Dark and Elements Selection - Chocolate Tasting Club

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Another two selections from the chocolate tasting club - the dark and elements selection.

The Chocolate Tasting Club is a novel idea of getting luxurious chocolate from hotel chocolat into the homes of people all over the UK.

It is available in a range of delicious selections and each selection comes with a range of chocolate that can be eaten one a day or all at once, depending on your sickness tolerance.

This is chocolate at its best.

Join the Chocolate Tasting Club

When joining the Chocolate Tasting Club, new members get sent an introductory selection from the strand of their choice and then they receive another selection box each month until they cancel their membership.   The strands available are






Dark Selection

  • Cherry Bakewell – There are pink and purple stripes all over this chocolate.  On the inside of this dark chocolate delight is a ganache with amaretto (sweet, almond flavoured, Italian Liqueur) and cherry brandy.   It looks and tastes lovely.
  • Warming Walnut – Walnut, caramel and cognac blended into milk chocolate, covered in dark chocolate with white lines all over.
  • Chocolate brownie – A milk chocolate square finishes off this chocolate which is made of thick dark chocolate with hazelnut and pecan praline and cocoa crispies on the inside.
  • Irish coffee – Chocolate, coffee and whisky in this dark chocolate delight.  It will warm you up.  This comes in the classic selection as well.

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  • Blackberry and Pear – A dark chocolate shell, finished off with green and purple drizzles. Containing a cream ganache with blackberry and pear juice and a dash of pear liqueur.
  • Mellow Moment – A ganache of milk chocolate, cream and a cream liqueur in a dark chocolate shell. 
  • Café Caramel Sensation – This was suggested by a member of the chocolate tasting club.  It consists of a dark chocolate cup with a two layered ‘drink’.  The first layer is made of a coffee ganache flavoured by a drop of Tia Maria and the second is salted caramel (an interesting combination).  The froth on this ‘cup’ is white chocolate sprinkled with cocoa powder. 
  • Heart of Kirsch – A heart shaped chocolate.  On the top of this dark chocolate shell is a red heart and then inside the shell is a cream coloured ganache filled with Kirsch – a cherry brandy that comes from the German word for cherry water (Kirschwasser). 
  • Congo dark tasting batons – Pure Dark chocolate sticks 
  • Indian Summer – Amaretto and coffee liqueur with a splash of vodka made into a ganache that is then encased in chocolate. 
  • Griotte Deluxe – A chocolate also present in the classic selection.   It has a cherry soaked in amaretto right in the centre of the amaretto ganache, all coated in a dark chocolate. 
  • Rhubarb Truffle – Another one that is present in the classic box. 
  • Amaretto amaretti – amaretto liqueur and Arabica coffee with some amaretti biscuit encased in chocolate. 
  • Dizzy – Hazelnut praline covered in 70% dark chocolate.

The dark selection is a delight of a box from the Chocolate Tasting Club.

Elements Selection

This details the chocolates of the Elements collection.

The Elements Collection is for anyone who loves chocolate but would prefer it without any alcohol.

  1. Caramel & Co. – Caramel chocolate mixed with milk chocolate into what looks like a slab of divine tasting chocolate sprinkled in toffee pieces, caramel chocolate drops.
  2. Café au lait tasting batons – Solid chocolate batons in two layers of milk chocolate blended with coffee and white chocolate.
  3. Dizzy – This is contained in the Dark Selection and has a hazelnut praline covered in milk chocolate and finished with a swirl.
  4. Caramel baby Truffles – Caramel and white chocolate combined and placed in a milk chocolate shell.
  5. Rhubarb Truffle – Vanilla white chocolate and cream ganache merged with rhubarb juice.  All covered in a white chocolate shell.
  6. Pecan Round – Roasted, finely milled pecan combined with hazelnut praline, white chocolate and a dab of caramel.  It is finished in a milk chocolate shell and toffee pieces.
  7. Nibbly nut – Two textures in one chocolate, crunchy and smooth.  The crunchy bit is of carmelised hazelnut pieces whereas the smooth part is hazelnut praline covered in a square block of milk chocolate.
  8. Sticky Toffee Slab – Soft centre in 40% smooth milk chocolate
  9. Pecan and Caramel tasting Batons – the batons are designed to pick up and savour.  They really taste lovely. 

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Updated: 04/04/2012, MuminBusiness
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