Collapsible Trash Can Solves Lawn Cleanup Problem

by teddletonmr

Oh the joys of homeownership, raking leaves, composting grass clippings and dealing with garden debris. Save time and money, use a collapsible trash can.

The one thing a homeowner, gardener and landscaper really appreciate come lawn clean up time. How easily using a Fiskars 30-Gallon Kangaroo premium gardening container helps make lawn clean up tasks less messy.
After all what is not to like, durable hard shell bottom, lightweight and inexpensive. The collapsible design easily folds up for storage when not in use.
Talking about versatility, the fold up trash can works great for use as a laundry basket, hamper or toy box in the kid’s room, dorm or camper. Best of all, this handy collapsible trash can is available from the most trusted online retailer, where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Collapsible garden container works Better

No more fighting to keep plastic lawn trash bags open while cleaning up the yard, picking-up leaves, sticks or gum balls.

Raking leaves Raking, picking up and putting leaves into plastic bags aren’t the easiest thing in the world to do, especially when one of those fall breezes has everything blowing all over the yard. Before discovering how handy a collapsible trash can, garden container or whatever you prefer to call the handy garden tool. By the way my little sister turned me onto the idea, thanks sis. Anyhow before discovering this miracle of modern technology, and all the benefits, I dreaded the thought of having to clean up the yard after all the trees started losing their leaves each fall.

Let’s face it, picking up leaves in fall and putting them into a large Rubbermaid 50-gallom trash can is a lot of hard work.

All the Bending over, and picking up as many leaves as my oversized leaf rake could hold, then dumping them into the trash can with liner bag, was relatively easy. The real pain in the back came when I tried to remove the trash can liner full of leaves, sticks and gumballs from the overstuffed liner inside the trash can.

Hine sight being 20/20, using my foot to stuff the liner with every leaf, twig, and gum ball I could stuff in it looking back on it  was not such a good idea, but those 55-gallon trash can liners are expensive you know.

I guess it only fair to say, the first sign of trouble appeared when the combination of static electricity, suction and combined weight of all the wet leaves, sticks, and gum balls I could stuff in the thing, made it a nightmare to remove the liner bag from inside the large 50-gallon rubber maid trash can. Subsequently, destroying the liner bag, and spilling its entire contents on the lawn, darned aggravating.

Collapsible Trash Cans 5 Best Features

Durable Weather resistant fabric construction makes trash can easy to take down and put away for storage.

1.Premium Fiskars 30-Gallon capacity Kangaroo gardening container pop up and stays open, making it easier to fill with leaves and other lawn debris.

2. Space saving design uses a specially designed coil spring that makes this 30-gallon trash container extremely easy to take down and put away for storage.

3.Convenient easy to fill height of 24-inches tall, easily collapses to only 3-inches, this trash can / storage container will easily fit on a shelf in the garage, or simply neatly hang the thing in a garden storage shed.

4. Constructed of a specially designed weather resistant fabric, this premium quality collapsible garden container is much lighter there go easier to handle, than heavy plastics like those used in the construction of larger more cumbersome, heavy-duty lawn clean up gadgets.

5. Improved design, as anyone living where the weather gets freezing cold knows all too well, cheaply made plastic trash cans become brittle and break as fall and winter temperatures drops below 40 degrees. The specially designed fabric materials used in the construction of the collapsible style trash containers will not get brittle and break.


Updated: 11/15/2012, teddletonmr
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katiem2 on 03/20/2013

Time to stock up on the much needed spring cleaning supplies, this collapsible trash can has SO many uses can't imagine spring and summer without a couple. :)K

Plus, these are great for vacation, putting dirty laundry in, toys on the beach and such on and on these are great.

teddletonmr on 10/26/2012

Hey @katiem2, from the mouth od babes.:)

katiem2 on 10/26/2012

Mike, I can't take the credit, it was my daughters idea and a great one at that. Happy to share, we can learn so much from kids if we just listen. :)K

teddletonmr on 10/23/2012

Thanks for sharing your useful tips @katiem2, playing in the leaves is a great way to get the kids outdoors, and have fun playing clean up the yard. :)

katiem2 on 10/23/2012

These collapsible trash cans are priceless. I got one for yard work a few years ago. It is so versatile and useful whenever I rake the leaves, perfect for this time or year, cleaning out the flower beds and garden. I like storing leaves in it this time of year. I get them out of the way when I mow and save the leaves to throw back on the lawn for the kids and pets to play in. I need to buy one or two more to store more leaves in the garage keeping them clean and dry for the kids to play in whenever they want. I had no idea this would be such useful item. My daughter came up with the idea of saving the leaves... Now that I realize how easily they collapse and store, when not in use, I will be buying a couple more. The uses for these handy dandy collapsible trash cans are endless. Thanks Mike, as always Amazon offers the best price. :)K

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