Starbucks Famous Painting And Artist Coffee Mugs

by fitzcharming

My collection includes only the mugs that have a Starbucks Logo or sign somewhere in the painting. See if you recognize the art - and find the Starbucks icon.

I'm paring down my collection of Starbucks Coffee mugs and finding new homes for most, but this group of cups decked out with famous paintings is just quirky enough that I'm keeping it. There are just a few, produced over a period of years, and they aren't the same size or even commissioned from the same company. The only commonality is the famous artist theme.

My particular mugs have the Starbucks logo or name on the bottom, as well as on an object within the painting. There are many other famous painting mugs that were sold in their stores throughout the years, but they weren't made specifically for Starbucks. I never found one of mine in an actual Starbucks, but rather picked them up at flea markets and yard sales. Part of the fun of collecting is the hunt for new pieces, and I had a great time tracking these down. Most can be found on eBay so I've included samples so you can read more about them.

Nighthawks Diner Mug - Edward Hopper 1882-1967 American Painter

Edward Hopper painted the Nighthawks in 1942 and it is his most famous piece.  It represents a diner in New York City's Greenwich Village. It's been a frequent reference for pop culture and appears on T-shirts, greeting cards, advertisements, and has been parodied in countless different media.  The Simpsons even used the scene in the "Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amemdment" episode.

The coffee mug is a 12 ounce size and has the round Starbucks logo on the handle, and on the yellow wall behind the waiter.

Nighthawks Diner Starbucks Mug

Nighthawks Diner Starbucks Mug

Starbucks Mugs Make Great Gifts For The Art Enthusiast

Find Them Easily on eBay

Paris Street; Rainy Day - Gustave Caillebotte

Painted in 1877 by French artist Gustave Caillebotte, the scene is the Place de Dublin building, and a couple strolling in the rain with an umbrella.  The street is near the Gare Saint-Lazare, a railroad station in north Paris. 

Like the Cafe at Night mug, the Starbucks logo is a sign hanging in front of one of the shops in the street.  The mug is a Starbucks Barista mug from 2001 and holds 16 ounces.

Paris Street - Rainy Day Starbucks Mug

Rainy day

Cafe at Night - Vincent Van Gogh

The full name of the painting is The Café Terrace on the Place du Forum in Arles. Van Gogh painted it in 1888 in Arles France.  It is supposedly the first painting in which Van Gogh used stars in the night sky. 

The image is used on a variety of Starbucks merchandise other than the mug in my collection.  It is also featured on a tall ceramic cup, an insulated travel mug, and a coffee canister.  This coffee mug is a 14 ounce size and in the painting the Starbucks logo is on a sign hanging next to the door of the cafe.

Cafe at Night Starbucks Coffee Mug

Cafe Terrace Van Gogh Starbucks Mug

Van Gogh Coffee Mugs Are Available In Large Travel Styles With A Lid


Stairway at Auvers - Van Gogh

This is one of a series of paintings Van Gogh painted during the last few months of his life while he lived in Auvers-sur-Oise, north of Paris.  It a stairway leading into the town.  Different versions of this scene have varied numbers of people included in the paintings. 

The mug combines 2 different variations of the stairway into one scene, and there are three Starbucks logos, one above the door of each building.  Van Gogh's painting did not have 2 starways.  It holds 16 ounces and is a Barista mug from 2001.

Stairway at Auvers Starbucks Mug

Stairway at Auvers Mug

Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh

Starry Night is probably the most recognizable of Van Gogh's paintings. The swirls in the sky are the main focus of the picture.  The tree and the buildings are what he saw outside his window while he was in an asylum in southern France.  He painted several different versions of the view while he was hospitalized there for mental illness in 1889.

The Starbucks coffee mug pictured doesn't have the logo in the scene but it does have the name written in the details.  It holds 16 ounces and is from 2003.  There are several other Starry Night mugs sold by Starbucks including a large 18 ounce mug with a Christmas Tree in the scene. 

Starry Night Van Gogh Starbucks Mug


Starry Night Is The Most Famous Artist Coffee Mug Design


The Night Café - Vincent Van Gogh

Not to be confused with Cafe at Night, the scene in this painting is the inside of Cafe de la Gare, painted in 1888.  The mug version of the painting has blue walls instead of red, and the table in the center of the scene has cups on it.  In the painting it is a billiards table and there are balls on top. The rest of the composition is very similar to Van Gogh's piece.  Despite the differences, I identified it right away by the glow of the lamps above in the cafe. 

There are two Starbucks logos, one above the door and another on the table.  The mug is a Barista from 2001 that holds 16 ounces of liquid.

The Night Cafe Starbucks Coffee Mug

Cafe at Night Van Gogh

My Mystery Starbucks Painting Mug

I'm not sure if this one is a painting, but it is a scene and has the Starbucks logo within it.  If any readers have a clue please enlighten me.  The picture is a party in the Roaring Twenties, probably a New Years Eve celebration judging by the clock on the wall.  There is a band playing and couples dancing.  The Starbucks mug is on a teapot on the table. 

Roaring Twenties Starbucks Mug

Jazz Party Mug

Roaring Twenties Mug From The Starbucks Coffee Company

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Famous Artwork on Coffee Mugs? Distasteful or Yummy

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fitzcharming on 06/19/2013

It's really fun to find one as a collector. Thanks for visiting.

jptanabe on 06/19/2013

Love these Starbucks art mugs! I' haven't seen them before, now I want to collect them.

fitzcharming on 06/02/2013

Thanks MikeRobbers, they are fun to track down.

MikeRobbers on 06/02/2013

Impressive collection. The art themed ones seem great.

fitzcharming on 05/25/2013

Thanks kimbesa. They are unique for sure. There are so many hundreds of Starbucks mugs I had to limit myself to a few types.

kimbesa on 05/25/2013

I like those mugs! I've only had the Chaleur ones, no Starbucks versions. But I gotta have art!

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