Things You Should Know before You Buy Your Kid a Baseball or Softball Bat

by teddletonmr

Hype vs. Fact, aluminum bat, composite bats, length to weight ratios, sweet spot and let us not forget the importance of good hand speed.

I believe you, as the wife and I do, only want to give our kids every opportunity to succeed in life. As well as, have fun and perform their best both on, and off, the baseball and softball field. The trick here is figuring out exactly what will be the best bat for our young baseball and softball player, or players. Let face it, many families like the wife and mine, the girls play fast pitch softball, and the boys play baseball. Making it all the more important, we make smart buying decisions.
Please allow me, invite you to follow along and join in on the chat as we discuss. Things you should know before you buy your kid a baseball or softball bat. This information will absolutely help you save money, and many frustrating at bats for your young hitter.

Selecting the Proper Bat
Selecting the Proper Bat

How to select the best bat

The Proper sized bat should fit just like their favorite pair of comfy shoes

The first obstacle many of us struggle with is the whole style vs. function thing. Let’s face it, many kids just want to have fun and most importantly, look like an all-star player. That is all well and good, that of course is, until the good-looking bat is not available in the proper weight to length ratio for our baseball or softball player.

Just as poorly fitting shoes impact the way a kid runs, jumps and plays. The wrong sized bat will create bad habits that will adversely affect a young hitter’s batting average.

Practice Hitting off a Hitting T

Using this set-up works wonders at improving a young hitters bat swing
Jugs Practice Package For Baseball
Practice Hitting off a hitting T
Practice Hitting off a hitting T

Here is a quick and simple way to see if a bat is the right size.

  1. First thing, have your son or daughter stand up, facing you with their feet shoulders width apart.
  2. Second, have your kid place their arms in the T formation. Left arm fully extended straight out too their left, and right arm fully extended too their right side with palms up on both hands. Then tell them to relax and drop their arms straight down their sides, left on the left side and right down their right side, doing your best to resist the temptation of having them do, the hokey pokey dance. :)
  3. Instruct the batter to make a fist around the bat handle, not a golfers grip.
  4. Next, with them standing straight and tall, hand your batter his or her bat. Then have them hold the bat along each side, one hand at a time. The bat should not touch the ground, if so it will be too long.
  5. With the batters, hand gripping the bat handle right against the knob end of the bat’s handle, no choking up allowed for this part of the test.
  6. Have the batter raise his or her arms back unto the T Stance with palms down, and rotate upward.
  7. Repeat using both arms a couple times for each arm, about ten to fifteen seconds each. If your kid struggles, the bat is too heavy for them to swing properly, remember fast hands makes for good power hitting.
The Best Bat
The Best Bat

How Baseball and Softball Bats are measured

Length and weight are extremely important to youth baseball and softball hitters

● Baseball and softball bats sizes are available in different length to weight ratios. This is more often than not a bit confusing to understand. Many bats will have the length in inches listed on the end of the handle, say 26-inche, followed by a -10, 11, 12, 12.5, or 13 indicating weight. Weight is extremely important. When it comes to selecting the best bat for a boy or girl learning to hit a baseball or softball, lighter weight is better.

Louisville Slugger TPX bats are for baseball, TPS are Softball bats

The TPS Catalyst is a great bat for Softball Beginners, and the TPX Warrior for the young Baseball player looking for great bat at a good price
Louisville Slugger 2012 TPS Catalyst Youth Fastpitch Bat
Louisville Slugger 2011 TPX (-13) Warrior Baseball Bat

What Drop is and why it is important

The best Composite and Aluminum bats provide longer bat length and lighter weight

● Drop commonly used to compare a softball and baseball bat length to weight. Take for instance, the 26-inch bat I mentioned earlier. This is our 5-year old baby daughter’s favorite sized bat, as it happens; the Louisville Slugger TPS Catalyst fast pitch bat has a 12.5 drop. This length to weight ratio, fits her very well. Making it easy for her to control the bat and hand speed, subsequently hitting the ball a ton. With the 26 inch length, and –12.5 drop the bat weight = 13.5 ounces. Best of all, the bat cost less than $25 at Amazon or $29 at

The favorite of our 10-year Old daughter, who plays for one of the local all-stars, and fast pitch softball travel teams, the Louisville Slugger TPS, Mendoza 30-inch -11 has been a rock solid performer for the past two years, with the added bonus of an affordable price.  


looking for a Baseball or Softball bat with a huge sweet spot, here are the best, and Cheapest price

When only the best combination of price, durability, and huge sweet spot will do, buy one of these bats. Your pocket book and kid will be glad you did
Louisville Slugger 2013 Mendoza Fast Pitch Softball Bat
Louisville Slugger Youth 2013 2 1/4-Inch Omaha Baseball Bat
Louisville Slugger 2014 Jessica Mendoza M2 12 Fastpitch Bat  
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teddletonmr on 09/13/2013

WriterArtist, here in the Midwest United States kids love to play baseball and fast pitch softball starting in early spring through the summer months and into late fall. As is often the case, moms, and dads want to provide their kids every opportunity to be successful especially when it comes to hitting the ball well. Many times selecting the proper size bat for a young ball player is a bit of a challenge, especially where small boys and girls are concerned.
When a ball bat is too heavy, or long, young hitters develop bad habits, poor-mechanics that makes hitting a ball well, all but impossible.

WriterArtist on 09/13/2013

These tips are very informative if you are buying a baseball. I guess - I never had done such extensive search and the suggestions look quite useful.

katiem2 on 02/19/2013

So true the bat and ball both matter greatly, and there's the gloves the sliding shorts and on and on there is a lot kids need for baseball and softball it's vital to get it right. :)K

teddletonmr on 01/29/2013

Katie I know how girls wat to look good when playing softball, baseball and let us not forget, shoping :)

katiem2 on 01/29/2013

Mike, Thanks for the great tips on buying a bat for my daughter, she tends to go for name and appearance. There is so much more to getting the perfect bat that fits your child. :)K

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