Cool Craft Calendar Selection

by Marie

Creative and fun calendar selection for those who enjoy and love making and crafting activities. These are great Christmas gifts for crafty, creative friends and family to enjoy.

A craft themed calendar is the perfect way for a creative addict to organize their schedule for the year ahead or just to have a fun way to keep track of all 365 or 366 days in the year. I'm mad on my arts and crafts and my own preference is my daily origami desktop set which gives me something fun to fold and make every morning.

However since that is only useful as a general countdown through the year I also have a large family wall planner so I have somewhere to note all the important dates and activities like birthdays and school events.

Often, I'll get more than one calendar as a Christmas gift. Like most people, this poses no problem at all, in fact it is welcome since I like to have one for the kitchen and one in my office too. One is used to write down work related items and the other for family. Anyone bitten by the crafty bug is sure to love my suggestions on this page.

General arts and craft page a day version makes a very sweet gift for someone who is always making and creating. Sarah Goldschadt has come up with a page a day desktop design which features inspiration and lots of ideas through the year for things to make and do. These are based on easy ideas such as simple felt sewing and paper makes with templates provided where required. It makes a wonderful gift idea to present to someone who is totally into different and all-round crafting activities.

This one is a desktop calendar which comes in a card box that can be folded back so it stands up by itself. You get over 100 knitting patterns to use during the year that will keep even the most avid knitter busy. There are not daily patterns since this would be almost impossible for anyone to complete. A great way to keep someone busy with projects through the months.

Similar to the knitting calendar is this crochet one. It too comes in a handy desk format with over 100 patterns. That should be enough for even fast yarn crafters to enjoy.

A new knitter or someone looking to brush up on their stitches should enjoy this 365 stitches a year design which can be used year after year as a reminder since it is not specific to one year. It's full of color photos to follow. This would make a good gift suggestion for someone who enjoys yarn crafts.

Origami Color Page-A-Day Calendar 2016

Origami Calendar is a complete origami kit in a calendar—a full year of entertainment for paper-folding experts and newbies alike. Fold a Flapping Butterfly, a Rabbit, a Samurai...

Only $19.99

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Easy Origami Fold-a-Day 2015 Calendar

Don't throw yesterday's calendar page away! Flip it over and fold it to create hundreds of origami models, including birds, butterflies, flowers, holiday ornaments, and so much ...

Only $23.75

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Paper Airplane Fold-a-Day 2015 Day-to-Day Calendar

Don't throw yesterday's calendar page away! Instead, flip it over for airplane artwork, and fold it using instructions on today's calendar page.Paper airplane experts Kyong Lee ...

Only $49.95

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These desktop style 'Calendars' are actually no good at all for recording schedules or plans since there is nowhere to write these things down. They're more like daily activity countdowns because the idea is to fold one item per day which is perfect for people like me who enjoy sitting down at their desk or computer each morning and having a little project to complete. I have the 'Fold a Day' version by Jeff Cole which is fantastic and a great way to get older kids and adults into the art of origami. You can see some of my personal photos from this below.

This is the one I'll be getting for next year. I had the 2013 and 2014 version which I have really enjoyed (photos shown below) so I will be getting the 2015 one too. You often need to get the Origami box sets early because they do tend to sell out. You get instructions on one side of the paper and patterned and colored origami sheets of the standard 6x6" size on the other. Because I like to keep all the instructions so I can easily see how to make favorites again and again - I simply use my own origami paper to fold each item. But everything you actually need is in the box. It is good for older kids and adults who are new to paper folding. These are quite easy projects but I enjoy them even though I can make more advanced items. 

Another popular origami set is the page a day version and I believe that this works in entirely the same way as the brand that I get above. The idea is a bit hit with people who just like to make items from paper. 

Aimed more at the male market is this paper airplane that can be assembled and then flown around the room. This is a great one for bored office workers!

Lots of crafters enjoy scrapbooking and it remains popular with paper crafters and card makers in particular. These are fun options for those looking to make personalized calendar creations. Look out for the Easy Scrapbooking version. This wall calendar provides items you need to create monthly decorated page layouts that can be torn out when the year is over and placed into a standard 12x12" scrapbook album. I love this fun idea. The set comes with stickers, frames and illustrations that can be used. But we all know how most avid paper crafters have their own huge stash of goodies ready to use with a kit like this. You can take a photo at the start of each month and base your layout around that photo - then you'll have 12 layouts that are personal and ready to pop into the family album at the end of December.

Not to be confused with the set above that gives you some embellishments to use, this one is just a plain blank calendar. It is blank to allow you to make your own unique 12x12" page layouts using your own papers and items to decorate. The dates are not printed on this so you'll need to fill those in too. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. It's a great way to make your own customized design to give as a gift complete with photographs that will mean something to the recipient.

Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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