Copper Watering Cans - Beautiful and Practical Gardening Tools

by Digby_Adams

A copper watering can is a garden tool that will look as good as the garden it helps create

Copper watering cans are a gorgeous garden tool that will lift your spirits every time you tend to your plants. Gardening keeps us young and in a great frame of mind. There is something very optimistic about planting a garden. You inherently assume that you'll be alive to see it's bounty and that it itself will be able to grow and thrive. It's also phenomenal exercise. As you bend over to plant flowers or vegetables, lift mounds of dirt to support them, and then water them every day, you yourself stay fit and vital. I think that's why gardeners age, but they never grow old.

Copper watering cans can be used both indoors and outside. There are large sturdy ones for watering trees during a hot spell. There are also small and dainty copper watering cans with long spouts that are perfect for hanging baskets on the porch.

Copper Watering Cans and Succulents

Decorative Watering Cans Become Part of the Landscape

In this case the landscape is a shelf of succulents. While they look perfect together, the gardener has a sense of irony. Succulents don't need much water, but there are three beautiful watering cans ready if they do.

Gardeners often display copper watering cans
Gardeners often display copper watering cans

Gardening is a very tactile and hand-on hobby. I love the way dirt and mud feels in my hand - whether it's warm from the sun or cold from a winter's day. But it's not just your hands that get to play in the mud. It's so much fun to smell the garden come to life. That first day in the Spring when I spread the manure from the compost pile to the days that come later as I watch the seedlings grow and sprout. Nothing makes a garden spring to life more than water. Watering your plants is one of the most important garden tasks that there is.

There is no more beautiful way to accomplish a targeted watering task than with a copper watering can. The first thing you notice when you pick up a high-quality watering can is the feel of the handle in your hand and the overall watering can balance. This makes carrying heavy water so much easier. Then there is the perfectly angled watering spout that ensures that the water easily reaches a hanging plant, a plant in the back of a wide window or a plant growing low to the ground.

Achla Copper Watering Cans

Beautiful and Functional Watering Cans
Achla Designs WC-01 Brass Watering Can, Small
Only $53.79
Achla Designs WC-06 Dainty Copper Watering Can
Only $43.73

In additional to the functionality of a copper watering can, you also have a beautiful piece of garden art. The copper will age into a beautiful patina. As the years go by the construction will remain and the color will deepen. Anywhere you set your copper watering can will immediately become a sculpture park. You won't be able to deny its beauty. I just love looking at mine in the afternoon sun.

Gardens often can't resist sticking a few flowers in their watering can when they finish watering. Take a look below and see how one gardener displayed three colorful flowers in her window using an aged copper watering can. 

Copper Watering Can Used as Vase

When the flowers have faded, the vase becomes a watering can
When the flowers have faded, the vase becomes a watering can

You can see looking at this beautiful collection of copper watering cans that there are two basic styles to choose from. The first is smallish and delicate with a long narrow spout. These are perfect for watering delicate bonsai plants, orchids and violets. It's important with these plants that you not get the leaves wet.

Then you see the larger and hardier copper watering cans perfect for walking around the yard and spot watering plants that need an extra dose of water. That way during the extra dry summer days, you don't waste one drop of water.

Many of these copper watering cans also come with rosettes so that you can gently water the top of the plants as well.

I know that many people don't enjoy watering their plants, but when you use the right tools then it makes your gardening chores so much easier. For me, walking around my yard and finding plants to water is a joy and a task that I look forward to every day.

Shining Copper Watering can With Planter

Polished or Aged?
Polished Watering Can
Polished Watering Can

I was raised to keep my gardening tools clean and oiled. As the youngest of seven children, my job always seemed to polish and oil the tools in the gardening shed. My grandmother and mother never wanted anything to do with aged patinas. That was just another name for dirt. However, many gardeners today work hard to have a copper watering can with that aged look. It's truly a matter of choice. I admit that I still polish and oil my gardening tools in the fall as part of the yard cleanup. 

Copper Watering Cans Make Great Gifts

Many people just go to the local hardware store and pick up a galvanized watering can. That is certainly a functional solution. However, copper watering cans look so much more beautiful. I think they also make lovely gifts for people who like to garden. People often don't buy themselves expensive tools, when cheaper ones will do the trick. That doesn't mean they wouldn't love one. So if you've got the Mother or Father who has everything, think of giving them a beautiful copper watering can. They will enjoy it for years. 

Updated: 01/15/2015, Digby_Adams
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teddletonmr on 01/14/2012

Wow copper watering cans, my wife and I looked in every garden center in our town for a good copper watering can and did not find a single one.
With the freezing temps outdoors today, hurry up springtime, warm weather and a gardening we shal go.
Thanks for the info. Mike. :)

ethelsmith on 12/16/2011

Roll on gardening weather

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