Practice tips that improve Kid’s Ability to Hit a Baseball or Softball

by teddletonmr

Keep your eyes on the ball, swing the bat hard, and hit the ball are all commonly heard phrases at the ballpark. As Concerned coaches, and loving parents, we simply want to help...

Let’s face it, as caring moms, dads, and coaches. None of us wants our kids to feel as though they will never be able to hit a ball. The way they believe, they should. For that reason alone, many of us are willing to do what it takes to help our young hitters learn to hit the ball.
Regardless the cost of time and moneys, we are willing to spend countless hours with bating coaches, at batting cages and simply pitching to our kids in the backyard. All the while secretly hoping something will miraculously happen. Giving our young hitter all the confidence, they need to get a hit.
After many years of helping kids learn to hit a baseball and softball, I have picked up a few tips I’d like to share with you. Follow along as we discuss the most easy to do, often overlooked but extremely affective. Practice tips that improve Kid’s Ability to Hit a Baseball or Softball

Batting Practice Tip #1

Hitting practice does make perfect however, done incorrectly, creates many bad habits.

Depending on the age, skill level, and experience of our young hitter, many times the hardest thing, is keeping practice fun and not boring. for both, the kids and we parents and coaches. Let’s face the facts. Kids just want to have fun, and just to be honest with ourselves for a moment. I believe we will all agree. We parents want to have just as much fun as the kids, if not more.

The trick to making batting practice a fun activity, for all involved. Do not overwhelm a young hitter with too many details all at once. Consider working on stance, foot alignment, and hitting posture for a few minutes for starters, remembering to keep it fresh, light hearted and fun for all

Do a little dance, sing a little song, and keep everyone involved in the different aspects of batting practice.

Practice using a Hitting Tee

Hitting off a batting Tee, AKA hitting tee, will absolutely help hitters learn to swing the bat better, and make good contact driving the ball farther

.For many a young batter, hitting off a tee is for little kids. Tee-ball players and all that you know. The truth of the matter, high school, college, and yes even the major league batters practice hitting off a batting tee. Why, because it works to create and strengthen that all important muscle memory, making your average batters, a successful long ball hitter, that’s why.

Here is a good tip for you to ponder. Before spending a ton of money on the latest greatest bat, turn loose of some of your hard-earned cash for a Jugs practice Package for baseball or Softball.

The Jugs practice package comes with the instant screen, five position-hitting tee, instructional DVD, and sting free baseballs, or softballs depending on which package you buy. Either is a great investment in your batters, future hitting success Use it in the backyard for preseason practice, at the ballpark to warm up before the big game, or in the garage or basement for off-season hitting practice drills. I promise you will be glad you made the investment.

Power Net Practice Net

Hitting off a Hitting T made easy
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Keep your eye on the ball.

Use the Jugs five position-hitting tee too teach batters how to hit, inside, outside, and pitches down the middle of the plate

Ask any good hitting coach that works with kids, what is the most common mistake they see young boys and girls make. Top of the list, taking their eyes off the ball, at the critical time when bat meets ball. There by not watching the bat hit the ball and experience the frustration of the swing, and a miss thing.

This is especially troublesome to young batters moving up from pitching machine league, to live pitch for the first time. The same kid that crushes the ball thrown by a coach, or parent, in the batting cage, suddenly forgets how to hit the ball, when facing one of his or her peers. How can this be you ask, simple because young hitters lose their focus, and sight of the ball. Think about it, suddenly distracted by the sight of another kid, they either do not know, or trust throwing a fastball right at them is a bit unsettling.

The fix, hitting a baseball or softball off of the Jugs 5-point hitting tee, moving inside, outside and down the middle of the plate will get the kid focusing on where the ball is crossing the plate, instead of who threw the pitch. Practicing this will help youth hitters understand the importance of the phrase. Hit the inside pitches in front of the plate, and wait on the outside pitch

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Practice tips that improve Kid’s Ability to Hit a Baseball or Softball Chat

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teddletonmr on 04/27/2017

Cricket, now there is a game I know little about, maybe you could share the rules of the game and the experiences you have. Thanks Frank.

frankbeswick on 04/17/2017

I could play batsman at cricket and have played badminton and table tennis well, but hitting a ball with a baseball bat was always a skill at which I failed. We did not play baseball much in England, so I suppose that I got no practice. This article gives good advice.

teddletonmr on 04/17/2017

NanciArvizu, I still love the game! Kids that just want to learn the game and have fun, are great.

NanciArvizu on 08/25/2015

I wonder how you feel about this now - a few years later. My daughter played club ball too, going on 5 years ago now. I have a different perspective now. Very interesting!

teddletonmr on 02/19/2013

Katie, practice makes perfect. After all knowing exactly how to, and what is the best way for a kid to practice their hitting skills. Be it a softball or baseball is half the battle, finding the space for hitting practice is sometimes quite another thing for folks always on the run.
Using the Jugs five-position tee and the Jugs instant screen helps solve the where part of the equation. The backyard, garage, or basement when it’s cold or raining outside makes it much easier to find a good safe place to practice.
Using the hitting tips DVD that is included with the Jugs instant screen and hitting tee combination, focusing on hitting drills done correctly. Will absolutely help all T-ball, pitching machine, live pitch baseball, and softball hitters learn how to hit the ball better improving hitting average and hit the ball farther.

katiem2 on 02/19/2013

You cannot get to much batting practice, it's the one thing so many kids miss out on. Free time is a great time for batting practice and this great set up can save me a lot of drive time to the batting cage. :)K

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