Is The Spinbrush Toothbrush Worth It?

by kimbesa

Models of the Spinbrush have bristles that move, and advertise better home dental care. Will a mechanical toothbrush meet your needs? My experience may help you.

You can buy an ordinary toothbrush for less. Is the extra brushing power worth it? Will brushing with a Spinbrush give you better checkups and make your dentist happy?

I have owned more than one electric toothbrush in my day. The Spinbrush ProWhitening the latest. Using this brush has made me refine how I brush my teeth, and for the better I think.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned and you can decide for yourself, whether, for several dollars more than a regular toothbrush (plus battery), it would help you clean your teeth better.

Photos by kimbesa.

Spinbrush Features

Models include ProClean, ProWhitening, and a standard model. Brush heads are not interchangeable

Exact details vary by model and maker, but in general, they all have these attributes:

  • Dual motion brushing, bristles move side to side and around
  • Replaceable brush heads
  • Soft or medium bristles
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Stands on end to keep the brush head off the counter, better to keep it clean


How I Use My Spinbrush

Your brushing time can be relaxing with a bit of technology to help

Spinbrush on a rest breakI’ve learned a few things since I got my Spinbrush, and I feel like I get good results with this method:

  • Use only a bit of toothpaste. About the size of a pea, or less. You will have enough to do the job, and prevent a mouthful of foam running down your face.
  • Wet the brush and apply the toothpaste. Before turning on the brush, spread the toothpaste around your teeth.
  • Rinse any remaining toothpaste off the brush.
  • Turn on the brush, and work in quadrants around your mouth. I cover the upper left (inside and out), then lower left, and repeat for the two right sections. I give particular attention to the molars at the back and the back side of the front teeth.
  • Let the brush go up onto your gums. It gives them a good massage and helps get into all the crevices around the edges.

I rinse the brush out well when I’m done, and it’s ready for the next time.

You may or may not like my method, but I think it works well and helps me do a thorough job on my teeth and gums.

My Analysis For Spin Brush

Thumbs up or down

On The Plus Side

  • I think that this brush is worth the money, to augment or replace a regular brush. If I’m in a big hurry, I’ll probably use my regular brush, but come back for a spin brushing later in the day.
  • I enjoy the results of this using this toothbrush on my teeth, and that encourages me to use it more than the ordinary brush.
  • This brush reduces my need for flossing, which is a big plus to me.

Uses only a bit of toothpaste

  • This model is lighter weight and sleeker in shape than earlier types of electric toothbrushes I owned. These factors make it easier to use.
  • The on/off switch is large and slides up and down. It has indented spots to make it easier to get my fingers in to operate it.
  • This brush uses two AA batteries, which is a common size you probably use already, and they are inexpensive.
  • It is small and a good size for travel, too. Earlier models were too cumbersome.

Detail shows the Spinbrush switch
On The Minus Side

  • If you use too much toothpaste, you’ll be drooling down the front. Not good after you’re dressed and ready to go out. (Have a dry wash rag handy, to use as a bib in case you forget.)
  • You still have to floss. The Spinbrush just makes it less. It is heavier, and takes some getting used to. But lighter and easier than earlier electric models that used older battery technology
  • Won’t fit in standard toothbrush holders, if that’s important to you.
  • Watch when purchasing replacement heads, so you get the right ones for your model.
  • Battery compartment opens by bending to one side, not pulling down. Once you get this, it’s easy.


After Weighing The Factors

Overall, I think the brushing performance outweighs the downsides.

I find that my teeth feel almost as good as having a cleaning at the dentist. I tend to brush longer, because it feels good during and afterward. And I can get up onto my gums more comfortably than with a regular toothbrush. I can concentrate or guiding the brush, vs. creating its motion.

Final Thoughts on This Toothbrush

Love my SpinbrushI keep my Spinbrush handy, for daily brushing and for extra sessions that I might need.

They say you should brush twice a day. And the Spinbrush makes quick work of an extra brushing if I’ve eaten something that’s left bits and pieces behind.

It takes care of popcorn, corn on the cob, steak and other foods that tend to stick to my dental work.

I’ve also given out Spinbrushes as gifts because I like the product so much.

Is This The Brush For You?

Do you think you would use and enjoy a Spinbrush, and would your teeth be happy, too?

Next Step in Home Dental Care

This looks promising this because it flosses
Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

It Flosses! I'm Looking

I have to consider next steps in home dental care

This is my next prospective dental care purchase, the Ultra Water Flosser by Waterpik.

It has good reviews on Amazon, and I have space on by bathroom counter top for it.

Some of my teeth are extra tight, and it's hard to get between them with regular dental floss. Or the angle is tough to get in and do a good job.

But I'll bet water will win!

And I'm pretty sure this will also help with my food trap in the back, between a couple of crowns, and the ridges between my crowns in general.

I know that when it comes to your teeth, it’s worth your time and money to prevent problems. 

Updated: 06/15/2013, kimbesa
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Have You Used a Spinbrush?

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kimbesa on 08/25/2017

A water floss machine has been on my list for awhile, just hasn't got a high enough priority as yet. I make do with regular floss, my spin brush, and brush picks. Dental work...always a challenge to keep up.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/25/2017

kimbesa, The Spinbrush gives gums that healthy, massaging workout. Have you tried water flossers yet?

kimbesa on 07/05/2013

Unless it's not checkable at the airport, it should travel. It's been so long since I've flown. I'd take out the batteries and put the brush and batteries in clear plastic bag. If that won't go, then I'd have to go without, or arrange for a second one at my destination.

Mira on 07/05/2013

I think it's worth it because it's really good on the gums, too! And I think it has helped my teeth stay healthier longer. Too bad it's not travel-friendly.

kimbesa on 07/01/2013

The Spinbrush is convenient because it takes AA batteries and is small enough to travel.

BrendaReeves on 07/01/2013

I need a new electric toothbrush. I love them. I used to have a Water Pic which I bought at the suggestion of my dentist.

kimbesa on 06/30/2013

I think the Waterpik is a brand, and water flossing is what it does. I'm glad to hear of your experience. I want one soon!

Digby_Adams on 06/30/2013

I love my spinbrush. I use it twice a day. I also have a water pik, which I think is what you call a water flosser. Because I have horrible teeth, I floss and then I use the water pik. Makes you teeth and gums feel soooo clean!

kimbesa on 06/02/2013

You are welcome. It could be a sign. Hope you will enjoy your Spinbrush!

AnomalousArtist on 06/02/2013

This keeps coming up, even my dentist mentioned I should give it a try, thanks for the info!

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