Collectible Beer Steins

by blackspanielgallery

Collecting beer steins can make a great hobby, and the collection can become part of your home decor.

Beer steins have been around for centuries, and some are quite ornate. It is natural that they would become collectible. Indeed, some countries consider beer drinking a national pastime, and proudly produce extraordinary steins for the consumer to use in the local tavern.

German beer steins are particularly collectible. Some German steins are quite ornate, and can eave be colored by hand. Many have a metallic cap that can open. Some of the most collectible beer steins are of this type.

The ornate beer steins can make wonderful home decor. They can be displayed either as they are on a table or mantle or they can be placed in a display case.

German Antique Steins

German steins can be quite well decorated with beautiful images. These steins can also be quite old, from a time when artists carefully added the images with great pride. These steins can provide a focus for the collection, producing that one piece everyone will admire.


But, is there a problem if you cannot get to Germany? How can these treasures be found? Look online, but do be careful. Chips, crazing, or other damage can be easily hidden by carefully choosing the angles from which the photographs are taken. If you cannot see the entire piece, let it go, no matter how much it will add to your collection. Oh, you can ask for more pictures, but when they are later discovered to be inaccurate will Ebay or any other site back up your claim that the images showed what was not the case, and hid what was there. Their only source of information is the listing, not your email account. And if you do ask for pictures, ask through their messaging, and accept answers only through their messaging.

Oktoberfest Steins

Some people have special beer steins for Oktoberfest.  An Oktoberfest stein can be used at an Oktoberfest gathering, or as a home decoration.

Oktoberfest Tray on Zazzle

Great for Displaying Your Steins

Corporate Advertising

Some beer companies like Budweiser produce numerous articles showing the corporate name and logo. Having a customer pay for the right to advertise a product is, after all, a great way for a company to get its name out while making money that can be used for even more advertisement. And, the collecting mood of people is quick to add value to items bearing a corporate name or logo. Some people collect Budweiser memorabilia just as others collect John Deere, Coca-Cola, or Harley Davidson.

Beer company advertisement steins are collectible by both stein collectors and those who collect the corporate memorabilia.

Avon Steins

An Annual Issued Series

Avon has produced annual beer steins over a long period. They are generally nicely decorated, and more easily obtainable than antique steins. If it is just an attractive piece that interests you, these offer a good alternative to antique steins.

Collectibles Require Knowledge

Get A Book

The first thing one must do when getting a new collection started is to buy a book. It is extremely important to know the value of a piece before buying for any collectible.

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blackspanielgallery on 09/17/2019

I believe most can also be used,

WriterArtist on 09/16/2019

Those are beautiful collectible beer steins. Are they collectible items for collection or one can use it too?

blackspanielgallery on 09/10/2019

The serving tray is easily explained. It is my Zazzle item, so I have the rights to show the image. I needed a royalty free image for the introduction.

The local celebration is over three weekends, and does not correspond to the Munich schedule. As for horse racing, no. There are dachshund races, which can be held on the grounds. Basically, there is a place for a few German gifts to be purchased, a large eating area with plate lunches, and many small tents. Most tent booths feature food (ice cream, cakes, pretzels, roasted nuts, German cheeses, and so on), and thee are many beer booths. Currently, it is held on the grounds of the Deutsches Haus, a building owned and used by a German heritage society, but one can join even if one is not of German heritage. A recruitment table is also present.

DerdriuMarriner on 09/10/2019

blackspanielgallery, Thank you for the practical information and the product lines.
The serving tray appears quite modest and unassuming in comparison to the elaborate steins. Is that typical or is there no historical, traditional standard to refer to?
The Virginia Oktoberfest website mentions the original Oktoberfest as mixing both agricultural shows and horse races into the celebrations. Would extension-like and racing events be part of the celebrations in Louisiana?

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