The Small Space's Saving Grace: Floating Computer Desk with Storage

by HomeArtist1

These modern and classic style wall-mounted (floating) computer desks with storage consume minimal wall space and keep your home office, shop or crafting needs at the ready.

Whether you've a loft space, studio apartment or a small home office space, having the option of folding away your clutter with a desk for small spaces makes easy work of tidying up. If you're the neat nick like me or you just need the toe room around other furniture pieces, floating desks with storage are a real boon in small spaces, proffering full-size potential when folded down, so you can get work done without the frustration of endless stacks of 'whatzit' clutter.I know; I've been there. Scroll down to find your small space's saving grace and stop the madness with my ideas for keeping home office clutter to a minimum. I've included several floating desks for small spaces with storage enough to suit your computer, decor, and wall space. Yes, it really is that easy.

Corrall the Clutter: Wall Mounted Desks for Computers

These floating computer desks double the storage with combined hutches

When real estate is at a premium in your home, floating (wall-mounted) desks in white, black and espresso make great sense for computer use. But setting up a workspace needs to ideally house your computer screen, keyboard or laptop and neatly house your important paperwork.

The size of your desk should be large enough to accommodate everything you need. Remember if the desk is lacking in any way, you'll see it in stacks of paper and stray documents, despite your best efforts. If the space isn't there, it's desk 'stuff' overload.

Be as generous as you're able with the desk and your space allowance.

These modern floating desks fold out for comfort and added workspace then conveniently fold in when it' s time to close up shop.

minimal floating wall desk for small spaces with hutch-style storage
Modern Floating Computer Desk for Small Spaces with Stora...

Going Up?

Computer Desks with Hutch: A Smart Storage Solution for Small Spaces
Prepac Modern Floating (Wall) Small Spaces Desk with Storage Hutch ...

For Added Storage in Small Spaces, Go Up: Floating Computer Desk With Added Storage Hutch

Working from home always necessitates more storage area for all that paperwork, especially if you're working in a small space. It's always best to 'go up' versus spreading outward with clutter and supplies. Adding an attractive hutch in a complementary finish helps keep your room's decor cohesive while adding much needed storage.

Keep things neat with desk tidies and memo boards. This floating computer desk has other, optional pieces that look much like furniture (as seen in the image). The credenza can double as file cabinet and dresser if need be. Important reference books and manuals can be arranged on the matching chest and topped off with matching bookends.

The fully-functional arrangement here is neat, attractive and uses minimal floor space.

A little creativity can serve you well when space is at a premium

What color floating desk are you looking for?

white, black or espresso?

The Genius Behind Floating Desks:Setting Up Shop Anywhere  Portable Fold Down/Out Wall Mounted Computer Desks

Instead of piecing together your home office bit by bit, you might save time and money by combining the floating computer desks for small spaces and bedrooms here with their matching storage hutch in cappuccino or a fresh white. You can easily convert a free wall to a fully functioning home office by pairing the units with a cool office chair.

I'm not a big fan of wheeled office chairs on hard floor surfaces; it seems I'm always 'on the roll!' Not good when I'm in the middle of a project and the chair necessitates I plant both feet on the floor ready to do battle in rubber-soled shoes. The swivel chair may be your answer if you share my sentiments; it's adjustable and moves freely but stays planted to the floor. It's attractive, too.

white wall mounted computer desk
Wall Mounted Computer Floating Desk

An Ingenious Design for Small Spaces: Fold Out Desks with Wall Storage

SEI Black Fold-Out Convertible Desk: Fabulous Desk for Small Spaces...

Keeping Your Small Space Cohesive

When space is an issue, having the option to set up a work station wherever ~ and whenever ~ you need it is a real boon. It always helps, too, if it's attractive.

Small spaces necessitate that each furniture piece work well together. It's best to have similar finishes to avoid clashing and the smaller pieces and avoid competition with more expensive furniture. A smooth visual transition as you scan the room is your best plan. Too, try to keep your space furnished in one genre ~ all modern or all traditional, etc.

This unimposing portable desk is ideal for modern decor. Its smooth lines and simple design make it an easy candidate for your small space. The simpler the better. I love it!

While Not Floating It's the Perfect Laptop Setup

ideal kitchen fold down wall mounted laptop desk
Fold-Out Wall mounted Computer/Laptop Desk with Storage in White fo...

What's your fave among all the floating and wall-mounted desks?

Fold-Down Wall Desk for Small Kitchen & Bedroom Spaces

with a chalkboard for reminders

The higher you go with your storage needs, the smarter. Going up prevents the urge to spread out with office clutter. 

Having shelves for extra storage provides ample room to appoint lower shelves for your more important, oft used supplies and references.

Go up with the least-used accoutrements and decorative pieces.

The chalkboard on this quaint not-so-modern --okay, it's not modern--is just plain fun but every bit as functional and saves on wall space, to boot.

Updated: 09/08/2015, HomeArtist1
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