Customized Baseball Coasters

by CherylsArt

If you are looking for baseball coasters that can be personalized with a player's or team's name, then you've found the right place.

I have done the searching for you, and have found beverage coasters with baseball designs on them, that have space to add a name to them. Some designs have a template form for you to easily fill in; others can still be customized with your text, and I'll tell you how. Come and check out the creativity you can have with baseball coasters.

What will you be mainly using the baseball coasters for?

Whether you're planning a baseball party, or if you're a fan of the sport,

it's fun to add to the themed decor.

Baseball coasters for beverages come in a variety of designs and materials. I'll group them below by the material.

Sandstone Coasters

These have a sandstone top and a cork backing, to give you scratch free coasters for your table tops.

They measure 4.25" in diameter, giving you a pretty wide base to hold your mugs.

They have a matte finish and work well with black and white designs, vintage look, and text designs.

They can be purchased singly. A discount of 10% is applied when five or more are purchased. The discount increases to 15% when 11 or more are purchased.

The whole coaster looks like a baseball, and has a textured look too.

Red stitching is depicted on the top and bottom on the top side of the coaster, writing can be done in the middle.

The baseball design is centered in a tan perimeter, resembling the color of a glove.

Text can be written across the center of the ball area.

The same design is shown with a gray background. The background of both of these designs can be customized.

There is a template form ready for you to type in your custom text.

Hard Plastic Coasters

These have a plastic top and a non-skid cork back.

The cork back helps to protect your furniture.

The tops have a high gloss finish, and they measure 3.8" by 3.8" in diameter.

The plastic lends itself well to vivid colorful designs, and can easily be wiped off.

These are purchased in sets of six. No additional volume discounts were listed.

The whole baseball designs fills the area of this coaster.

The red stitching design is depicted at an angle, allowing room in the middle to add your text.

A baseball is depicted on a colorful background on these plastic coasters.

The colors show up brighter on the plastic.

How to Personalize them with your text.

First, click on the coaster design of your choice.

You can also click on any design, and then type in your search terms in the search box at the top of the page, to view more designs.

If there is a template form provided (It will be to the right after you've clicked on the design.), simply type in your text in the template field and then hit Enter on your keyboard.


If there is no template form provided, or if you want to make additional customizing, then click on the Customize It button, below the image.

Then click on Add Text, and type in your text. Add a Return if you want two lines of text. Click on Done.

Click on f and scroll through to pick a font that you like. Then click on Close.

Click on the little number box to the right of the f and click on a number or type one in that box, to adjust the size of the font.

Click on the little black square box. You'll see a color palette come up. Click on the color of your choice for the font color.

You can use the box with the plus sign and the four arrows to move the text, or click on the actual text on the image and drag it. The plus sign in the middle of the arrow box will automatically place it in the center.

Once your customizing is done, click on Add to cart.



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