Dear Diary

by candy47

Private thoughts and treasured moments need a place to be kept forever. A beautiful heirloom to pass along to loved ones is a handwritten diary.

As a user of Facebook, I've seen people post on the internet their deepest feelings, daily activities, life memories and more. Innermost thoughts, personal and private emotions all out there on the internet. That's suitable for some folks but not for everyone. Those heartfelt messages enter into a paradoxical world where they live forever but are unable to be retrieved. It would be so nice to read those sentiments over and over again but they're lost. Those messages can be read once but then lost for good. With technology changing at supersonic speed, and the newest electronic device useful only until the next one is developed there is still one way to save those lovely thoughts...a handwritten diary.

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Private Thoughts Under Lock and Key

Children love to have a private place to keep a daily record of their most personal thoughts, secrets and dreams, not to be shared with anyone. This adorable glow in the dark diary with lock and key would be perfect for any youngster, boy or girl. Then when they are older they can look back at what they've written and enjoy those memories again and again.

Anne Frank

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Probably the most famous of all diaries is that of Anne Frank, a German born Jewish girl hiding during World War II. In 1942 at the age of 13, Anne Frank received a diary for her birthday. She wrote entries regularly, some of which outlined her aspirations of becoming a journalist. Anne Frank's diaries have been adapted into movies, books, theatrical plays and translated into 60 languages.

Baby Journals

Record all those special precious baby milestones. These guided journals include a place for hand and footprints, immunization charts, homecoming day, all the 'firsts', holidays, celebrations right up to the first day of school. Letters from Mom and Dad, family tree, baby shower memories, and there's a place to record the individual price of expenses.

Baby journals are a wonderful baby shower gift so don't forget to add them to your registry.

Big Girls Too

Best known for The Tale of Peter Rabbit, English author and illustrator of children's books, Beatrix Potter kept a diary. Her journal entries told of places she visited and described with her uncanny ability to observe nature and describe it in great detail.

I can imagine Beatrix Potter with a lovely diary like this faux-leather, cherry blossom journal

Men Keep Diaries Too

They call them journals

Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitarist for the band Nirvana, wrote notes to himself, shopping lists, drawings and drafted letters in his journal.

Goals, dreams, aspirations, musings or simply opinions that you want to keep to yourself are reasons for adults to maintain a journal.

A classic vintage style leather-like journal would be a great gift for any man, young or old.

Do you keep a diary or journal?

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Updated: 10/14/2016, candy47
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candy47 on 04/23/2017

I agree DerdriuMarriner, Anne Frank's diary became more public than she ever expected. On social media, I don't understand why people share their innermost feelings with the world, or with anyone. (I'm a natural introvert).

DerdriuMarriner on 04/18/2017

candy47, Thank you for the lovely products and the honor to Anne Frank's brave, tragic story. Diaries and social media appeal to the trend toward transparency although a diary focuses upon a private context of explaining oneself to oneself and social media tends toward a public context -- of explaining oneself to others -- that is far wider than participants often realize.

candy47 on 06/15/2016

I agree Sarah. People tend to make their personal lives public, that's not always a good idea.

Sarah on 06/15/2016

I love the idea of the diary vs. putting it all out there on facebook and other social media. People need an outlet and on the web isn't always the answer. I had several diaries growing up and they helped me through some of the toughest times in my life.

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