Crowd control barriers

by jezhug

Crowd control barriers are a useful tool for keeping order in popular places such as nightclubs or concerts.

Some events such as concerts or even the queue at a nightclub on a Saturday night can be quite chaotic. That's where crowd control barriers can be an extremely important tool in keeping order.

Physical and psychological barrier

As well as being a physical deterrent for people not to jump the queue, it is also psychological - a mental barrier that subconsciously tells people that there is only one path to follow.

Going offtrack a little bit, there is a great chapter in Malcolm Gladwell's best seller "The Tipping Point", about how New York City massively reduced the spate of crimes committed on their dangerous subways. The solution - paint over the graffiti! This had a knock on effect that areas with small crimes committed led to larger crimes being committed. By painting over the graffiti and booking people for those small crimes such as vandalism and fair evading, NYC was able to cut down a huge amount of violent crimes in the subways.

A crowd control queing system used at an airport
A crowd control queing system used at...

Now back to crowd control barriers and how it ties in with the NYC example. Something as simple as a crowd control barrier could be the difference between and orderly line of people to a crowd of violent alcohol fueled thugs fighting outside a nightclub.

But it is not just places that serve alcohol had have reason to invest in a queuing system. It can also be a wise investment for a cafe or retail store. In today's busy world there are many people who will say something if they feel someone has been served before them when they have been waiting longer. A crowd control system can solve this issue.

Types of queuing systems

There are a few different types of crowd control queuing systems on the market. Most are very similar so the only real difference is cost. The main queuing system used in the hospitality industry is the queuing post.

A Queuing post is just a post with retractable tape. The tape can be rolled out and connected to the next queuing post.

They are simple and can be moved around to suit any configuration. They also have optional wall mounts to connect a post tape to and from a fixed wall.

Who should have them?

Event organizers, venue managers, and security personnel should use some form of crowd control barricades as part of their crowd management planning.

Even if the venue has security staff, it is still wise to have a queuing system as a preventative measure of breaking up the crowd before things get out of hand.

Updated: 04/27/2012, jezhug
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Tolovaj on 06/23/2012

I was working as a bouncer on some concerts many years ago when I was in college and I 100 percent agree security heavily depends on psychology. Just wearing red ribbon on my arm I looked 20 centimeter taller and 20 kilos heavier.

Control barriers were not so popular back than and crowd was much more dangerous. Now I see them mostly on sport events and they are of great help.

Thanks for presenting some interesting background.

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