Dawg Grog: Sparkling Beer Invented for Lola Jane by Boneyard Beer Tap Man Daniel Keeton

by DerdriuMarriner

People can enjoy alcoholic or sparkling drinks. They express friendship by drinking with friends. Non-alcoholic Dawg Grog now makes it possible for canines to get in on the rounds.

Dawg Grog can be consumed by dog-loving humans even though it is intended for thirsty canines. The canine drink does not have any alcoholic content whatsoever. It does include:
• brewers wort;
• mountain water;
• vegan trace mineral supplements;
• vegetarian k9 glucosamine.

All of the ingredients enjoy local origins in Bend, what with:
• The city’s business community including the Boneyard Brewery (and its recyclable malted barley water);
• The county seat’s geographical location skirting central Oregon’s Cascade Mountain Range and the Columbia River’s main tributary, the Deschutes River.
Access to local resources generally facilitates quality control. Canine and human satisfaction indeed head the list of entrepreneurial intentions articulated by Daniel Keeton, as:
• brewery employee;
• business founder;
• dog owner.


PO Box 1523
Bend, OR 97709-1523

Email: [email protected] (for distribution-, retail-, and wholesale-related inquiries)
Email: [email protected] (for media-related inquiries)
Telephone: +1.541.815.9571
Website: http://dawggrog.com/


Dogs no longer need to feel dispirited by an empty beer glass: non-alcoholic beer specially crafted for canines is a healthy alternative which pleases canine taste buds.

dog with empty beer glass in café
dog with empty beer glass in café


Bend appeals to locals and visitors because of:

  • Accessible geography;

  • Beautiful landscape;

  • Compelling past;

  • Diverse resources.

The city claims prime locations on central Oregon's 65.87-mile (106-kilometer) Cascades Lakes Scenic Byway. It gives residents and viewers spectacular access to:

  • Drake, Farewell Bend, Shevlin, and Tumalo State Parks;

  • Horse Lava Tube System's basalt flow-formed, cave-like, 80,000+-year-old channels;

  • Mirror Pond impoundment;

  • Oregon Badlands Wilderness's 29,301.76 acres (11,858 hectares) of high-desert bitterbrush (Purshia spp), juniper (Juniperus spp), and sagebrush (Artemisia spp) and igneous castle-rocks

  • Pilot Butte's 492.13-foot (150-meter) extinct cinder cone volcano within city limits as part of a state park and scenic viewpoint;

  • Turpentine-scented western yellow pine (Pinus ponderosa) forests.


Bend, Oregon's natural beauty and abundant water: Farewell Bend Park

Bend, Deschutes County, central Oregon
Bend, Deschutes County, central Oregon


Continuous human habitation over 12,000+ years accounts for:

  • The popularity of such practical outdoor sports as camping, fishing, hiking, rock-climbing, skiing, and whitewater-rafting;

  • The proliferation of 18,500+ recovered adornments, objects, tools, and vessels exhibited and stored within Bend's slate-floored, volcanic rock-walled High Desert Museum.

Uninterrupted occupation includes logging-town, twentieth-century beginnings. It even inspires National Register of Historic Places status for:

  • Bend Amateur Athletic Club Gymnasium;
  • Bend High School;
  • Bend Skyliners Lodge;
  • Charles Boyd Homestead Group;
  • Congress Apartments;
  • Deschutes County Library;
  • Downing and O'Kane Buildings;
  • Drake Park Neighborhood and Old Town Historic Districts;
  • New Taggart Hotel;
  • Nichols Paul Smith Hardware Store;
  • Old U.S. Post Office;
  • Paulina Lake Guard Station;
  • Rock O' the Range Bridge;
  • Trinity Episcopal Church.  


Middle Sister and North Sister of Three Sisters, volcanic peaks in Cascade Volcanic Arc, are visible from Bend's Mirror Pond.

Bend scenic beauty
Bend scenic beauty


Urban history begins in 1901 with the Pilot Butte Development Company's first sawmill. Profitable logging demands:

  • Water;

  • Weather;

  • Wood.

The Deschutes River, Mirror Pond, Pacific Power Dam, precipitation, and snowfall function as regional water sources. Elevations 3,622.05 feet (1,104 meters) above sea level within the Commission for Environmental Cooperation-designated Eastern Cascades Slopes and Foothills eco-region give Bend the high-desert climate's star-studded nights and sun-filled days. Climate and convection invite proliferation of:

  • Douglas (Pseudotsuga menziesii), Pacific silver (Abies amabilis), and subalpine (Abies lasiocarpa) firs;

  • Huckleberry (Vaccinium spp);

  • Lodgepole (Pinus contorta) and Ponderosa (Pinus ponderosa) pines;

  • Mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana);

  • Pacific red-cedar (Thuja plicata);

  • Rhododendron;

  • Vine maple (Acer circinatum).


Oregon's tallest Ponderosa pine, nicknamed "Big Red" and soaring, at 500+ years, to height of 162 feet (49 meters), is located about 30 miles (48 km) south of Bend.

