Ornaments for Writers

by sheilamarie

Find ornaments for writers! Includes a variety of symbols and reminders that shows your writer friend that you understand how important writing is for him or her.

If you know someone who loves to write, why not honor them with a Christmas ornament that validates their profession or hobby?

These writer ornaments will look great on their Christmas tree and will also motivate them throughout the year when hung near their computer or propped on their writing desk.

These ornaments are not just for Christmas, either; they’d be fun to receive whenever a writer needs a little boost.

Maybe one would be a perfect inspiration for you, too.

Writer Ornaments Can Help Keep You on Track

We writers are notorious for letting distractions get in the way of completing our work. We not only need inspiration but we also need reminders to keep focused.

That's why something as small as a trinket that honors you as a writer can be just the reminder you need. After all, what good is it to call yourself a writer if you don't write? Keeping something near your desk to help you focus is good practice. Maybe it may even inspire you a bit.

And at Christmas, putting that reminder on the tree will announce to the world that writing is how you spend your time.

True, you may be saying, but pens and computers are just not warm and fuzzy things. You can't drape them with holly or dress one in a festive holiday sweater!

Though decorating with a typewriter may not light up your eyes the way decorating with a puppy may, who said you can't crown one with a holiday wreath? And it's the inner decoration we are pressing for here. The one that says, yes, congratulations, you are a writer and it makes me proud to know you.

So have good cheer. Your tools of the trade can say a lot about you and putting a symbol of them on the tree is a good idea. You can hang the reminder near your desk all year long.

And if you are looking for a great gift for a friend who likes to write, giving them an ornament that lets them know you appreciate their efforts will be a welcome relief.



Snoopy at the Typewriter

A Hallmark Ornament

Snoopy at Typewriter 2009 Hallmark Ornament



Snoopy is still writing that novel about the Red Baron. Will he ever finish it?

He just may with the encouragement and inspiration of Woodstock, his cute feathered pal.

How Do You Spend Your Writing Time?

Please respond with your preferred genre, but you can add other types of writing in your comment.
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I like writing poetry the best, but I spend a lot of time writing for children, and I write online, too.
Typewriter Ornaments from eBay

Old School Writing Tool

On This Zazzle Ornament for Writers

Zazzle has a line of ornaments which are designed by many talented artists. This typewriter ornament is a clever retro style that you may recognize.

Are you old enough to remember using one of these old manual typewriters? No? Well, some of us do. You needed to really pound those keys to give your document an even tone. Sometimes individual letters would stick and you had pull them off your paper and release the letter's arm to snap it back down into the machine.

If you made a mistake, you had three choices:

  1. You could use an ink eraser and more likely than not get a hole in your paper.
  2. You could type over the mistake with a strip of correcto-type, a tape-sized strip that would fill in the wrong black letters with white (in theory) and then you could type over the spot again with the proper letters. You could usually read both words by then, as the "white" did not totally neutralize the original letters.
  3. Finally, which was a more recent innovation, you could use white-out -- a gooey white liquid you applied in white drops with a tiny brush. White-out was sometimes called "liquid paper" and had to be used sparingly or you could end up with think white lumps that were hard to retype over.

Believe me, despite the comforting sound the old fashioned manual typewriter's keys would make each time they tapped the paper, it was very difficult to get clean copy if you weren't a very good typist. Sometimes people reverted to onion skin typing paper, which was thin and difficult to read, because onion skin paper was erasable. One always had to balance ease of use with ease of readability.

Have you ever used a manual typewriter?

Yup, ages ago.
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No, I'm just a tender, young thing.
QuantumLouie on 10/24/2012

When I was a kid my sister had a toy typewriter! She was older than me so it eventually ended up in my possession.

I have. (Blush.)
kimbesa on 05/11/2013

Oh, yes. And a typewriter eraser and different colors of White Out, too!

PeggyHazelwood on 05/10/2013

Oh yeah, years ago. I never hit the keys hard enough though and love my Mac!

BrendaReeves on 10/21/2012

I hated the carbon paper and correcting mistakes.

JoHarrington on 09/30/2012

I learned to type on one, and passed my first degree using one. I'm THAT old.

Ragtimelil on 09/28/2012

Horrible things for fat fingers!

dustytoes on 09/28/2012

Of course. In the 1970's we used them in typing class. Also had one at home.

These Days Most Writers Write on a Computer

Available with Either a Male or a Female Happy Writer at the Computer Desk

Ornament Central OC-104-FBR Female Computer Figurine

Boy, this writer looks as if she's having fun! Look at that smile!

This ornament comes in both male and female versions. It would be an especially thoughtful gift for someone who writes online at Wizzley or some other site.

It would also be a welcome gift for any writer who uses a computer. (And these days are there any writers who don't?) You can personalize the ornament by writing the recipient's name with a Sharpie on the front of the desk.

You can hang this ornament on your Christmas tree and later you can hang it by your desk where she will spread her glee all year round.

(Do you think she's writing comedy? Wouldn't you love to be able to read her screen?)

Lydia Winged Poet

Angel Muse

Seraphim Classics Roman Ornament Lydia Winged Poet



This angel muse oozes inspiration. Just like the poets of old, you can be inspired by an angel who will hang near your desk, strumming her lyre as you pluck lovely words out of the air.

The Amazon site calls this ornament "Lydia, the Winged Poet."

Willow Tree Angel of Learning

For Readers and Writers

Willow Tree Angel of Learning Ornament, 26049

Angel with Book

If you're a fan of Willow Tree Angels, this Angel of Learning ornament may tickle your fancy. This angel clutches a book close to her chest. She may be just a lover of reading and study, but I'll make a wager that she spends some of her energy writing as well. This ornament would be a good reminder that all the best writers are voracious readers first.

Writers Are a Rare Breed

Well, I hope you enjoyed these writers' Christmas ornaments. If you haven't found something for your favorite writer here, maybe you are looking for something more specific.

Is there a particular author your writer friend really likes? Could you make a little book and write the title of your friend's favorite book on the cover?

Could you find an ornament of some of the book's main characters? (This may be more doable if the book is one of the classics.)

These are just a few suggestions. For more Christmas ornament ideas, check the list of articles below. You may find an ornament that fits the personality of your friend there.

Please leave me a comment below to let me know what you think.

More Christmas Tree Ornaments

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If you know someone with a passion for skiing, a Skier Christmas tree ornament will make a perfect gift!
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sheilamarie on 11/04/2014

Yes, and that gooey white out that never seemed to go on smoothly!

Marie on 11/04/2014

I really like that typewriter ornament - and yes, I first typed on one! It wasn't much fun when you got things wrong or when the keys stuck and you had to press really hard to get them to work. Oh those were the fun days of writing!

sheilamarie on 05/10/2013

Thanks, Peggy! Do you have a favorite?

PeggyHazelwood on 05/10/2013

These are great gift ideas for writers.

sheilamarie on 11/11/2012

Thanks, Mira! They'd be great in a Christmas stocking!

Mira on 11/11/2012

I enjoyed this. I think such ornaments would make perfect small gifts for writers.

sheilamarie on 10/21/2012

Me, too, Brenda. Thanks for your comment.

BrendaReeves on 10/21/2012

These are great ornaments, Sheila. I like the idea of a theme Christmas tree.

sheilamarie on 10/17/2012

Great idea, Belinda! Writers need those little incentives.

belinda342 on 10/17/2012

These would make great rewards for finishing NanoWrimo in November! That little extra incentive can mean a lot around the middle of the month...(For those who don't know NanoWrimo is held online every November. Hundreds of thousands writers participate each and every year. The goal: 50,000 words written in 30 days!

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