Cool crazy and funny coffee mugs make great gifts

by teddletonmr

Looking for an unusual coffee cup, mug, or stainless steel travel mug that fits your personality, you will want to check this out.

For folks like you and me, getting started first thing in the morning requires a hot cup of coffee. Ah, yes, that delightfully tasting special blend, caffeine rich nectar of the gods sets the mood clears our mind and focuses our thoughts on the day’s goings on.
Equally important as its reinvigorating contents, having a proper coffee cup, x-large mug, and stainless steel travel mug is akin to a big comforting hug. In hand or in plain view, steam rising from our favorite hot drink, serves to assure us everything will be ok.
With all this in the balance, we dare not in trust this to just any fast food Styrofoam cup, coffee shop paper cup, or that hideous promotional plastic poor excuse of a mug. Oh no, we owe it to ourselves, loved ones and coworkers to buy one of these cool, crazy, and often funny coffee mugs for ourselves, and as gifts for our fellow coffee lovers.

Coffee cups make great gift ideas

Rewarding ourselves, remembering a birthday, father’s day, mother’s day, special occasion and the holiday season are great times for gift giving.

Knowing and caring enough to give that special someone a gift, requires a bit of forethought. The cup that works when setting around the house would not be the first choice for bus, train, or automobile trip about town. Likewise, showing your support for a favorite sports team, while amidst rival team supporters, might not be the smartest way of declaring one’s exuberance these days.

The smart choice, have the best cup and travel mug for all occasions.    

Think pretty and pink

Pink is hot, pick up a Pretty Kitty cup, and a Brest cancer awareness ribbon travel mug to show you care

I believe we will all agree, many folks like you and me simply love the color pink. For pink thinkers, there is nothing better than having their own Pretty Kitty coffee mug to get the day started with a smile. After all a kitty cup full of hot coffee, is always ready to listen, answer with a purr, and warm us from the inside.

When on the go, there is nothing better than a Breast cancer awareness travel mug full of our favorite French vanilla, mocha something or other, or frothy caramel flavored coffee keeping us focused on what is truly important. Like having a Pretty Kitty mug for home and office, and pink ribbon travel mug while we are out and about town.    

Rednecks like gifts almost as much as coffee

Want to make a Redneck happy, happy, happy, give them a gift they put coffee and tea in.

Is there a Redneck alive that is not a fan of the Duck Commander? I don’t think so. There is just something about the long bearded Phil Roberts, saying ‘happy, happy, happy’ that speaks volumes to millions of the Duck Commander’s fans. For all those fans out there, that wants a little honey on their biscuit. Give your lover a Happy, Happy, Happy coffee mug, and prepare yourself for a little love to come your way.

Ok another one of a fun loving redneck’s favorite pastimes is going Squatchin. Searching for the elusive Sasquatch, the best time to see a Squatch requires spending hours on end in the wilderness at night when big foot is by all reports most active. Burning the midnight oil calls for consuming huge amounts of extra strong caffeine laden coffee. There is nothing better than a gone Squatchin coffee mug to set the mood for storytelling, searching or convincing non-believers big foot really exists.       



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Coffee mug full of laughs
Coffee mug full of laughs
Updated: 12/04/2013, teddletonmr
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katiem2 on 11/12/2014

Mugs and coffee cups like these always bring a smile to my face. My Mom collected them.

Guest on 10/12/2013

@teddletonmr that was the way I used to drink my coffee too, until sidelined by a bad reaction to a cup, resulting in a long course of antibiotics and water. I can still drink it if it's half milk and half water but it's safer to stick to tea these days. I like hot blackcurrant tea, red fruit tea left to go cold and weak hot green tea too. No good leaving green tea to stew as it makes me feel sick. Fruit tea must be served in a normal sized mug, green tea can be in something larger and black tea with milk, as before, is always in the biggest mug possible, as strong as possible. Unless you're my mum-in-law, in which case, no chance. Tiny mugs and weak-as-a-fortnight strength. I think the teabag might have seen the water for 30 seconds maximum!

teddletonmr on 10/11/2013

@WordChazer, as a yank myself, I enjoy green tea a bit watered downed, lightly sweetened with a spoonful of Splenda these days, served over ice in a wide-mouthed quart mason jar. Coffee is another thing, I like it strong enough to walk by its self, with just a little hazelnut flavor as a kicker just to tantalize the ole taste buds up a bit.

@ologsinquito, it’s hard to beat a mason jar, putting a handle on the side of the jar makes it easier to hold, and protects the fingers from touching the hot mug full of coffee or tea.

Guest on 10/10/2013

I have a collection of giant teacups and overly large mugs. I'm a Brit, therefore I drink tea. Char. Stand your spoon up in it strength. Lead in your pencil style brew. My favorite mug is a beer tankard design of pot complete with the dimples and the handle. Looks just like the ones you used to be able to get in pubs, except it's thick black china. I like the mason jar idea too. That's my size of mug!

ologsinquito on 10/10/2013

I like the Mason jar idea. My teenage daughter drinks her coffee from a Mason jar.

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