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A notebook is taking writing back to old school style and is a great way of keeping a journal, to do lists or planning events such as parties, weddings or Christmas.

I love getting given notebooks as I use them constantly. Although most of my day is spent on the computer I find it easier to plan things using good old pen and paper enter my millions of notebooks!

Sometimes when I get writer’s block, which I must admit doesn’t happen very often as I usually have far too much to say, I will actually get a pen and paper out and the input starts to flow again.

I Love Notebooks!

I like to take a notebook when I’m going away a trait I share with my mother who always writes a journal when she’s on holiday.   It’s great for noting down little trivia bits about places we visit or making a note of a particular restaurant or bar that we enjoyed (my hubby’s bound to forget what it’s called when he wants to recommend it to someone and somewhere along the way he started to rely on my memory!)

My daughter also likes to use notebooks and every birthday/Christmas she usually starts dropping hints about notebooks, but we’re not talking about your everyday grocery store notebooks for her!   She’ll see a denim notebook (this Christmas) or a funky hot pink notebook (last Christmas) or a rockin’ guitar notebook (last birthday) and she’ll make sure to point it out and then continue talking about it for ages and ages and ages.    There are always lots or reasons why she doesn’t want the notebook, she needs the notebook!

Do You Like to Use Notebooks?

I was so happy to discover that you could now design notebooks on Zazzle as it means I’m going to have a great selection of notebooks to choose from for years to come.   Zazzle is a print on demand company which actually means for you that there are millions of great artists offering up some awesome designs which you can buy online.

There are designs that you will never see in your local store and you can shop for them 24 hours a day – it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Personalized Notebooks

There are so many different notebooks to choose from it’s hard to know where to start.   A personalized notebook certainly seems like as good as place as any to begin.

These personalized notebooks are great to use as journals whether they are daily journals or just a travel journal.

Wedding Notebooks | Wedding Guestbooks

Many people use notebooks when they’re planning a wedding, now personally I think a binder is an absolute must for wedding planning, but a notebook is a great addition to the planning process.

You can get wedding notebooks in lots of different designs – you can get them in the same color as your wedding theme if you like so that they can be kept as a keepsake or you can just get a hearts or flowers type of design that makes you happy – it really is completely up to you.

While we’re talking about a wedding notebook these designs could also be used as a wedding guestbook if you wanted.

More Unique Notebooks

There are lots of different designs that you can get notebooks for and you can use them for a wide range of things – get a notebook that matches either your personality or the job you want the notebook for.

Polka dot notebooks are great for all ages as they add a touch of fun to a notebook cover and transcends generation barriers.
Making a personalized recipe book for someone is a great gift idea that can be handed down over generations to come.
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sandyspider on 11/17/2011

These notebooks look really good.

ohcaroline on 11/14/2011

Very cool designs. Thank goodness for Zazzle! I voted in the poll but it didn't register.

dustytoes on 11/14/2011

The Zazzle notebooks are a nice addition to the product line. It's the place to find a very unique book.

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