Fall Decoration with Vegetables – Elegant Vegetable Sculpture and Garnishing for Thanksgiving

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The Fall is the perfect time to display and indulge in your artistic endeavours. Kick off your natural talent this Thanksgiving and adorn your table with the fresh, green veggies.

If you can carve pumpkin, you can definitely carve any other vegetable. What you need is a good carving set that has sharp knives with varying grooves and structure.

Elegant vegetable sculpture created from easily available fresh veggies from farms and grocery stores sounds too challenging and complex for most home cooks. However; Fall decoration with vegetables may not be as complicated as it might seem to amateur cooks.

Not if you start a step by step approach to vegetable garnishing, there are some simple tricks and the secret lies with the right tools, once you gain some expertise you can make edible vegetable centerpiece that look like a maestro’s masterpiece.

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Vegetable Carving Tools and The Art of Garnishing


The art of vegetable garnishing so that it looks spectacular on a Fall table requires a bit of practice with vegetable choppers and carving knives. A minimum set of tools can take your culinary levels to a new degree especially if you are a dedicated gourmet. Housewives generally are lost with the daily cooking of breakfast and meals, most of them have mastered flavours but not aesthetics.

You have enjoyed vegetables never before as in a vegetable sculpture that looks mind boggling, you’re dying to train your innovative thoughts to bring colour to the table; be it a stark pale gourd or a bright red watermelon. Believe me each of the vegetable brings its own charming and loving nature to the centerpiece. Watermelons and pumpkins are huge and can get you big forms such as swans, rabbits, fish, roses, jack O’ lanterns, and even ghosts.

 Here is a chance to hone your artistic skills particularly if you are keen to create your own vegetable sculpture; a beautiful Fall centerpiece with home grown fresh vegetables from your own home garden.

Fall Decoration with Vegetables


Create your own fall decoration with vegetables, not only will they be quite cheap, they will be priceless and unique. Besides you can always carve another, if something goes wrong with a piece.  Vegetables as of now are certainly affordable.

Here are some tips that you can use –

Don’t use any artificial colors because you want them to be edible.

Choose the best and fresh vegetables with different colours and shapes.

Use carving knives, scoops and vegetable slicers to give them artistic shapes.

Use vases, bowls and bamboo baskets to enhance the appearance of your centerpiece.

Incorporate techniques and rustic material such as rattan, wicker to increase the overall presentation

Use a range of vegetables from beetroots, carrots, eggplant, pumpkins, lettuce, and different shades of peppers to add the dramatic effect

As vegetables dry fast, use fresh ones to garnish your centerpiece and avoid dry places.

Have you used vegetable carving tool set?

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Vegetable Carving on YouTube

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WriterArtist on 11/12/2013

@ologsinquito - I recently attended an Indian wedding and was amazed with the beautiful vegetable carvings. Swans and crocodiles, birds and butterflies - they were the ultimate beautiful expression for garnishing salads. It requires some practice and expertise though....

ologsinquito on 11/12/2013

These carvings are amazing.

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