Polka Dot Notebooks

by lou16

Polka dot notebooks are great for all ages as they add a touch of fun to a notebook cover and transcends generation barriers.

Polka dot notebooks really are a cool looking notebook and I've selected a stunning range for you to browse through.

These polka dot notebooks can all be found online so if you want one all it will take is a few simple clicks of the mouse!

I've compiled a great selection of different colored polka dots as well as some notebooks that are not only dotty, but are also able to be customized. What are you waiting for? Let's start looking.....

Buy A Polka Dot Notebook Online

You will love this selection of polka dot notebooks that I have found for you as they are lots of fun and you can buy them from the comfort of your own home.   There are polka dot notebooks in a range of colors which means you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you.

These notebooks are all available from a company called Zazzle which is so confident of the quality of it’s products it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product.   The notebooks are 6.5” x 8.75” and have 80 pages inside.   The covers are what makes these notebooks stand out though as they are printed in a vibrant, sharp color which Zazzle products are known for.

Polka dots always seem to be such a classic design, but there are a lot of modern twists that can be put onto the basic pattern.

Let’s have a look at some of the classic polka dot designs that are available opposite for you to purchase.  

I've always loved the classic black and white polka dot design and think it's hard to go past that, but the other colors featured - pink, green, teal, yellow and purple are all very fresh colors which work really well with white polka dots.

I think these colors work well on the notebooks as they are like flowers in the spring time - there to brighten every one up!

There are lots of other variations on the polka dot design, however, which go far beyond using different colors and I have a selection of them to choose from further down the page, but first let's look at these classic polka dot designs and see which color is the most popular one.

Which of the Classic Polka Dot Notebook Designs is Your Favorite?

You can also get polka dot designs in more contemporary colors as well as notebooks which combine other style elements with polka dots to great effect.

There are also personalized polka dot notebooks which are great for gift ideas or to keep for your own journal.

Personalized Polka Dot Notebooks

One of the features which I love when buying things through Zazzle is that you can personalize their products really easily and these notebooks make it really easy to personalize to your hearts content.

You can personalize these notebooks to use as a journal, idea pad or project planner.   Another idea that my daughter has started to do (I have also done so in the past) is to get one of these personalized polka dot notebooks and use it as a dream journal - interpreting your dreams can be a lot of fun.

As you can see from the polka dot notebooks opposite the personalized ones come in a range of different colors as well and can be personalized with your initials or name or you could even write something like My Dream Journal, My Bucket List, My Ideas Book.

Thinking about it you could always use one of these notebooks as your very own (not very) blackbook.   There is a very retro inspired design that incorporates a chocolate brown background and varying shades of pink dots which is a very fashionable look right now.

The Summer Breeze monogram notebook is a very fresh and fun looking design that would probably suit a young girl who wants to start journaling.

The third design down has come very contemporary colors and I love the typeface that they use for your name as it's got an almost retro feel to it.

My absolute favorite design out of these personalized polka dot notebooks, however is the bottom one.   The aqua polka dots are a really fun color and with Zazzle's vibrant color printing this is bound to be a notebook I'll be able to easily find when I need to.   It just basically looks fun to me, maybe because it reminds me of my pool which means summer, parties, fun, fun and more fun!

Polka Dots & Other Styles Notebooks

Polka dots are such a classic design that they are also shown with other designs these days and the notebooks below have some fantastic ways of using polka dots to create gorgeous notebooks which would grace anyone's coffee table with elegance and style.

If you think polka dots are just a little bit much on their own you can just have a glimpse of them at the bottom of your notebook cover.   Yes the Teal Blue Bow design is a great way of minimalizing the amount of polka dots on your design that results in them rather stealing the show.   This design is available in other colors besides the teal - just click on the design to see the other options.

The damask design has never really gone out of fashion as it's just a classic design and when combined with polka dots it really shines in the two examples below.   I think the words elegance and sophistication come to mind when I look at either of the two designs.

Roses and polka dots also seem to be a marriage made in heaven and it's one that was unexpected to me until I came across the last two designs below.   They are simply gorgeous and the Teal Polka Dots Roses is also available in pink as well so if you like the design, but are more of a pink girl then click on it to see the pink version - it's very nice.

It's easy to go a little dotty with all these fun notebook designs, but I really do think that polka dots will please anybody so if you're looking at buying a notebook as a gift look on this page for inspiration and you can't go wrong!

More Great Notebooks to Choose From

A notebook is taking writing back to old school style and is a great way of keeping a journal, to do lists or planning events such as parties, weddings or Christmas.
Updated: 07/13/2012, lou16
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ohcaroline on 11/14/2011

Very nice designs. I like em!

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