Coca Cola Ornaments for Your Christmas Tree

by Digby_Adams

Vibrant Coca Cola red ornaments with white lettering looks fantastic with a deep green Christmas Tree.

Coca cola is the iconic American brand. You'll find the beverage all over the world in the smallest out-of-the-way village. To get a taste of home, you don't have to speak a world of any language, say Coca Cola and they'll know just what you want! If you love the vibe of vintage Americana home decor, then you'll just have to include one of these Coca Cola Christmas ornaments. The colors look great on a traditional Christmas tree. It's sure to be one of the ornaments that people notice and talk about.

My favorite coca cola ornaments celebrate the brand and the drink in a straight forward manner. I love the miniature six pack of coke bottles. I see them and I can feel the cardboard handles in my hands and feel the coke bottles as I put them in my refrigerator. When I was growing up Coca Cola was a treat. Soda pop was something that was saved for special occasions, family picnics or a very hot summer day at the beach.

I remember the familiar clank of glass as I carefully put the classic coke bottles in the family cooler. We'd play in the ocean waves, get covered in gritty sand making sandcastles and then try in vain to rinse off in the sticky salt water. It seemed only then would Mom relent and say, "Come on over here kids, lets have a Coca Cola and sandwich. Somehow they always tasted better sitting on a beach blanket under the hot summer sun.

Coca Cola Six Pack Ornament

Coca Cola Ornaments with Santa

Santa's red suit looks great with a can of Coke. Over the years there have been many versions of this classic ornament combination. I mean really making all those toys and delivering them in just one night will work up a thirst in anyone!

You can't help but want to put Santa everywhere in your Christmas home accessories. I love Christmas ornaments and decorations and, well, if you listen to my husband talk, I might have too many. Well I just wave a Grinch ornament in his face and keep expanding my Christmas ornament collection. Even Mr. Green has to admit that the house looks like a holiday wonderland when I'm done. Although I've promised him and especially our neighbors that I won't decorate the yard. I have several small tabletop Christmas trees that I like to put on tables throughout our home. I think they look great in windows as well - if you put Christmas lights on them. That seems to satisfy my craving for decorating all of our outdoor trees.

Santa Coca Cola Christmas Ornaments

Coca Cola Polar Bear Ornaments

I always look forward to the Christmas Coca Cola commercials, because they usually include humorous white polar bears.

I love to see the polar bear antics that are included on the newest Coca Cola polar bear ornaments. You can collect polar bear Coco Cola ornaments because they're so cute, but the bright white design of these ornaments make them look great on a dark green Christmas tree.

Any Americana collector will love one of these in their Christmas stockings. This is the also the perfect small Christmas gift for an environmentalist who is worried about the polar bears going extinct. Of course it helps if they drink Coke on a regular basis as well! I am particularly fond of the commercials where the polar bears go ice skating - and I'm a klutz on the ice. So you know my family loves to find variations of this ornament for me.

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Polar Bear Coca Cola Christmas Ornaments

Updated: 09/17/2012, Digby_Adams
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