have spent decades researching my own family tree. Therefore I know how utterly priceless family Bibles with genealogical pages can be. 

They survive each generation, passed on as heirlooms to the next. Inside those sacred leaves valuable information is preserved. (Yes, the Gospel as well!) Any family historian can hunt through the archives for dusty, staid names in a register. But often ancestral records can be missed, overlooked in the general melee of hundreds of other family's names.

Our ancestors and kin don't truly come to life, until you find them all listed together - in your gt-grandfather or mother's own handwriting, with personal notes of love - in a Bible. 

The Scripture itself will be a wonderful Christian wedding gift, as couples form a family unit, then children arrive. But the truly priceless value of those family history pages only really comes into its own with the generations to come.

Lighting the Way Home Bible

Holy Bible Heirloom Gift for Christian Weddings

As a family historian, my personal favorite in Holy Bible Christian keepsake gift ideas is the one pictured to the right.

Why? Because it not only allows Christian parents to record all of their family births, baptisms and other rites of passage, but an aspect even more personal too.

Family traditions may be added alongside the more common information. This totally brings family life alive for anybody reading it generations from now.

They would act as teachings, or tiny messages from one Christian commentator right along their bloodline. It would be a beautiful act of reaching out in communication, and who knows how important that may transpire to be.

The Holy Bible: Illustrated Family Edition

This up-to-date version of the King James Bible will make a handsome addition to any home, and includes family records.

View on Amazon

Catholic Family Bible-RSV-Deluxe

1530 pages of the standard, revised Catholic Bible, with pages for family records too.

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More Book Gift Ideas for Christian Marriages

Of course, it may be expected that any Christian couple getting wed will already own a Bible or two between them. If not, then their own parents might choose to bless their marriage with a brand new edition for their home.

However, there is more than one book which may be bought as a Christian wedding present.

Sacred Marriage Gift Edition

Baptist Wedding Gift Book

Gary L Thomas is a minister at the Second Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He's penned a series of daily devotional works for a variety of individuals.

His Sacred Marriage gift for Baptists guides newly-weds through their first year. Prayer by prayer, contemplation by contemplation, they will be building their marriage upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Designed as a present for a Baptist wedding, his Sacred Marriage Gift Edition acts as a two-in-one deal. It combines a couple of existing books: Sacred Marriage AND Devotions for a Sacred Marriage. Bargain!

The Love Dare Day by Day Devotions for Couples

New York Times Best-Selling Book Gift for Christian Couples

Authors Stephen and Alex Kendrick are not only pastors (of Sherwood Baptist Church, in Albany, Georgia), but also film-makers.

Their Love Dare was originally written as a tie-in to their acclaimed Christian movie Fireproof. But it's taken on a life of its own.

With 365 devotionals listed for couples to use in their marriage, the Love Dare has become a highly popular Christian wedding gift.

This is especially true for Baptist congregations, but it's gone much further than that, topping the New York Times best-seller list with well over five million copies now sold.

Home Rules - Framed Scripture Wedding Gift for Christians

At first glance, the advice given for Christian couples to hang in their home looks like pure common sense. The homilies are loving, kind, practical and add up to a tremendous basis upon which to build a successful marriage.

Then you look a little more closely and realize that every word is Scripture. Each piece of advice comes complete with the Biblical chapter and verse listed beneath. Good sense from the holy book! And a brilliant Scriptural wedding present for Christian newly weds.

The above variation on the same theme includes a panel quoting Corinthians 13:4-8. The fact that those scriptural verses keep on coming up, over and over again, pays testament to their deep truth and beauty. Perfect gifts for newly wed Christian couples.

So which of the two frames do you prefer?

Song of Solomon 3:4 Biblical Wall Decal for Christians

Bedroom Art Christian Married Couple Wall Decal Gift

'I have found the one whom my soul loves' are the beautiful, poignant words from the Biblical Song of Solomon.

This would perfectly fit those couples who have just wed - and hopefully those married for a long time too! - thus rendering the bedroom art a great Christian wedding present.

But Christ-centered as it may be, I think I'd personally ask the bride and groom before purchasing this one as your Christ-based wedding gift.

It imposes a huge presence in a very intimate space, which may not be to the decorative taste of all.

Kitchen Gift for Christian Wedded Couple

Pretty, decorative, fun and above all FUNCTIONAL, these measuring spoons will make for a unique Christ-centered wedding gift. The good Lord is not only in their marriage, but right there in their kitchen.

Sturdily crafted out of zinc alloy, the measuring spoons are ornately engraved front and back. They look like mini works of art, but they are also dishwasher safe.

From the cross shaped handle to the messages etched throughout, they are designed to be used by Christian cooks in the preparation of the Almighty's bounty.

Ganz 4 Piece Christian Measuring Spoon Set

One Last Christian Wedding Gift Idea:

Don't Forget a Christian Wedding Card Too!

Christian wedding card messages would be a lovely touch for a couple embarking upon a Jesus centered marriage. Check out what Christian wedding cards are available.

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JoHarrington on 11/21/2014

Thank you very much. I have more to add to this too, which I'll hopefully have chance to do over the course of today.

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This is a wonderful complete selection of gifts. Love your personal take on things as well.

JoHarrington on 09/10/2014

That was one of my favourites too! I thought it was a very unique Christian gift idea.

Ember on 09/10/2014

The measuring spoon set is a super cute idea. I have a lot of friend's weddings happening a lot right now (must be my age group I guess), and I could see several of these fitting them well :)

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