Dance Competition Make Up - For The Men/Guys

by Lissie

Yes the guys need to wear makeup for dance competitions as well. Luckily for them they are almost always dancing with a woman - so guess who ends up doing their competition makeup?

Does a guy really need to wear makeup for a dance competition? Particularly for older competitors, your average 30+ male will be a little shocked at the idea of wearing makeup. The reality is though, he needs to get over it. In the same way that male actors and news anchors have always worn makeup - guys competition need to be wearing makeup too. Fortunately its not too hard - even they can do it themselves. I'm kinda assuming that their female partner will at least teach them how to do it!

Dance Makeup Guys

makeup for men dancingThis is not ballet or pantomine - the idea is to go for the no makeup look. Using basic make up ensures that the guy will have that healthy glow, without looking white and washed out under lights. As with women, how much makeup a guy needs to wear depends on his basic skin color, and to a lesser degree, whether he is dancing smooth or standard compared to latin or rythmn. The latin/rythmn styles allow for a slightly darker look than standard/smooth.

Dance Competition Makeup

Guys - start with a good close shave. If you are wearing fake tan for competitions (recommended) then most people don't tan their faces. You will however need bronzer to match the color of your face to your chest (rythmn/latin). For smooth/standard you will be wearing a collar and tie or bow tie so you probably won't need tan, and you just want a skin tone which is a bit darker than normal - and comes close to matching your partner's.


If you have red cheeks or pimples, then a concealer will work as well for a guy as a woman. Find a color which will blend with your natural skin color. You use a small brush to apply concealer so it blends in seamlessly. Concealer is good too if you have dark shadows under your eyes.

Concealer and Brush Makeup for Guys

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Mineral Foundation for Men

The best thing I find to use on male faces is bronzer or mineral makeup. Liquid foundation won't work well for men with any amount of stubble, and can be messy if they sideburns or a mustache. The bronzer goes all over, including the neck and ears. If there is, hmm, a lack of hair on top of the head, bronzer is good there too!

By the way guys - don't put this on while wearing your white shirt - it won't be white for long! Easiest to do before you put any shirt on - and make sure you don't pull a latin top over your head without keeping your face clear!

Mineral Makeup and Brush Suitable for Men

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Eye Makeup For Men Dancing

This is optional and will depend on the guy, and the competition. Most top level latin guys will wear eye liner and pencil to highlight their eyes and their eyebrows. If you are older and your eyebrows are going a little gray, or just lighter, using an eye brow pencil in brown or black to match your hair color will look natural.

Eye Brow and Liner Pencil's

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Angel on 03/02/2012

Great article. Very useful for guys that dance. I can see where liquid makeup would be a problem.

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