Use a Rain Meter or Precipitation Gauge to Learn How to Measure Rain

by Digby_Adams

Easily get an accurate measurement of how much snow or rain your garden or property received with a home rain gauge.

There are a lot of rain meters out there for you to choose from. The first decision you have to make is how much rain do you get on a typical rainy day. That will determine the capacity that you need. You'll find both very practical precipitation gauges and gorgeous funky ones. Both do the job, but which one do you prefer looking at every day. For me, it's utilitarian over funky everyday. I have a large yard and garden and I don't want to use any more water than I need to. I also need a rain meter that is easy on the eyes to read.

With the price of water these days, it's really important to know how to measure rain in your yard. Why? Because you don't want to waste water and have higher water utility bills. You might also have your own private well. In this case, it's more about making sure that you always have enough water for your own private use and your gardening. If you've been through a drought, you know that this isn't always guaranteed.

I like to know how much rain fell on my garden, because then I know how much I have to water - either with my garden hose or copper watering can. I actually have several water barrels that I use to collect rain water from my roof.

Rg202 Stratus Long Term Professional Rain and Snow Gauge

Rain Meter for Sale Online
Rg202 Stratus Long Term Professional Rain and Snow Gauge
Only $39.99

How to Measure Rain

This is how you measure rain with the Stratus rain meter shown above. It does take a little bit of patience when the amount is over 1-inch of rain. Here's how you do it.
1. Once the inner tube fills up with rain, then it automatically overflows into the larger tube.
2. The inner tube measures 1" in increments of tenths. If it rains more than that, then the larger tube will start to fill up.
3. Just empty the inner tube (you already know that at least 1 inch of rain fell), pour the water from larger tube into smaller tube and measure that also. Keep pouring out small tube when full and repeat the measuring. The Stratus rain gauge can hold up to 11 inches of rain.

How to Read a Rain Gauge

As you can see from the above explanation, reading a water gauge or rain meter, can be confusing, so if the written explanation left you less than satisfied, please watch the Youtube video to the right. It's a wonderful less for children. It makes them realize that they will use their arithmetic reasoning skills well beyond their school years. It's also a wonderful lesson in water preservation.

If you don't live in a super-rainy climate then the Timex rain meter could be perfect for you. It's easy to install. Just stick it in the ground or attach it to a fence post. It can track 6 inches of rain. This precipitation gauge also has a magnified dial for easy reading. So if you're thinking of getting your weather-obsessed grandfather or father a gift, this easy-read rain meter would be perfect.

Get two rain gauges. Mount one on your fence to follow rainfall totals. Then stick one in the ground and use this to monitor just how much you've watered your lawn. I have to admit that I'm not much of a lawn waterer. Just the food that we eat.

Timex TX7003 12.25-Inch Rain Gauge with Magnified Dial

Easy-to-Use Precipitation Gauge
Timex TX7003 12.25-Inch Rain Gauge with Magnified Dial
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World's Coolest Rain Gauge

Rain Meter or Work of Art?
World's Coolest Rain Gauge
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This will be quite the conversation starter at your summer barbecues. You'll love explaining to friends and family how this beautiful rain meter works. It uses the Archimedean principle of water displacement. All this means is that as it rains and water fills up the copper tube, it pushes up the measurement tube. As the years go by, the rain gauge will develop a aged copper patina. This rain gauge is so attractive you won't feel the need to hide it in the back yard! Measures up to 6 inches of rainfall.

More Rain Meters and Precipitation Gauges

Conant Custom VRG6 Brass Grande View Rain Gauge with Spiral Stake

Grand View Rain Gauge Rain Guage

Headwind Consumer Products Ez Read Rain Gauge 820-1005 Timers & Rain Gauges

EZ Read, Rain Gauge, Green Funnel Orange Float, Can Read Gauge From Up To 50' Away, Fence/Post Mount Or Ground Stake.

$16.99  $10.79
Luster Leaf 1640 Rainfall Gauge

LUSTER LEAF RAIN GAUGE.Attractive manual gauge for container or garden bed. Scaled in inches and millimeters.

$14.99  $11.38
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