Collecting Starbucks Christmas Coffee Mugs

by fitzcharming

Saying goodbye to my charming Starbucks Christmas Coffee Mug collection. Just a few thoughts and photos before they travel to new homes.

For the last 12 years I've collected different Starbucks coffee mugs. Most of my collection are of the Christmas variety. These are my 18 ounce Starbucks Barista Christmas mugs. They start off square at the base and gradually become a round shape at the brim. And they are quite large.

I'm downsizing my home and have decided to let go of some of my treasures. Mostly because I just have too much stuff, but also because I'm making a go of running my own online business now and need to scare up some cash. My collections are lovely to look at, but given the choice of going back to a corporate job vs selling some of my things.... it isn't even a decision. Someone else will love them just as much, or maybe even more than I have. I hope you enjoy viewing my collection.

8 Different Large Christmas Barista Starbucks Mugs

All The Christmas 18 Ounce Barista Mug Designs I Have Found
Starbucks Barista Chrismas Mugs
Starbucks Barista Chrismas Mugs

Searching For Starbucks Mugs To Round Out A Collection

I thoroughly enjoyed the hunt for my mugs.  Most I bought from a Starbucks store during their after Christmas sales.  Some I bought from eBay so I would have 2 of each design. eBay is right now hands down the best place to find pieces of a collection that you may be missing.  There are thousands of Starbucks collectibles at any given time and the selection is constantly changing.  People find them at garage and estate sales when the original owners don't want them any more and list them on eBay. I've done that many times myself.  They sell quickly.

If you do a search on eBay (or any site) make sure you search for Starbucks Christmas mug, then search again for Starbucks Christmas cup.  If you are a seller, put both words in your title.  You'd be surprised how many great deals I've gotten because a seller used the word "cup" instead of "mug" in the listing. Most buyers are searching for mugs.


Find Starbucks Christmas Design Mugs and Cups on eBay

Holiday Coffee Mugs Are Plentiful All Year Long And Make A Great Gift

Inside The Rim Of Each Starbucks Barista Christmas Mug Is A Cool Design

Red Snowflakes
Red Snowflakes
Green Christmas Tree
Green Christmas Tree
Blue Snowglobe Reindeer
Blue Snowglobe Rein...
Ho Ho Ho!
Ho Ho Ho!
Blue Snowflakes
Blue Snowflakes
Gingerbread Men
Gingerbread Men
Red Snowmen
Red Snowmen
Another Green Tree
Another Green Tree

Displaying Holiday Mugs At Christmas Time

These big Barista Christmas mugs are my favorite of all my Starbucks mug collections.  Some of my other Starbucks Christmas mugs I use for beverages at holiday gatherings, but these were for display.  Even though it reads on the bottom "dishwasher and microwave safe", I ran one through the dishwasher once and some of the coloring bubbled up and came off.  Guest can still drink coffee or cocoa from them if they want, but now I hand wash them carefully after each use.  

I displayed my mugs in a couple of ways.  Some of them I hung on a large mug tree in the kitchen, and others I tied together with ribbon through the handles, making a "quad" with four mugs, then put a different Christmas candy in each section.  These mug candy dishes were scattered around the central living area parts of my home.

I have 2 of each of these mugs and I always thought it would be pretty to spread them out as a table centerpiece and fill them with small shiny Christmas balls, then wind old fashioned tinsel garlands through and around them.  A cascade of 16 Starbucks mugs down the center would be large focal point in my dining room.  I've got a very long narrow dining table so I think it would work.  If they aren't sold by next Christmas I'll give it a try. 


Here Are Some Other Starbucks Printed Mug Themes That Are Collectibles

There are hundreds of different types of Starbucks collectibles.  You can find coffee and tea mugs and cups for every holiday, travel destination, color preference, and sentiment.  There is something for everyone. I narrowed my choices to a couple of themes. 

This is a small sample of some other Starbucks mug collectible themes.

  •  Starbucks City mugs - These are the most popular collectibles and the company introduces new styles almost every year. A 1994 Minneapolis/St. Paul city mug sold for over $2,000 on eBay once.
  • Mermaid Logo mugs - There have been several versions of the Starbucks mermaid logo.  Evidently the original mermaid with her tail split apart and each side held in one hand was a bit too suggestive for some so it was scrapped in favor of a mermaid head. But now a version of the original is back in production.
  • Famous painting mugs - Most of these were made by Chaleur for Starbucks and feature some of the most loved impressionist paintings of the late 1800s.  Starry night by Van Gogh was the most prolific version. I collect the painting mugs that have a starbucks sign in the picture somewhere.
  • Christmas mugs - There are lots of other collectible Christmas mugs and Starbucks introduces several new ones each year.
  • Travel mugs - Thermal mugs with various themes made of insulated plastic and metal to keep beverages hot or cold. Other holiday theme mugs - Easter, Halloween, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, Fathers Day, even Chinese New Year.  Almost every holiday is represented on a Starbucks mug.
  • Abbey mugs - These mugs have a distinct round shape and a little coffee cup with steam coming from the top on the front.  These were made in lots of colors over several years.
  • Coffee flavors and types mugs - Coffee beans from all over the world represented with a country name and bean type.
  • Floral and foliage mugs - Very popular during the spring and summer. There are new designs introduced every year.
  • Mosiac mugs - They look like hundreds of little tiles put together on the outside of the mug.

Christmas Mugs From Starbucks Come In Insulated Travel Sizes Too

Starbucks Makes The Cutest Kids Chrismas Insulated Tumblers

Links To Starbuck Mug Collector Online Websites

Get Some Inspiration If You Are Thinking Of Starting A Collection

Starbucks City Mugs
A source for Starbucks city mug collectors and traders

My Starbucks Idea
The Starbucks official blog

Starbucks City Mugger
Blog for Starbucks city mug collectors

Starbucks Mug
Starbucks mugs from around the world

More Festive Starbucks Photos To Enjoy - Courtesy Of Creative Commons On Flickr

StarBucks Christmas.  © Glenn E Waters 4,000 visits to this photo.  Thank you.
StarBucks Christmas. © Glenn E Water...
Priority 1
Priority 1
Starbucks Wreath
Starbucks Wreath
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fitzcharming on 06/03/2013

Thanks for stopping by BrendaReeves. I think I know the beach mugs you had. They are very pretty.

BrendaReeves on 06/02/2013

I love the Starbuck's mugs. I had a set of four beach theme mugs. They were a transparent royal blue with white etching of seashells and a starfish. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of them now. I love your collection.

fitzcharming on 05/20/2013

That's how many collections get started! It's easy to get hooked.

Mira on 05/20/2013

I didn't know people collected these :). I have a couple, too :)

fitzcharming on 05/20/2013

Thanks, they were fun to collect.

kimbesa on 05/19/2013

Classy mug collection! I'll be hot chocolate would go good in those, too.

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