Clear Braces - A Choice for Adults

by mariaparkins

Clear braces are taking the US by storm and are expected to be more widely used in the coming years

Whilst the odd quirk in our teeth may make us more individual, there is little doubt that few find crooked teeth attractive. For many, it may be thought too late to correct this, but with clear braces, there is now another option.

Metal Braces can now be a thing of the past

Now you don't need to have metal braces
Now you don't need to have metal braces

Physical appearances can be deceptive, or so they say. Whatever the truth though, there is little doubt that many people do judge us by our looks. Some things, such as our hairstyle or whether we shave or not, are easily changed and we can take care to groom ourselves to put on a presentable face.

Some things, however, are more difficult. If we have avoided having braces when we were younger, perhaps out of embarrassment, there is a good chance that we now have crooked teeth. However much we clean and floss our teeth, they will remain crooked.

Perhaps we have simply accepted this fact and resigned ourselves to it. However, a relatively new dental procedure is now available which can correct our crooked teeth and without the discomfort and embarrassment of metal braces.

Called clear braces, invisible braces, or sometimes, Invisalign, these are made from a medical grade plastic which is transparent although not entirely invisible. It does however do a good job of being very discreet and almost unnoticeable. This modern orthodontic treatment seems set to take the world by storm, and perhaps even the British will slowly lose their reputation for crooked teeth!

These clear braces are developed after an initial consultation where x rays and computer generated impressions are taken, both of the current position of the teeth and the desired position. From these, four sets (usually) of these braces are made, each one designed to move the teeth to an interim position. Each brace is worn for around two weeks until it has done its job. It is then replaced with the next one and so on until the final brace pushes the teeth into their correct position.

Although, like many cosmetic dental procedures, these aren’t cheap, they are amongst the most affordable procedures and can make a significant difference to a persons’ life and especially their confidence.

An added benefit of these clear braces is that they aren’t worn during eating. This makes eating much more comfortable and avoids the risk of food becoming trapped and causing decay. In a similar manner, they are simply removed in order to clean your teeth and simply popped back in afterwards.

Having bought clear braces in Ealing, I can vouch that they are comfortable and whilst they are fine for day to day wear, if you are dining out in company, they are very simple just to slip into your pocket or handbag until you are alone again.


Although currently a little costly, perhaps if these clear braces become widely available, we will see a gradual and general improvement in the appearance of the next generation’s teeth.

Updated: 03/26/2012, mariaparkins
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