Desk and Table Lamp with Power Outlet and USB in Base

by HomeArtist1

Table and Desk lamps like these, with an extra power outlet and/or USB charger in its base, add even more utility as a fun-to-formal lighting solution.

Looming shadows make for a dismal setting whether you're at your desk or kicking back with a best-seller, where that fine print becomes a chore to read. Bedside and task lighting are an ideal way to shed some light on your subject while banishing those dim corners that can haunt any space, diminish productivity and pale your decorating efforts.
Hotels have had the 'bright' idea about the extra outlet in their lamps' base for quite awhile and it's about time we followed suit in our own boudoir and home office. And, yes, these lamps can be an asset to your decor. Who knew? Scroll down and find a cool bedside, desk or table lamp with one or two power outlet that promises to make itself at home with your decor, while earning its keep as an extra power source. And I'll show you how!

A Bright Idea: Bedside and Task Lamps With Charger Power Outlet in Base

Your Lamps Size Dictates Number or Power Outlets

One or two power outlets?

I've always admired hotel style, bedside lamps with the power outlets in their base; they're like the room's jewelry and much like your own accessories you'll need to consider your style preferences.

Too, you must give your space an adequate 'dose' of light. Most bedside and table lamps with white shades can suffice in average-sized rooms.

This two-post lamp and those just below will do the trick while affording you more access to your small electronics or appliances with either one or two power outlets in their base (depending on the base''s size) . While most of the lamps I talk about on this page have one outlet, a few have two outlets in their base making them ideal bedside lamps for guest rooms with two beds or a busy home office.

In any event, you'll have plenty of light bedside or on one side of your living room. 
Take in your overall scheme and finish with adequate lighting and your room will seemingly glow with pride.

White Shades: Ideal for Modern & Contemporary Decor

two power outlet base

Straight lines are a telltale modern style and this lamp with its white shade is sleek and sophisticated, for sure.

Where aesthetics are a must--particularly in home offices and modern bedrooms opt for a white shade with clean lines and like this one. 

You'll have an extra power outlet at the ready, reading or task lighting, and beauty.  i like this lamp with its two power outlets. I would venture to say most of us have at the very least a phone and laptop that needs tending to; I know I've three electronics alone; multiply that by two people and you're in for a nightly tangle of power cords needing an outlet.

This lamp's simple styling won't compete with other, larger pieces in your space.


Dual-Post Bedside & Table Lamps

with two power outlets in base

Here's a look at classic design and a contemporary, white shade melded with a two-post woodgrain finish lamp base to create a striking hotel style table lamp with that crucial extra outlet built right in.

And the crystal-like finial makes for an ideal finishing gem.

While many light fixtures, including table and floor lamps, have a distinct office, common area or bedroom style, the nondescript posts of this piece lend to its versatility, making your investment a good one.

Either of these lamps are deal for guest rooms and vacation homes with two twin beds but if you're like most tech-savvy professionals, you can take advantage of both outlets for your own use.

I'm thinking phones, laptops, Kindles, iPads and on and on . 

Small But Very Necessary - Metal Adjustable Gooseneck Desk Lamps with Charging Outlet in Base


Lighting is critical for all spaces throughout your home; without it your room can look cold and neglected as shadows loom large and corners look downright creepy.

Each area of a room needs its own measure of lighting from above, at task or floor level. You'll be surprised how much a room can transform from bright and airy to doom and gloom come sundown.

Even direct, lighting from these smaller task lamps can cast a welcoming glow. In low lighting situations, a desk lamp like these keep light on your task at hand.

Too, with adjustable goosenecks you can realize just the right amount of light on your desktop.

In modern spaces, a metal finish and sleek, simple lines add a sophisticated element to your decor while serving a much-needed purpose in getting paperwork finished at all times of day.

This arched lamp has a lovely glass shade that reminiscent of tortoise shell, making it quite a favorite to professionals with home offices and computer desks.

While it's nickel finish metal base is a fave for us modern design enthusiasts (like myself), I can see this dual outlet lamp on my kitchen desk where the cabinets sport a rustic, old world finish.

Obviously, there's no die-hard single use for a specific decor; if you need the extra outlet, this lamp will serve the purpose for style and function--at a fabulous price, too!

When Decor Matters: Adding Color

We've all seen our share of ugly lamps: those funky globulin-like bases with a lampshade with faded hot orange fringe and what nots, we remember from great auntie or grandma's house. Scary.

It's a good thing that we've regained most of our senses with today's decorating trends and have even moved to more rational, dual-purpose lamps like this fun and funky pink or cobalt blue lamp with a handy charging outlet for laptops and a desk tidy all in its base. I can appreciate the color; it fits nicely with most girls' to teens' bedroom decor or any desk space needing accent color.

With all that's going on with the base, these lamps take up little valuable real estate on desktops, corralling desk clutter all in one. Click the blue lamp link below to see this pink lamp.

Desk Lamp with USB Ports: a Necessary Bonus

LED Gooseneck Desk Lamp with USB Port Charger

I'm all about appearances when appointing a room with the simplest of accessory pieces and there was a time when I wouldn't have even considered such an 'ugly' lamp of this utility-only ilk but I've had to forsake the fru-fru for convenience and getting the job done.

This adjustable arm task lamp has the USB outlet in its base you'll need for shining a light on your subject, be it a science project or an intricate graphing assignment while charging or powering your device . Really, anything so important to need complete accuracy is reason enough for having adequate lighting and power.

Modern Design: Simple Yet Sophisticated

long reaching desk lamp with power outlet and dataport USB outlet bases

Task lighting can be an attractive addition to your space. If you've a busy office area with reference books, ledgers and other clutter of the same ilk, a slim lamp is ideal: it has no bulk and is quite the conservative light and power solution to tight spaces.

Theis architect lamp sports two extra power outlets and the adjustable swing arm will shed light here and yon on command. 

The different finishes will manage very well where color is an issue, so I'm confident you'll find one that adds to your decor palette.

No matter which lamp you decide on, the idea of a multi-functional piece is just plain smart ~ both in investment and attractiveness. Now, that's bright!


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HomeArtist1 on 04/17/2015

Funny you say that, Cazort. I did have several, more traditional lamps but felt I was over burdening the page with lamps, lol. Maybe be I'll add them back. Thanks for stopping by!

cazort on 04/15/2015

These are a great this day and age I frequently want to plug in devices on my desk, and it's a nuisance to have to reach for a wall outlet or a power strip (which usually sits on the floor behind things). I don't currently need lamps, but next time I go for one I'm going to seriously consider one of these.

I wish there were some with a slightly more traditional design though, these all look a little more sleek and modern than the aesthetic of my home, and might not fit in quite as well as my current, more traditional looking lamps. Maybe you could add more to the page if you find any like that?

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