Christmas Path Marker Lights

by blackspanielgallery

Christmas lights lining the walkway to your home, or decorating your garden can add so much to the brightness and cheer your Christmas decorations exude.

Light up the path to your home for Christmas with beautiful and colorful Christmas path marker lights. The decorative lights add to your decorating scheme, light the path for guests as they approach the Christmas party you are having, and just add to the festivity of the season. You can choose a single light type that repeats over and over, or you can choose a variety of shapes or different colors for your lights. These also work real well in a garden. Just drive the stakes into the ground and plug them in, if there is a plug. Some solar Christmas light sets have no plug.

The first choice you should make is whether the light set will be an environmentally friendly solar lights set, or a slightly less environmentally friendly LED light set. LED lights do require power, but very little compared to other types of lights. A few worth considering are of the older light types.

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Choose a Design

Unfortunately, not every design is available using solar technology.  So, if you are being as environmentally conscious as possible, your choices are limited.  This is changing, and perhaps in a few years more solar light options will be available.  In fact, some nice designs are neither solar powered, nor are they LED lights which save on power consumption.

Some Nice Solar Light Sets

Christmas Path Marker Light Sets

Place these where they can be recharged b the sun.  Many solar lights each have their own solar device, so the entire path needs to be where the sun will shine.


The first set shown changes colors.  There is also a sensor that turns the lights off during the day, and AA batteries are needed to start the lights.  The lights have no string and do not connect together.  This is a six light set.


The second set is Santa, and uses rechargeable AA batteries.  There is no external wiring.  This is a four light set.


The third set is a set of three lights and features two different color snowmen, one red and one blue, and a green Christmas tree, each in a globe.  The stakes for this set are long, so they stand high.  Higher standing lights cast more light farther.


Please be careful.  I passed showing some sets of solar path marker lights because they are rated only for temperatures above twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit.  This is likely to make them unusable in too many places.  Always read the specifications of the ones in which you have an interest.


Some Nice LED Light Sets

Christmas Path Marker Light Sets

LED lights require very little power, and can be quite bright.  Unlike solar lights, these do not require the sun to recharge them, and for that reason might be a better choice in areas frequently cloud covered or in areas in shade.


The first LED light set shown is a four piece set of old time Christmas lights with five LED lights in each.  This is a multicolored set.


The second string of LED Christmas lights is three candy canes, a traditional walk liner.  These are lighted by LED lights.


The third light set shown is my recommendation.  There are three spiral Christmas trees, each prewired with LED light bulbs.  This is an excellent way to add light to a walkway.  


Another bright light set is the fourth one shown, a set of three LED snowflakes.  These are certain to be eye catching.


If the number of lights in a set is too small, this can be remedied by buying multiple sets.

Other Path Marker Christmas Light Sets

One interesting set is the four unit twenty-five light set of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Clarice, Bumble the Abnormal Snow Monster, and Santa Claus.  This one is shown first in the group below.


The second one shown is he ten light set of Lamp Posts each decorated with a red bow and green wreath.


The third set is also a set of ten.  These are small Christmas tree lights.


The fourth set shown below is snowmen engineering a train, and they also come is a set of ten.


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Updated: 11/17/2019, blackspanielgallery
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Dave Pucciarella on 07/27/2016

Sorry. Forgot the link.... "TAKE TWO"
My son accidentally hit the neighbors driveway with a football and broke a few of these. I have been looking since December for a replacement set, with no luck. Anyone want to sell?

Dave Pucciarella on 07/27/2016

My son accidentally hit the neighbors driveway with a football and broke a few of these. I have been looking since December for a replacement set, with no luck. Anyone want to sell?

blackspanielgallery on 10/25/2015

One thing to think about is they are in different size sets. In some cases they seem more expensive, but when you buy several sets of another kind it changes.

CruiseReady on 10/25/2015

These are a great idea for beside your front walk. I think we may consider getting some, but I can't decide between the light bulb ones and the spiral Christmas tree ones. They are all fun, though!

blackspanielgallery on 10/19/2015

I thought the ones shown were best. Of course, that is just an opinion. Thanks for the comments.

candy47 on 10/19/2015

They're all so cute! I have a set of solar red and white striped lights, but mine aren't crackle as you've shown here. I should consider updating.

AngelaJohnson on 10/19/2015

How beautiful. These decorations wouldn't take up too much room to store, either. I remember when I was a child, we had a big snowman and Santa Claus that plugged in. Each had a small light bulb inside which lit up the hollow inside. They were about 3 feet tall.

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