Cool and Unique Clocks

by pawpaw

Are you looking for a cool and unique accent piece for you home, or office. A clock can be a simple way to add some instant style to a living area, whether it is home or office.

Here you will find some very unique clocks that will stand out in a good way. People will notice, and you will catch people just looking at them.
Some of these clocks in some ways are almost works of art. Represented here, are clocks that are very different in style, and are unique enough, that they will often be a conversation piece.
Intro image: available below.

When it comes to being unique, this Betta Fish Clock, is in a class by itself. If this clock doesn't act as a conversation piece, then none will.

I've personally owned Betta Fish in the past, and can attest to their hardiness. Even though they are fairly easy to keep, I would suggest only people who have had some experience with Bettas get this clock, unless you plan to read up on them.

Aquavista Betta Fish Clock Aquarium, Pearl Black

Aquavista Betta Fish Clock Aquarium, Pearl Black

Similar Fish Wall Clock to One Shown Above

This video gives an idea of how the fish wall clock works, even though this isn't the exact product.

This cute little airplane clock, is unique, with it's little parachute jumper pendulum.

This clock is hand painted on resin. The little man and parachute, will swing back and forth. It will be hard for people not to notice how cute this one is. 

It measure about 13.5 inches X  13.5 inches. One C battery is required for operation. 

Why a Wall Clock?

Wall Clocks serve a functional purpose....they tell you what time it is. They can also be used as and accent piece, to add to the overall "look" of a room.

Sometimes they don't have to "fit" with the rest of your decor, they can be just for fun. They might make people comment, smile, or even laugh out loud in some cases. The clocks here are mainly just for fun. Who doesn't need more fun in their lives?

Who doesn't love Cuckoo Clocks. They've been around for centuries. But the older ones just don't approach the cuteness level of this colorful little hand painted clock, with all kinds of little little details, that make it hard to look away from. It has a shingled roof, heart shaped trim, and wood looking siding.

It has a quartz movement, ,and is easy to read, and has cute little corn on the cob weights. Every hour, a goldfinch will pop out, and chirp three times. The three "AA" batteries required for operation, are NOT included. Measures about 9 inches tall.   

How about a field of sunflowers? If that isn't unique enough for you, surely an Owl with a mustache will do, or a King Vulture. Each of these designs are available in Square (10.75 inches X 10.75 inches), medium round (8 inch diameter), and large round (10.75 inch diameter).  

Some wall clocks are a little off the wall.

Unique Antique Clocks

Some antiques have the ability to maintain their value, and look so good while doing it.
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Mira on 03/07/2014

The sunflower clock is nice, indeed, but I find the one with the parachute and the little man so funny! :) Nice selection!

pawpaw on 03/07/2014

Glad you like that one. I took that photo myself.

Rose on 03/06/2014

I like the wall clocks, especially the one with sunflowers. It'll go nicely in the kitchen.

pawpaw on 05/06/2013

They are a clock that never goes out of style.

belinda342 on 05/05/2013

I love the cuckoo clocks. They are probably my very favorite type of clock. Something about that little bird chirping on the hour just makes me smile!

georgettejohn on 03/27/2013

Enjoyed reading!

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