Santa Fishing Ornaments are the Perfect Way to say Happy Holidays

by Digby_Adams

You're favorite fisherman will love a Santa Fishing ornament to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Fans of nautical decor will love adding this to their Holiday decorations.

Every fisherman (or woman) knows that a bad day fishing is better than a great day in the office. I bet even Santa Claus feels that way sometimes. Keep a close eye out and you might see him fly fishing in a river or casting on a pier. Perhaps ice fishing on a lake in Minnesota. You won't be able to miss him with his distinctive beard and jolly "Ho Ho Ho" when he catches a big one. He might be in his red Santa suit. But you might have to look closely, because he might just have on his red waders and red knit cap. I mean all celebrities love their privacy. But when he decides to bright Rudolph the Reindeer or one of the elves, it does get harder to fish in peace and quiet!

Well we can only hope that Santa Claus doesn't take too many days off. I'd hate to think that Christmas presents were missing, because Santa went fishing. If you have a favorite aunt or uncle that sneaks away for an afternoon of fly fishing or hanging out on his boat with a line in the water, then a Gone Fishing Christmas ornament is the way to go! As you can see when you look to the right, there's a great variety to choose from on ebay today.

I love to choose Christmas ornaments for gifts based on a person's interest. Even if they have every gadget in the world related to their hobby or sport, chances are they won't have the ornament that you've bought them.

Give your favorite uncle who loves fishing those lures he's been coveting. But when you wrap the present, put a Santa Gone Fishing ornament with a red bow on the top. He'll love it and I guarantee that ornament won't disappear after Christmas. He'll smile at the thought of fishing with Santa and of you for thinking of him.

Santa Gone Fishing Ornament

Find It on ebay!

Ice fisherman are a hardy lot and it's no wonder that Santa loves hanging out and ice fishing with them. I mean you've got to be a hardy guy to deliver all those presents in one night. Take a look to the right and you'll see a fab sample of the selection of Santa ice fishing ornaments selling on eba right now. You won't find a better selection anywhere in this specialty niche. That's why shopping on ebay is so popular. You can find items here that you won't easily find anywhere else. I don't know about you , but I've got lots to do to get ready for Christmas. I don't have time to read dozens of catalogs, visit tons of websites, or drive around town all day look for a specialty gift for all of my aunts, uncles and cousins. I have a huge family - most of whom live in northern Maine near me - and lots of them ice fish!

Santa Ice Fishing

Great Bargains on ebay!

Me, I'm not so big on ice fishing. There are lots of other things that I would do before I sit out on the ice and hoping for a bite. But I can be convinced to go fly fishing, or at least go with my husband while he fishes and I enjoy the scenery. If the weather is good, it's fun to camp out and have fresh fish over a camp fire. Usually we go with friends and it's fun to hear all of the paranormal and UFO stories that have been brewing in peoples' minds since the last camping trip. Funny these things never come up when we're eating in a restaurant. But conspiracies are so much fun huddled around a fire as the dark open spaces of Maine surround us!

These are just the kind of people that you want to give a small gift to, but don't have the budget to make it a large gift. A Santa fly-fishing ornament is the perfect good friend gift. Sometimes more than one seller will have an item for sale. This is great. You can watch the bidding and plot your strategy for getting the cheapest price. Every little bit helps when your Christmas shopping on a budget!

Santa Fly Fishing Ornament

Ebay Rocks!

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katiem2 on 09/23/2012

I have three brothers, one of which is a fisherman for sport. You are def the go to gal for Christmas ornaments. tweeting and enjoying. Thanks :)K

sheilamarie on 09/12/2012

Digby, I've added this wizzle to my Fisherman Christmas Ornaments here on Wizzley.

sheilamarie on 09/11/2012

These ornaments would be great for my husband!

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