Yard Carts to Make Gardening and Yard Work Easier

by Digby_Adams

You'll find a yard cart for every outdoor task. From heavy duty steel utility carts to light-weight folding canvas leaf carriers. Easy to buy and easy on the budget.

Yard and garden chores can be real hard on your back and other body parts regardless of your age. Even though my husband and I are only in our late twenties, we still feel a day in the yard raking leaves, cleaning out the shade garden, or cutting and stacking firewood. Since we do a lot of this kind of work, we've invested in a number of different yard carts that fit our wide variety of outdoor work. Here's a great selection of light-weight folding leaf carts, log caddies, and heavy duty garden wagons.

One of my favorite kinds of yard carts is a lightweight folding canvas model like the Allsop folding yard cart shown to the right. It's super light and very convenient for your light weight gardening and yard tasks. In fact it only weighs about 15 pounds. So it's weight doesn't add much to your lawn work. It can hold about 150 pounds or 3-cubic yards of plants and garden waste. So it's not super strong, but great for the lightweight gardening tasks. You can also lay it flat for easy loading and then make it a yard cart.

Yard and Leaf Cart

Only $46.26

We live in Northern Maine. First the leaves are beautiful to look at in the Fall and then they are major lawn work! Partly because we're cheap and partly because we like to be Greenies, we use our leaves as mulch and we compost them. So we spend a lot of time in the fall moving leaves around. We've found using this dedicated leaf cart, we spend less time chasing leaves. It holds a 30-pound leaf bag. The lid lets you stop when you need to and then start again later. For convenience, you can hang it on the wall for easy storage.

Our house was built-well before electricity and oil heat, so it has five fireplaces. All of them work and we use them all. So you can imagine the wood that we go through in a long Maine winter. It's okay. When we cut down a tree, we plant a seedling. So hopefully we'll always have home-grown firewood. But it is a pain to chop down and then cart to the sometimes distant house. My husband can use a large utility cart to haul lots of wood. Me, not so much. My limit is this cute little log caddy. If you've been using a wheelbarrow, you'll be surprised at how much easier this is to push.

This is the largest size yard cart or when they get to this size - utility cart - that we own. It holds up to 400 pounds. Yes, we looked at utility carts that hold up to 1,200 pounds. Neither of us wanted to deal with that much weight. Some of the features that my engineer husband appreciated are the 10-inch, all-terrain pneumatic tires and the removable sides. Sometimes when where planting trees then don't fit in the bed and it's nice to be able to have them hang off of the sides. The mesh design means that it doesn't hold water.

Digby, do I really need several different carts instead of just a wheelbarrow, you ask? Well, you can get by with a wheelbarrow, my parents did for decades. But you don't have to and you'll find that you work faster and easier with less stress on your joints and muscles. Mom and Dad have now bought several different yard carts as well. Having more than one yard cart available is great when both Matt and I want to work at the same time.

Here are some more yard carts available from Amazon. Read the comments and you'll see that lots of folks find a specific yard cart really does make their life easier!

My parents recently bought an Ames True Temper Easy Roller Lawn Cart and report that they love using it! Mostly they like the fact that it's easy to roll up and down hill and dump things out of. It has a great wheel base with 10-inch front wheels and 5-inch back wheels. It helps you stay organized with a tool tray. There are also clips to help bring your rake or hoe along.

Updated: 01/16/2015, Digby_Adams
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Digby_Adams on 01/10/2012

It was built by a sea captain who sailed around the world several times and developed quite a sense of whimsy. The house rambles on and on. It was falling down when we bought it, so we got it at a very good price. Just rehabbing it one board and brick at a time. In 20 or so years we should be done!

Jimmie on 01/10/2012

Five fireplaces? Wow. I'd love to see your house! Actually, I'd love to see Maine in general! I grew up in an old house that had three fireplaces. I thought that was a lot.
These yard carts make a lot of sense. I especially like the folding canvas wheelbarrow. Nifty.

Marie on 01/09/2012

Anything that saves you having to bend down or carry heavy things in the garden is a bonus!

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