5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Platform Ladder

by teddletonmr

Engineered to be safe, lightweight, strong, and inexpensive, the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite Ladder is easy to set-up, use and store in the garage or closet.

Let’s face the facts, homeowners, contractors, and the DIY minded among us concerned about theirs and other’s safety. Want to be sure the platform ladder anyone is about to climb is rock solid safe. To be honest, most folks aren’t comfortable with the thought of leaving the safety of solid ground. Just to climb atop a rickety stepladder when a burnt out light bulb needs changing, or some other job needs doing. After all, who really feels good about doing something they feel is dangerous? Come to find out, many cheaply made ladders have the lightest-duty rating possible. Adding validity to the feeling most folks find themselves coming to grips with. This thing looks like an accident looking for a place to happen.

Price Quality and Durability

Quality features and Lifelong Durability Matters

Where most platform ladders engineered that meet a low price point, for folks that make their buying decision based solely on price, minimally rated cheaply made ladders just might be good enough. However, for homeowners concerned with things like safety, versatility and durability there is the Little Giant Flip-N-Lite stepladder. Follow along as we discuss things you should know before buying your next ladder and get the best deal buying online at amazon.com.

Little Giant Ladder Systems Platform Stepladder

The Little Giant Flip-N-Lite 300 lbs. duty rated Platform Stepladder, makes the perfect combination of lightweight strength, long life and durability at an affordable price.

1. The little giant Flip-N-Lite step ladder is very easy for folks that do not have a lot of hand and arm strength to move around and open when needed. By simply using one hand, release the catch located in the back and center of the large standing platform, pull the release handle and unfold the ladder.

2. Well-spaced deep rungs on the ladder make climbing up to, and standing on the large work platform not only easy, comfortable on the back, feet, and legs as well. Unlike flimsy narrowly spaced rungs found on cheaper low quality stepladders, found in discount stores and neighborhood super centers.

3. Extra heavy duty construction, Lightweight and folds up for easy storage, the Little Giant 6-foot Flip-N-Lite ladder is an ANSI Type IA 300 lb. rated platform ladder, making this handy ladder the perfect choice for both, seasoned construction professionals, and the DIY minded renters and homeowners.

4. Designed for folks that find working on ladders a bit unnerving when cleaning or changing light fixtures, rearranging the cupboards, or painting all those overhead projects. This little giant ladder is easy to climb, has a safety bar with tool tray at the top to hold on to, and has padded feet that will not slip and make a mess of the floor. 

5. The top safety bar not only provides that much needed feeling of security, there is a handy tool tray that provides a secure space for keeping tools organized and within easy reach. All designed to fold for moving or storage while keeping tools in place.


Updated: 01/22/2013, teddletonmr
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teddletonmr on 12/09/2012

@ 2uesday, far too many folks suffer injuries due to taking safety concerns lightly. For instance, using a chair to reach something in the cupboard, change a light bulb or cleaning and dusting around the home. All it takes is one misstep, a slip, or trying to reach something when a fall occurs.
I believe it a good thing, everyone just take a few extra minutes to consider. The emotional and medical cost, not to mention work loss, and rehabilitation costs do far exceed the cost and effort of doing things safely.
No one wants to break a hip, dislocate a shoulder, suffer a head injury, or do they.
Be safe, and work smarter. Mike :)

teddletonmr on 10/29/2012

@katiem2 you are welcome, take care cleaning your cieling fans.

katiem2 on 10/29/2012

Good to know, I was just considering a ladder that will reach my ceiling fans in two rooms both with vaulted ceilings. These fans are way up there but need a good dusting all the same. Thanks for the tips. :)K

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