Cute Workout Tops For Women

by Jerky

Ladies: Look stunning during even the most intense workouts with these cute workout tops for women. They look great and are functional, too.

Workout Tops: Form AND Function

Who doesn't want to look great all the time? Even when they're working out? If you're like most women, you work hard at the gym or running trail to make your body look great, so what's the point in settling for less-than-flattering workout tops while you're doing it?

Designers have come a long ways in recent years. Now you can find some really great ladies workout attire that's as flattering as it is functional. Here are some of my absolute favorites. I'm sure you'll find something that will turn a few heads while you're going through your routine.

All of these come with great reviews, and the look great.

What To Look For

Buying a workout shirt isn't as simple as picking something off the rack. If you want to get the most out of your purchase, you'll need something that supports your body, "wicks" away moisture, allows for an extended range of motion and, at the end of it all, looks great on your body.

Let's examine each of these a little closer, shall we?


Women have a few, uh, "parts up front" that need support during exercise. In laymen's terms: You'll need to support your chest. Some workout tops provide a built-in bra that will keep your breasts snug and tight while you move around, others won't.

How do you know what's right for you?

Don't rely on the old philosophy that proper breast support is only necessary if you're well endowed. That's rubbish. Regardless of how big or small your bra size is, you'll want to keep your "ladies" supported during exercise - even if you choose to go without a bra during other parts of your day.

Failure to properly support your chest could lead to pain, swelling, injury, back problems or, perhaps even worst of all, breast sagging.

That's not to say that workout tops without bra support are bad, it just means that you'll want to wear a sports bra underneath them. And women with larger cup sizes might want to consider wearing a sports bra even if the workout top provides its own built-in support.

Your activity level could play a factor here, too. Even if you're an A cup, if you spend your entire workout engaged in vigorous movement, such as intense cardio, jump rope, trail running, gymnastics or anything of the sort, you'll want to seriously evaluate your chest support.

Keep Your Body Dry

Working out makes us sweat. All of us. Even super models sweat. It's what happens when our bodies work hard. Some of us sweat more than others, but we all do it.

And you have to admit, few things are as un-sexy as giant pit stains under your arms, or anywhere else for that matter. Not to mention that sweat makes even the most attractive women feel gross, even if it isn't visible.

Plus, it can actually cause health problems, especially if you're working out outside in cooler temperatures.

Your best course of action is to look for women's workout tops that "wick" moisture away from your body. That means it will absorb your body sweat and spread it throughout the outermost layer of the top, where it will quickly evaporate. It might sound counterintuitive to pull sweat to the outside where it seem like it will be more visible, but that's not the case. It evaporates before it "builds up."

Workout tops that don't wick away moisture will let your sweat pool on your skin, and ultimately absorb through the material, giving those unwanted sweat stains - and nothing's cute about workout tops with sweat stains.

Range Of Motion

There's an old saying in the women's clothing world: "Fashion isn't comfortable." Take that phrase and throw it out! You want a comfortable workout top. Save the "painful fasion" for your going-out clothes.

Why? Because you can't get a good workout if your range of motion is restricted. Or if parts of the workout top rub against you, causing painful chafing.

Even a flattering, form-fitting workout top should provide plenty of motion in all directions. Reaching up, down, side to side, backwards and forwards should cause no tightness or weird feelings. Again, a sexy workout top is useless if it actually prohibits you from getting a good workout.

Besides, with so many cute women's workout tops to choose from, you're sure to find one that looks great and fits amazing. Regardless of if you're banging out intense cardio, lifting weights, playing a team sport or just going for a leisurely jog around your neighborhood.

Women's Workout Top Colors

There are as many colors as there are styles in the women's athletic apparel industry, even the ones I've included in this article come in multiple colors and/or color schemes. Black, white, blue, green, red, orange, yellow... they are out there, and you can find them easily enough by simply browsing around on your computer or walking through your local sporting goods store or department store.

Because a "Cute Workout Top" will mean something different for every woman. Her unique individual styles, personality, body type and figure will make certain ones cuter on her than on other women. It's just a matter of finding her groove.

Looking Hot While Working Out

A beautiful workout top will only take you so far; if you really want to turn some heads while blasting your body with cardio or resistance training, you might want to consider a few of these tips:

Posture Is Everything

Keep your shoulders back, your head high and your back straight. You want to give off an air of confidence that you ARE a movie star, even if you're just starting your fitness journey. Guys routinely say that confidences is a major turn on, and women admit that they admire confident-looking women.

Body Control

Guys have it so easy. They can grunt, twist and turn under the load of a heavy barbell and it looks manly. But if a woman strains, it's rather un-sexy. Is it a double standard? Absolutely. If you're training for a sport should you worry about this? No. But if you're trying to look hot in the gym is it worth your effort to keep your body in perfect control at all times? YES! Plus, staying in control of the dumbbells, barbells or whatever else is the best way to prevent injuries - kind of a double win there.

Waterproof Makeup

If you choose to wear makeup while working out, make sure it won't smear while you're sweating. Most waterproof makeup is up for the task. Or you could always go sans makeup.

Workout Tops: Sizing Guides

Not all cute workout tops are available in numeric sizing, many simply come as small, medium, large, extra large or bigger.

So how do you know what size is right for you?

Generally speaking, this simple woman's top conversion chart should give you the right idea. It's not always accurate, but it's a starting point:

Size (Number) Size (Named Size)
0, 2 Extra Small
4, 6 Small
8, 10 Medium
12, 14 Large
16+ Extra Large

Again, these are only a guideline. In fact, many women prefer to go "up a size" when buying a workout shirt because it affords them a little extra breathing room and range of motion, but that's not set in stone, either. Your body is unique, so there is no one rule for sizing.

But regardless of what size,color or style you end up buying, you're sure to turn more than a few heads when you show up in any of the aforementioned cute workout tops for women.


Updated: 01/26/2012, Jerky
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