Creative Toys for Your Kids

by pkmcr

Creative toys encourage kids to learn and to develop new skills. Whether learning to play a musical instrument, crafting or pretend play your kids will have fun and keep learning.

When it comes to kids, creativity is an undeniable trait that is present in most, if not all of them.

Because children have such vivid imaginations being creative comes easily and that’s why it’s essential to surround them with activities and toys that encourage creative play.

Encouraging your child’s to play with creative toys has so many wonderful benefits. Creative play can provide them with the proper and fun outlet for their creativity that will help them develop the physical, mental, and social skills that they need later on in life.

These are the best types of toys for children of any age. So the next time you’re in the toy section, keep an eye out for toys that’ll encourage their creativity.

Art Kits for Kids

Give a kid some crayons and watch the creative juices flow from their fingertips onto paper (and sometimes on the wall or even the living room sofa).

Art kits are a great way to get children expressing themselves through drawings, paintings, and coloring. There are so many different kinds of art kits available and they usually come with supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, markers, watercolors, safety scissors, paper, stickers and more.

Soon you’ll have to turn your home into an art gallery with all the wonderful art projects that your child will create.

Kids Craft Kits to Encourage Creativity

When your child wants to take their art projects from 2D to 3D, then there’s no better thing to have than a craft set.

In addition to painting, drawing and coloring your child can also begin to hone his creative side by building structures with popsicle sticks, folding paper into various origami, designing jewelry and friendship bracelets, knitting scarves or hats.

Or they can simply create their own inventions by putting together everyday household items like paper towel rolls, coke bottles, tissue boxes, cleaning pipes, etc. The possibilities are endless with a craft set.  

Building Blocks for Kids

Who doesn’t love a good building block set? Whether you’re a girl or a boy, building blocks can be so much fun.

There are various types of building blocks from smaller ones such as Legos to the bigger kinds like letter blocks or wooden blocks. You could also get the softer variety for toddlers and younger children. Building blocks encourage children to use their hands, their minds and their creativity. 

Most Popular Building Blocks for Kids

Melissa & Doug 100-Piece Wood Blocks Set

Musical Toys and Instruments

Not only do musical toys and instruments inspire creativity but they’re also a great way to introduce your children to sounds and music.

Stimulate their senses with sounds, vibrations, melodies and more. Choose from dozens of variations such as tambourines, flutes, xylophones, maracas, a mini keyboard, and so on.

Eventually their musical abilities will flourish and they’ll be interested in more advanced instruments like a piano, a violin, a guitar or drums. 

Bestselling Musical Toy for Kids

Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

Pretend Play Accessories

This would include toys like a play kitchen, a doctor’s kit, dress up clothes, toy carpentry tools, a baby doll with accessories, a playhouse and the like.

Begin to gage your child’s interests and start discovering what he or she likes. Things like pretend play and role playing can help a child discover their passions and maybe even steer them in the direction of their future career path.

In addition to their creativity, you’ll also be developing their ambitions, dreams and goals.

Updated: 05/22/2013, pkmcr
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Do Your Kids Play With Creative Toys?

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belinda342 on 05/22/2013

My son always loved art, drawing especially. I never really knew where his talent came from either. I'm good with words, but can't even draw a straight line! But he loved building things too, from 3D puzzles, to models, to Kinects blocks. Some good choices here to choose from.

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