Church Fundraiser Ideas

by skFliehman

God's not against you having money. Money is a tool to expand the Kingdom.Fun and creative ideas for church families to raise money for programs, missions and charity.

Somehow the devil spread the lie around that churches should not have money. Its a common fact that church folk think that having money is a sin. Money is a tool. Just like a hammer, spade, saw etc. It's needed for the advancement of the Kingdom. I've compiled some fundraising ideas for churches with a big budget and those with smaller budgets.

Smaller Budget Fundraising Ideas

Angel Decor: This can be a really creative and fun competition. Have participants pay to enter. Have members design and create a life size Angel. They can really use their imagination. Some people will make traditional looking Angles and still others might make more modern looking Angles or warrior looking Angels.  Materials used to build them could be construction paper, cardboard, metal, old junk, even nature. Once the Angels are displayed set offering buckets in front of the decorations for people to judge on who made the best Angel. All the proceeds go to the church fund.

Church Garage Sale/Auction: Have members donate old items that they want to get rid of. Some might be goofy or uncommon but most should be genuine. Set up a designated day or evening that people can swing by and carouse around or to hold the auction. 

Kiss The Pig: This is a sure fire way to get a lot of participation. Have the pastor and say the worship leader or the youth pastor square off against each other. Congregation members raise money for whomever they want to see kiss a pig. Have a fun evening with it. Do a hotdog roast and have cider and smokes. It can be a fun party. 

Bigger Budget Fundraiser

Missions/Outreach Banquet What a fantastic way to raise money for missions or outreaches. If thou have a large enough room you can hold it in the church and if not then you can rent out a banquet hall. Cater in some nice food and have coffee and desert available. Once the dinner is wrapping up have the host speak about the upcoming missions and outreach for the year. Take some time to share with the guest about missionaries that are currently being supported. Have a couple missionaries come up to give facts and stories about how the funds make a difference. Be sure to have great pictures and video for the guest to have visual demonstration. Charge a small fee to attend and have donation boxes on each table with a few pictures of people whom they will be helping. 


Golf Outing: Set a day for the golf outing then organize with agolf club. Charge a small amount over what they would charge to play. Cater in a nice meal for the participants and acquire donated prizes for the winners. Be willing to spend some money in hopes that you will make it back throughout the day.

Have the golfers pay for mulligan shots. If they have a bad shot and go in the sand or rough and want to shoot again this will allow them too. A mulligan is a purchased "redo" cards. Offer payed on coarse competitions. For instance offer prizes for "Shortest puts" "longest t-shot" etc. Golfers will pay to enter the competitions and compete for the prize. Have a donation box set up in the Club House were everyone can see it. A split the pot raffle will be a great crowd winner!


Talent Show: This will be a lot of fun. If your a large enough church you'll have theater patrons, musicians, artist, singers and others who  can participate. Have all the different acts sign up and then present them in whatever order you wish. Offer refreshments and popcorn. Church members should pay for a ticket and offer it up to the community. It could be a great witnessing tool as well as a really fun fundraiser.  

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