Decorate Outdoors for Halloween

by blackspanielgallery

Decorate the house and lawn for Halloween, and make a festive occasion, whether it is handing out candy or hosting a Halloween party.

Halloween does not reach the level of Christmas for outdoor decorations, but is quickly growing in popularity. Some people get into the spirit by making an elaborate display. This can either be to show children out trick or treating that they are participating, or to make the house inviting to party guests. Others might decorate for their own children, even if they are themselves still children at heart. And some may decorate for a combination of the reasons given.

How Elaborate Should Halloween Decorations Be?

Decorations must be kept in perspective, with the size of the building taken into consideration.  The grounds also can limit the amount of Halloween decorations one might have before it gets too much.  Sometimes less is better, so do things tastefully.

Halloween Mug

For relaxing after decorating

The Halloween Door Greeter

A Welcoming Halloween Decoration

A Halloween door greeter is a character that is designed to greet your guests.  This is a great decoration to have stand by your door.  You could also have one indoors.  Whether it is scary of welcoming that you are going for, a door greeter can be found to fit your decorating needs.  Just stand it near the door and the children coming for trick or treat will stare at it.  If you are hosting a party it can be the first to greet your guests.


Door greeters are sometimes bundled with other decorations.

Halloween Door Covers

Cheap Halloween Decorations

Door covers are easy to find.  They take no real space, since they are thin coverings, often made of paper.  And, every house has a door.  Even if nothing else is used a Halloween door cover is a simple, easily placed decoration.  Most Halloween door covers are inexpensive, so it is a decoration many can use.  Just make certain it can withstand the elements of weather.


Halloween Path Markers

Halloween Lights

A lined walkway with lighted path markers is a decoration that can either invite guests to your party, or show children the way to your door.  The decorative path markers are wonderful decorations, and most are at at a height that might catch a small child’s eye.


A simple path marker that works for a party, but not for children at Halloween, is to place teacup candles or votive candles inside open bags.  Fire of any kind is dangerous near children, and especially children with flowing costumes.


For Halloween trick or treaters, I suggest lighted path markers.  Path markers connected with wire can present a tripping hazard.  Children will stray from the walkway.


Best are those Halloween path markers that are not connected together, or those with wires that can be secured in a safe manner.


Remember the environment.  Solar powered LEDs are best for the environment, or LEDs with batteries that have a solar recharging capability.


some Halloween path markers have sensors and sound, for a really fun effect.  Let the sensor pick up motion and activate the sound.

Decorative Halloween Lights

Mood Lights for a Halloween Party

Strings of Halloween lights placed in bushes, or large lighted characters can add to the decoration theme.  In either case choose the environmentally friendly lights if possible.  As above, solar powered LEDs have a strong advantage over more energy consuming options.


Another lighting possibility is a black light which is really an ultraviolet light, aimed at decorations that will glow in an eerie manner.  



There are many ways one can decorate for Halloween.  Use what makes sense to you, and fits your needs.


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Updated: 09/25/2017, blackspanielgallery
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blackspanielgallery on 06/15/2017

I have seen bags used as Christmas decorations, but not that often. They might be used here to line an indoor staircase for a wedding reception. The problem is Louisiana is wet, so they cannot be used over a long period of time, simply because the bags themselves get wet.

DerdriuMarriner on 06/15/2017

blackspanielgallery, The door greeters, the lawn stake path lights and the LED lights are my favorites. It's a lovely tradition to place votive candles inside open paper bags, especially during religious celebrations in New Mexico. Is that a tradition in Louisiana too?

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