Dazzling Fall Colours That Mystify

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Like a true magician, Fall spawns some stunning colour of foliage on trees. A phenomenon of Nature to be marveled and cherished.

We are sorry to bid farewell to summer. We are upset to bid adieu to the greenery of spring. However, we are waiting for the arrival of a new season that Mother Nature has bestowed on us. We marvel at Nature's many splendour and wait for Autumn season. Fall displays magnificent colour, if you are lucky to have a tree that throws brilliant foliage, you can enjoy

Fall in your backyard otherwise enjoy the marvelous season by taking a tour in the exact spots where the spectacular show is at it's peak. You dare not miss the show.

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Summer Magic of Green Cover

The function of Chlorophyll Explained


The trees keep many hidden secrets. Underneath the green foliage lies a mesh of fiery colours which are waiting to uncover in the coming season. The leaves in the summer and spring are rich in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is responsible for the green pigment in the foliage. Essential for survival of the tree, chlorophyll plays a significant role in producing energy for the plant with help of sunlight. Chlorophyll is responsible for the associated chemical reactions with carbon dioxide in air for food production. Along with necessary sugars and moisture, it also produces oxygen, which is released in the atmosphere, so important to humans for their survival.

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Why Such Intense Colours in Fall Foliage?

Fall Splendour


Camouflaged in the leaves are other pigments that are revealed only in Fall. These golden, yellow and orange palettes of pigments are known as carotenoids. The carotenoids begin their journey when the leaf is born, they are there along with chlorophyll in the leaves. However, they do not work till chlorophyll is doing the job. These hidden sentries come into picture only when the days are becoming smaller and there is less sunlight.  They do not easily break down like chlorophyll. However, they are essential for the survival of tree when the sunlight is dim. The intense yellow and orange carotenoids intensify consuming whatever sunlight is there to be absorbed. The red fiery colour of foliage ensures the same.


National Nature Park Synevyr

This file was a finalist in Picture of the Year 2018.This image was selected as picture of the day on Wikimedia Commons for 17 September 2019. Author Rbrechko
Fog in a valley in National Nature Park Synevyr, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine
Fog in a valley in National Nature Park Synevyr, Zakarpattia Oblast, Ukraine
This file is licensed under the CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license

Best Conditions for Fall Colours

Fall Weather



The ideal conditions for a brilliant display of Fall foliage are indeed a rain-free, frost-free weather. Bright days although with less comparative sunlight and dry spell triggers the autumn season’s peak colours.  A number of other conditions trigger the foliage to change hues including soil pH, temperature and sun.

Anthocyanins, the pigment that are produced only during Fall at low temperatures and cool nights expedite the demolition of the green substance chlorophyll. Excessive pH values of soil make anthocyanins blue. This happens when the soil is alkaline. When the soil is acidic, anthocyanins become red. In between the spectrum of pH for soil, they take the colour violet. Anthocyanins exist in three dominant colours, blue, red and purple.

Excessive rains wash off the leaves. Frost is another reason for frozen leaves quickly parting from the tree.


Peak Fall Foliage in New England from YouTube

Fall Palette

Ranging Hues


While nature has a way to impart the colours from deep yellow and oranges to red and crimson. Humans have no way to impart a name to all the colour palettes the leaf goes through during its life cycle. I saw few names that are fun and perhaps easy to remember:

Chilli pepper red

Peach pink

Sugar Almond




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Veronica on 08/06/2021

Writer artist
Thank you for this lovely article.
I love Autumn, it is my favourite season and I chose an Autumn wedding as did my parents. The colours, the light, the scents fill the land with beauty.

blackspanielgallery on 08/03/2021

Fall can be spectacular, but not here. It does not get cold enough fast enough, and the few trees that turn color do not all do so at the same time.

DerdriuMarriner on 08/03/2021

WriterArtist, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, the posters and the pumpkin wagon are appropriate props for non-scary celebrations of Halloween and Samhain and for never-scary Thanksgiving festivities.
Blue is such a wonderful color, be it in blue-green leaves or in the blue chicory blooming naturally, welcomely with the wild asters, brambleberries and strawberries here.

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