Bend's soaring landscapes
Bend's soaring landscapes


What supports logging also advances:

  • Food, at American Licorice Company;

  • Healthcare and social services, by ClearFlow, Inc. and St. Charles Medical Center;

  • Publishing, from 1859 magazine, Leverage Factory, and Western Communications, Inc.;

  • Recreation and tourism, on Mount Bachelor;

  • Residential and retirement communities, through Black Butte Ranch and Sunriver;

  • Wood products manufacturing, with Breedlove Guitars and Nosler.

The environmental configuration likewise encourages breweries, cideries, distilleries, meaderies, and wineries. Bend indeed gets high ratings for:

  • Bend Brewfest;

  • Bend Oktoberfest;

  • Central Oregon Beer Week;

  • Little Woody Barrel Aged Brew and Whiskey Fest.

It has all of its beer-, bourbon-, cider-, mead-, vodka-, and wine-crafting businesses within easy access of the city's Bend Ale Trail.


Boneyard Brewery product

Tacoma, Pierce County, south central Washington
Tacoma, Pierce County, south central Washington


Boneyard Beer appears among Bend's craft breweries. The microbrewery exists thanks to experienced brewing and expert organization by:

  • Anthony Lawrence;
  • Clay and Melodee Storey.

The name honors the inauguration of the draft-only business on May 5, 2010 in a back-street, ex-auto shop with recycled 20-barrel-system equipment from 13 U.S.A. breweries. Product lines include:

  • American amber / Red ale;

  • American black, blonde, and pale wheat ales;

  • American double / Imperial IPA;

  • American double / Imperial stout;

  • American and Belgian IPA;

  • American stout;

  • Chile and fruit / vegetable beers;

  • Witbier.

Success throughout Oregon and Washington also is attributable to the three owners' across-the-board slate of savvy employees, including “Tap Man Dan.”


Boneyard Beer

37 NW Lake Pl.

Bend, OR 97701

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 541 323 2325

Website: http://boneyardbeer.com/


Canine beers such as Dawg Grog contain spent grain, the protein- and carbohydrate-based residue in mash-kettles which is a popular ingredient in animal feed.

"Grain hulls left over after being used for brewing"
"Grain hulls left over after being used for brewing"


Tasting room tapper, Daniel Keeton, continues Boneyard's recycling commitments. He gathers spent grain into non-alcoholic Dawg Grog concoctions. The brew helps keep Daniel's canine companion, Lola Jane, and fellow canines throughout Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington energized and hydrated with:

  • Cinnamon-, flaxseed-, ginger-, honey-supplemented glucosamine powder;

  • Low-sodium vegetable broth;

  • Mountain-fresh water;

  • Reusable brewers wort;

  • Vegan trace minerals.

It is marketed in six-packs of amber-tinted, 8-/16-ounce (236.59-/473.18-milliliter) bottles. It lends itself to:

  • Diluting or serving straight-up, out-of-the bottle or out-of-the-bowl;

  • Freezing into ice-cubed, on-the-rocks treats for teething puppies;

  • Pour-overs into solid food-filled bowls.

Canines look particularly fetching in Dawg Grog bandanas, with human companions sporting Dawg Grog hats, six-pack totes, and T-shirts.


Daniel Keeton's canine companion, Lola Jane, represents American Staffordshire Terriers, a people-oriented, mid-sized breed originating in England.

American Staffordshire Terrier, nicknamed as Am Staff by American Kennel Club
American Staffordshire Terrier, nicknamed as Am Staff by American Kennel Club



Alcoholic drinks typically do not appear in canine diets. Juices and wines definitely have to be avoided since grapes and grape juices are toxic to dogs. Canines like their human companions so much that they appreciate joining in on celebrations, get-togethers, meals, and picnics. They love:

  • Helping their families;

  • Maintaining their independence;

  • Networking with fellow canines;

  • Serving as designated walkers.

They notice when extra bottles or bowls are set for them. They observe what their human companions enjoy in order to share the fun of catching frisbees and downing rounds. Non-alcoholic, organic beers such as Dawg Grog respect canine and human rights to letting the good times roll during routine or special celebrations in mixed company.


Dawg Grog

Published on YouTube on July 2, 2014 by Dawg Grog ~ URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC4bSmrdxpE



My special thanks to talented artists and photographers/concerned organizations who make their fine images available on the internet.


Dogs are happiest and healthiest with their own, non-alcoholic, handcrafted beer:

Bavarian Beerhouse: "The Beerhouse's resident pooch, Sepp, enjoying a stein in the Biergarten."
Bavarian Beerhouse: "The Beerhouse's resident pooch, Sepp, enjoying a stein in the Biergarten."

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Specialty products such as non-alcoholic beer, specially crafted for dogs, allow canines to participate happily, healthily, and safely in special occasions.

"Day 144- 365 Will you have Beer with me ????"
"Day 144- 365 Will you have Beer with me ????"
the end which is also the beginning
the end which is also the beginning

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Gusty and I thank you for reading this article and hope that our product selection interests you; Gusty Gus receives favorite treats from my commissions.
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DerdriuMarriner, All Rights Reserved
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