Dazzling Women’s Fairy Costumes for Christmas

by WriterArtist

Fairy costumes that dazzle and frizzle are the craze. Try these dresses that transform you into the characters you love and admire.

When it comes to dresses fairies can be very fussy and so are the women. Beautiful, classy, elegant and whimsical fairy dresses are true to the whims of fairies. Christmas is the time where you can take your fantasies to the realms of fairyland by dressing up in sparkling, dazzling colours of blue and green for fairy dresses that belong to fairies from ocean and forest.

What are fairies?


Fairies can be mischievous and divine too. Fairies are generous and they can heal too. Only purest of hearts can see fairies and that’s why it is the children who have the power to observe them naturally.


Fairies are spirits and come between humans and angels when it comes to the astral world. Since many people claim to have seen fairies, they definite must have a tendency towards spiritual world. This middle natured spirits might live on earth or in a paradise on only a privileged few can have a glimpse into the world of fairies. Since this paradise vibrated at a different frequency one needs to be in the same frequency range to resonate at the same rate to view the stellar world of sprites.


The mysterious, elusive creatures that hide in the mountains and lightening come to earth during festivals such as Christmas, to fulfill the desires of people who are honest. Captivating the spirits of fairies, you will find ethereal colours that come straight from fairyland, the dresses with butterfly wings and tiara, and a wand if you must.

How big are the fairies?


As opposed to Angels who can be as big as a castle, a fairy is a miniscule creature. Thumbelina the beautiful fairy is just the size of a thumb whereas Cinderella’s fairy Godmother was humanlike and size of normal human beings. They can also be as small as dwarves. Fairies that belong to flowers of course are the size of flowers for they cannot hide themselves behind the petals or in the shade of a mushroom. 

Where do fairies come from?


All of us dream. At some point of time we would have encountered spirits and fairies in our dreams. Though we have crossed long distances like south and north poles, we have also gone to the depths of the ocean and yet we have forgotten to look for fairies in our dreams. They are in our dreams hence they come from dreamland. An important observer as kids we would want to know where fairies came from and where did they live. Folk tales mention a fairyland that is known as “Never Land”, this terrain is a land of magical powers.

Fairies come from portals that are places between our earth and the magical realm. These gateways occur between earth and the sea, between day and night. These doorways are gates to the world where fairies belong to. Of course fairies can come and go out of these gateways at their will; it is not possible for humans to do so. But in rare cases it is possible to visit this magic realm.


Who is the most mischievous of all?

Dressing Like A Fairy


Since fairies are light and condensed like cloud, you might only see it during twilight. Since they know magic, they can fly too. You can however easily dress like a fairy with beautiful wings that flutter and a costume that glitters.

Ocean fairy – A costume made of deep blue and green resembles the fairy from sea. Like a mermaid, this fairy can swim across the waters as swift as an ocean current. Dress yourself as a sea fairy and visualize yourself crossing the pristine beaches with goldfish and corals surrounding the ocean in multitude of colours.

Flower fairy – A tiny fairy that can hide underneath the flower petals could be so fragile. A dress that is delicate, subtle and the colours of flowers is the bright and charming dress of a flower fairy. Adorn yourself in bright shades of spring flowers and swing like the wings of fairy.



Updated: 12/05/2014, WriterArtist
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DerdriuMarriner on 01/10/2023

The pastel colors in fairy costumes are attractive and reassuring. Much as I like wearing shorter dresses and skirts, I like the two floor-length styles in your product line.

What would the Glinda costume look like out of its bag?

VioletteRose on 12/07/2014

Fairy costumes are all beautiful, the yellow one is too nice!

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