The Various Uses Of Stainless Steel Tie Wire

by jezhug

In construction, home maintenance, electronics, and many other areas of manual or engineering work, there is often a need for some sort of fastener, a quick method of holding one..

In construction, home maintenance, electronics, and many other areas of manual or engineering work, there is often a need for some sort of fastener, a quick method of holding one thing to another. Wire is often this solution. Wire can connect building materials temporarily while others are being tended to, it can serve as a permanent attachment, keeping one part of a machine or structure out of the way of others, or it can be used to wrap bundles of electric wiring or other materials.

Depending on the material from which it is made, it can serve various purposes in electric currents. Copper, nickel, or even stainless steel tie wire can sometimes be used as a conductor in an electric current, while other materials can be used as insulators.

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When applied to stainless steel tie wire, the variety of steel has added benefits and possibilities. Stainless steel, by definition, is a steel alloy containing a certain percentage of another metal, chromium. The percentage can vary, but is usually around 11%. The benefits of stainless steel tie wire, therefore, are that, like stainless steel itself, it is not negatively affected by water like other steel, rusting, corroding, or, as the name suggests, staining.

The many uses of this kind of tie wire are expanded by the fact that it is made from stainless steel, and so, it can be considered one of the more diverse material tie wires available today.    

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Stainless Steel Tie Wire
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Stainless Steel Wire
There are quite a lot of uses for stainless steel wire that span across many industries ...

Tie Wire
Tie Wire

When to use Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tie wire can be a good option to reduce rust in places close to the ocean, as the salt in the air can speed up the rust process. This makes it a perfect material for use on ships.

It is also a popular choice for people constructing metal jewellery, as the stainless coating makes the jewellery smooth, shiny and more sterile.

Common types of Stainless Steel

There are two common grades of stainless steel used in industry.

304 Grade: commonly referred to 18-8 as it consists of 18% chromium with 8% nickel. It is the most common in the grade used in industry. Some uses for this type of stainless tie wire are baskets, baking trays, stainless steel rope and for protecting balcony rails.

316 Grade: Also referred to as marine grade stainless steel as it contains 2% molybdenum which gives it a much stronger resilience to corrosion. This makes it ideal to be used on boats and ships where the salt air corrodes metals at a much quicker rate.

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Tolovaj on 05/01/2012

Corrosion is one of greatest enemies of every industry. We found numerous ways to postpone it but the nature always finds its way to complicate our lives a little, right? And it pushes us to become improve our technology, invent new procedures, be more creative...
Not necessary always a bad thing, huh?

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