Creative Marriage Proposal

by Sheri_Oz

Surprise her with a marriage proposal that she can drink from, wear, carry around with her or use at her computer. What kind of effect do you think that will have?

Get creative! Wrap her engagement ring in a t-shirt that she discovers when she unfolds it, or put it into a cup or carry-all bag with an inscription that tells her why you want to walk down the aisle with her. Or perhaps she works long hours at the computer and a mousepad with your proposal would make her smile all day long.

Defining Love

Poets, philosophers and lovers have been trying for centuries to define love. Language does not seem to do justice to the physical sensations and the emotional reverberations of the experience of romantic love.

Sociologists and psychologists have also attempted to define love, using research methodology to capture somehow the ethereal and elusive emotion.

Why do I think I may have an answer

A sex and marital therapist, I have done countless hours of marriage therapy and run a number of workshops on relationship enhancement for couples. Some of those who seek marital therapy are on the verge of breakdown of the relationship, others seek help for a specific problem that threatens to ruin an otherwise satisfying marriage and others seek help for dealing with a sudden trauma that affects their family and they want to ensure that they cope well as a couple.

As an expert, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend my favourite books for couples.


Here's a fun idea!  If you are sure of a "yes", get a his and hers set of t-shirts.

The first pair says: "Will you spend the rest of your Valentine's Days with me?" and "Yes!".  The second pair says: "Be My Forever Valentine" and "Happy to be Your Forever Valentine!".  The third pair says: "Will You Be My Date for Valentine's Days Forever and Ever?" and "Happily!".

You can change the inscription to make it a more personal message in your own words.

What better way to try to define love than by those who are living it.


In therapy and in workshops, I always ask the participants what makes them feel, think or believe that they love their partners.  Here are some of their answers:

When I have a problem, my partner is the only one I want to discuss it with.

When I'm away from home, I can only imagine how wonderful it will be to get home and hug and kiss him/her.

She/He is my best friend.

I see us getting old together.

He/She is the only one I want to be intimate with.

I made a home and family with him/her; I guess that is love.

If we group these responses according to what they signify, we see that there are three different categories: physical intimacy or passion, friendship, and commitment.

We can say that

Passion is the attraction that provides the reason for our choice of this particular person.

Friendship is the communication that keeps us emotionally connected and gives us the ability to work through problems, whether these are general problems in life or problems with each other.

Commitment is the glue that keeps us together over the hard times and gives us a sense of purpose in our life together.


How do You Know that You Love Him or Her?

I know that when you love, all of these play a part, but which one MOST touches you and feels like love?
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There is, of course, no right answer. And two people in love may love each other for different reasons. As long as you can tolerate "difference", your relationship will be enhanced by your respect for your unique and separate ways of loving.

The Marriage Proposal She Can Drink From

On one side, the Love Triangle; on the other side the proposal!

You invited her over for a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day. The candles on the table and around the room set the atmosphere. You prepared her favourite dish and dessert. Now you are bringing her tea or coffee .  .  .  and the cup you make the aromatic brew in doubles as your marriage proposal. Can you see her face light up?  And the next morning when she makes her morning coffee, there is the cup, A lovely memento for a wonderful evening.

A wide selection of colours and other designs are available at this zazzle store.

What is Healthy Love?

Theories of love is one thing. You know what you are feeling. You know your dreams.

And if there is one thing I would want you to truly ask yourself and truly answer it is this:

How much do you love yourself when you are with this particular person?

That's right - not how much do you love him or her, but how much do you love yourself? When you are with your love, do you feel smarter, more attractive, more relaxed, a nicer person? That is a measure of how healthy the relationship is. There will be many ups and downs over the years. The best way to build a healthy relationship that will sustain all the blows that life brings is knowing that this person, this relationship, brings out the best in you. If both of you can answer that in the affirmative, then you have a great start on your life together.

A Marriage Proposal on Her Mousepad

She smiles as she remembers your special day.

Does she spend a lot of time at her computer? Let her see your cheerful proposal every time she uses her mouse!

The first one says "Let's Build Our Nest Together!", the second says "Valentine's Day comes once a year. I love you every single day. Be my Valentine from this moment Till the end of time." and the third says "Make me the happiest man in the world. Say Yes!"

The Marriage Proposal She Carries With Her

Whether she uses this bag for her shopping, to take things to work or the gym, there you are with her in such happy colours.

The first bag says: "Will you be my Valentine this year and next year and the year after that and the year after that and . . . ?" and the second one says: "Be My Forever Valentine!" with the date, Valentine's Day 20?? (you add the current year in place of the question marks).

There are other messages and other colors available for your selection at this store.

Marriage Proposal on Her iPhone or iPad

Her phone is always with her.  You can be with her, too, with one of these or other designs for her iPhone or iPad. The first one says: "Valentine's Day comes once a year. I love you every single day. Will you be my Valentine forever and ever?" and the second one says: "Will You be My Forever Valentine?"

Other articles on Love and Gifts

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List of Valentine's Days Romantic Ideas
This is 3 years old, but Valentine's Day is classic. Here is quite a complete list of romantic ideas. In fact, one of them is to buy a teddy bear and dress it with a personalized t-shirt your partner can later wear himself or herself. Why not try the his and hers t-shirts with his and hers teddies? See here for lots more ideas as well.

How to Write a Romantic Message
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Not Find What You Were Looking For?

I can make any of the designs above on any other zazzle products and in any colors you would prefer. Just contact me via my contact button either here on wizzley or on my zazzle store page.

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Sheri_Oz on 10/07/2012

Glad you like the gifts. Wishing us all healthy relationships!

Mira on 10/07/2012

These are great gifts :). As for passion, friendship, and commitment, that's so true, and so hard to come by.

Sheri_Oz on 09/30/2012

Thank-you all of you for your kind comments. I hope for couples that they recognize that each partner has a different way of feeling and expressing love and they can accommodate their differences within their couplehood.

sheilamarie on 01/18/2012

Lovely ideas for a Valentine's Day proposal!

ExploreDecor on 01/16/2012

Great ideas for proposing marriage. I never would have thought of this. Nice article.

Marie on 01/16/2012

Some marriage proposals are very creative. They are even better when meaningful to the couple as well. It's nice when some effort and thought has been put into it.

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