Custom Tri-fold Wedding Programs

by dustytoes

Create your own affordable, tri-fold, or accordion fold, wedding programs with Zazzle templates.

When you choose a Zazzle template to create your own tri-fold wedding program, not only will you save money, but you'll have complete control over the text. But the best thing is that it will be printed on paper in your choice of theme.

With the stunning array of wedding designers to choose from, your ceremony program will match any theme. Or choose plain black and white or neutral colors.

The programs listed here will come on flat paper that must be folded by the customer.

The Basic Setup of an Accordion / Tri-fold Program

Add text to three sections.

couple hands loveTo create your personal, custom wedding program that will fold in thirds, gather all wedding information.  It may be most helpful to print it up on a word program to check spelling ahead of time.  The programs will not be proof read before shipping.

Begin with the left side template where the title, names, venue, date and location will be added.  The center panel will hold the order of the ceremony.  If your ceremony will be short, and there is additional space here, include a thank you message to guests.

The right hand side of the paper will hold the names of the parents, wedding party, officiant, readers, musicians, etc. as you prefer.

Black and White Floral Programs With Photo Template

Printed on flyer paper which is most affordable, but without specialty paper options.

The Paper Selection

These wedding programs are printed on 8.5 by 11 inch size paper in either letterhead or flyer options.  The flyer paper is cheaper.  It is basic white paper, and can contain images and text on both sides.  For the tri-fold programs, all text is on one side and will be folded accordion style.  

The minimum order is for 25 sheets of paper with discounts beginning at a purchase of 50.

The letterhead paper is an upgrade and comes in four specialty types.  Choose from basic white, linen, recycled and felt.  Basic is most affordable with a slight increase in price for the others.  The image and text will be on one side only.

There is a minimum order of 10 sheets, and discounts begin with a purchase of 25 sheets.


Beach Themed Wedding Program

Printed on letterhead paper, with a choice of upgrades.

How to Fold the Programs

how to fold wedding programsFold the programs into thirds.  The easiest way to do this is to fold both sides in over the center, to create three equal size sections.  Use the creases to re-fold the front and middle sections the opposite way.  

This will give you a program that measures approximately 3 inches by 8 inches.  It will pull out, accordion style, where guests will view the entire background image (if there is one) and see all the text.

Some programs will have lines dividing the sections to help with this (like the program below).

Helpful TIP:  Fold more than one program at a time.  To make the initial creases, stack programs in groups to save time.  Then carefully fold them the correct way one at a time.  (This sounds like a job for the bridal party!)

Pale Green Hydrangea Tri-fold programs

Pretty floral design background with black text on three, white panels.

Zazzle had programs to match most wedding themes.

You should be able to find a tri-fold wedding program at the Zazzle site to match your wedding theme. Most paper contains floral designs, tropical images, or country themed burlap and lace.  But plain paper to match a neutral palette can also be found.

If you need help adding more text, or making the wording look correct, please contact the designer of the paper.  Designers are usually happy to help the customer get it right.  The spell checking, and name spelling is up to the customer.  Always review your finish product carefully before buying.

White Birch Bark Ceremony Programs

Carved hearts design in black and white for a country wedding.

Other Types of Wedding Programs

types of wedding programsMost couples choose to have wedding programs at their ceremonies.  The exception may be a very small, private event.  Programs not only tell guests what is happening during the ceremony, they list the important members of the ceremony who helped make the day special.  

A lot of work goes into planning a wedding, and the program acknowledges the officiant, musicians, and readers.    A thank you note can be included to thank guests also.

Tri-fold programs are just one type, and popular options are the fold-in-half and flat programs.  Outdoor weddings often use fan programs to keep guests cool on a hot day.

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dustytoes on 07/13/2015

Thanks for your input Mira. So you like the borders? I used to use borders all the time, but I wasn't sure couple's liked them. I do have hydrangea tri-fold programs with transparent white over the floral background. I will have to add one of them to this page!

Mira on 07/12/2015

The one I like best is the beach-themed one shown to the right! I like that it has those borders and that the heart straddles two of the thirds. Have you tried them with hydrangeas and then the three sections with rectangles in semitransparency, or does that not work?

Digby_Adams on 07/12/2015

These are so pretty. The birch and heart design is very sophisticated and chic!

dustytoes on 07/12/2015

Thank you for that information on the Indian marriage ceremony. From what I've seen, traditional Indian marriages are beautiful and involved.

WriterArtist on 07/12/2015

The tri- fold looks artistic and useful. The wedding program is an essential part of the planning if you choose to invite guests for certain functions. In Indian context, there is an important focal point like "Muhurth" for marriage in which all traditional things are performed, followed by a reception. More elaborate weddings can last for more than 2 days.

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